Gerber 2nd Foods Meats, Ham & Ham Gravy, 2.5-Ounce

Once your baby eats easily from a spoon and has tried all the single-ingredient varieties, it may be time to introduce him to new tastes. Meat & poultry are among the best sources of zinc.

Quick facts

  • Pack of twelve, 2.5-Ounce (Total of 30-Ounces)
  • US inspected and passed by Depar ent of Agriculture
  • No artificial colors or flavors

Top reviews

Ham baby food

The cats do not seem to like the Ham baby food as well and the Turkey baby food or the Chicken baby food. The kittens seem to feel the same way. = They really slurp down the turkey.
EttieGolden, TX


My baby is ready for some new foods in her diet so I decided to give Gerber 2nd Foods a try. Gerber 2nds is vastly different from the other brands of 2nd baby foods that we have tried. The other brands seem to be similar in consistency. There is really no difference in the consistency of Gerber 1sts and 2nds. The difference is that 2nds includes turkey, chicken and beef and 1sts are all fruits and veggies. My baby did not find Gerber 2nds appetizing. The color and odor of the chicken is also nothing like actual chicken. I placed the lid back on the jar and refrigerated the jar since I was hoping to try it with her for another meal. The next day I got the Gerber 2nds jar from the fridge and reheated it. When it was reheated the food was so runny that she could have drunk it from a bottle. The consistency does not keep from one day to the next. If you’re looking for a baby food with chicken, turkey, or beef then I would recommend that you try Beech Nut Stage 1. My baby loved the Beech Nut turkey, chicken, and beef. The only problem is that the major grocery stores in my area do not sell Beech Nut. Next trip that I make I plan to stock up on the Beech Nut!
KathleenCrozier, VA


Blah! My baby didn’t like it, then I tasted it and it was awful. It is NOTHING like what you might expect. It’s like bland goop with a faint hint of unseasoned over-boiled chicken. What, is the theory that we should give our babies nasty food simply to take advantage of the fact that they have nothing to compare it to? I didn’t even feed it to my dog.
MarcoWestfield, VT

Reliable and good

I have bought a couple of hundred bottles of this over the last several months, and find it to be of good quality and highly consistent in texture and taste. It will dry out after a few minutes of exposure to air but so will your home made version. I’ve just entered an order for 60 bottles a month to get the reduced rate, and wish I’d done that sooner!
GlenVirgie, KY


My girls hated it. They gagged as soon as they smelled it….and so did I! So gross!! Like dog food but worse.
BillyeWashington, TX

good for cats

I do not have human children so I can only comment on how this works for my furry kids. I have a cat with severe pancreas/GI issues & he has steadily lost weight over the past 2 years.He cannot seem to absorb enough nutrients from his foods. He is on B-12 shots & prednisolone to help calm the inflammation & spure his appetite but sometimes the ONLY thing he will eat is this chicken baby food. He has also eaten the ham & turkey versions of this brand but lately………..just the chicken. He’s fussy & has always been a “drama queen” & he also has allergies in the Autumn that affect his willingness to eat (if a cat can’t smell the food a cat won;t eat the food) so getting anything into him is helpful & the baby food is good for both nutrition & for hydration.My husband & I will do most anything to keep him happy & enjoying his quality of life for as long as possible & this baby food helps us do that for him. Our other 3 cats also enjoy this as a sometimes treat so it works well for our family.
PatrickWalled Lake, MI

If you have a cat that likes to vomit on your carpet or your down comforter

My vet gave me this tip. I have had two cats with digestion problems, problems that they liked to make mine! My vet suggested 1/2 jar for a 10 lb or larger cat, 1/4 jar for a less
than 10 lb cat…per day or every other day. For some reason this settles their stomachs.
And they stopped purging on my carpet or my down comforter! They think it is a kitty treat.
I think it is a miracle.
SusieBrookston, IN

Great for Feeding Pills to Pets

I have a cat with a heart condition that takes meds. twice daily. This is a little loose off the shelf, but after refrigeration it is perfect to wrap around a pill and feed him off a spoon. You want to use the least amount of food possible so the patient will lick it up in one bit, never noticing the hidden pill. I have also tried other varieties that are very soupy and are to messy for babies or pets.
ScottBig Bay, MI

Sick Ferret Approved

One of our ferrets has lymphoma. We give him a mix of the chicken, the ham, a little of the apple, peach, & banana, a touch of Ferret Vite, his prednisolone, and a bit of warm water out of the Zojirushi. Stir it up and watch him gobble it up! He does not like the beef, nor will he eat other brands like Beech-nut. And when ferrets don’t like it, ferrets don’t eat it. Anyway, 9 months on this diet and he is still hanging in there.
SandyBig Cabin, OK