Gerber 2nd Foods Organic Butternut Squash & Corn, 2-Count, 3.5-Ounce Tubs

Gerber 2nd Foods Organic Butternut Squash and Corn, 2-Count, 3.5-Ounce Tubs (Pack of 8)

Quick facts

  • Pack of eight, 3.5-ounce tubs (Total of 28-Ounce)
  • Supports brain and eye development
  • USDA organic
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Top reviews

Tuna Oil + Green Beans? = No Thank You!

I am very disappointed that Gerber has added DHA to their green beans. My son used to Love his Gerber Organic Green Beans. I (unwittingly) tried feeding him the new formulation with added DHA and he kept refusing it. I did notice that the consistency was different than usual – it had more of a gel like texture to it. And then I read the ingredients and saw that it had added Tuna Oil. !? Today I learned that another of his favorites, Gerber Organic Carrots, now has DHA added to it too. I’m so frustrated! Looks like I’ll be making our own baby food now.
LoraFluvanna, TX

disappointment with way of packing

really disappointment since the way they arrived was horrible
i was trying reach them since couple of days no response
i recommend not to go ahead with this product..
ShamekaWest Winfield, NY

NOT for introductory food

The AAP says not to make your own green beans, spinach, squash etc. due to the higher levels of nitrates so I thought this product would be great to introduce green beans to my 6 month old. The product contains FISH OIL, so it is not a suitable candidate for a 6 month old or an introductory food for any age. It is also not returnable.

While the amazon site lists the product ingredients as green beans and water only, the picture of the product says with DHA. The DHA comes from fish oil. After contacting Amazon to clear up the fact that this was not the product I thought I was ordering, they refunded my money. They offered to send out a new (replacement) item, but I think I would get the same mislabeled product. While I was not happy about the trouble this mislabeling caused I think Amazon’s customer service did a great job.

CynthiaFreeland, WA

Real ingredients not listed

The real ingredients is not listed by amazon. After buying the product, I found that it contains Tuna oil (source of DHA). This should have been mentioned by Amazon, and they are refusing when I requested refund. Disappointed in Amazon customer service for the first time.
ValerieNorth Brookfield, MA

Yummy in the tummy!!

These are my baby’s FAVORITE foods!!! And my child is a very very very very picky eater (prefers milk over food). A little thin but perfect for 4-6 mo and for the older babies, we thicken it by adding meat or rice cereal. I was very disappointed and frustrated when all 5 of our local stores stopped carrying these. So happy I found them here for my baby! The ppl here who complain about tuna oil added are dumb (no pun intended). They help with baby brain development. It’s not super easy to find the organic baby foods you want with DHA added in them (ellas kitchen, plum organic, etc don’t have DHA) — go buy those and quit whining about tuna oil added to The gerber organic green beans bc it’s probably folks like you who complained to the stores that make it very difficult for many parents like me to FIND this food in stores! And if the complaining persists, gerber may stop making it all together and babies who love this product will suffer! Gerber, don’t stop making these! I would give it 6 stars if I could!

I bought 48 containers of gerber organic green beans from Amazon and can’t wait to see the smile on her face when we eat these again (she has been w/o these for 3 mo),

HaNew Prague, MN

Yucky Vegetable Smoothie Add-in

Gerber changed the recipe for the worse, this version isn’t new and improved. It’s worse I think because of the addition of the tuna oil/DHA. When the weather cools down I’ll hide this in soups and stews as a mystery ingredient. Even the dog won’t eat it 🙁
NgaElko, SC

Awesome Flavor

I used to buy this at my local grocery store but now I cannot find. I love that it is a fruit & veggie combo. My 19 month old daughter usually will not eat veggies but she always likes this one. I will continue to buy it.
ElviraSavannah, OH

My baby eats it all!

I bought These green beans for my baby because they’re organic. I honestly expected him to reject them, that it would be a good photo op for funny faces. He didn’t flinch and in fact ate the whole thing! This was much to my surprise! Maybe it was a fluke, he was really hungry that day. On a different day, he ate the whole container once again! I’m thrilled that this is another green option in his diet since he doesn’t seem crazy about peas. I will be buying more of these.
RufinaCross City, FL

Best Flavor for fussy eaters

Excellent flavor for difficult eaters. Our 2 yr old son will eat almost nothing except milk. This is one of the only foods he has ever been willing to eat. Hard to find, I wish more stores would stock it. Also wish amazon could get it at a lower price.
SuziLytton, IA

Good Product

I mash a small piece of fresh banana and mix with a container of this and my daughter eats the whole thing like candy. I like to take these on the go as opposed to the glass jars because I don’t have to worry about it breaking inside my bag. If you are vegan you might want to get another brand. There is tuna oil included in the ingredient list which is how the DHA is added.
MarquitaKaty, TX

added fish oil to this for a BABY??

I am not happy with Gerber at all. I researched their products and they do not have to list ingredients if below a certain percentage. (LIKE IF GREEN BEANS WERE MADE ON A CONVEYER OF WHERE RICE WAS MADE AND THE RICE WAS UNDER A CERTAIN AMOUNT TRACED THEY DO NOT LIST IT ON THE INGREDIENTS). The beans I did not know have fish oil in it. It is now listed on the product ingredients.
RoyceCashiers, NC

My twins love it!

Cheap and good. My twins love it. A little on the watery side, but we always add chopped chicken to go with it, so it works out perfectly.
MaudeLa Grange, CA

my daughter loves this

Couldn’t find this in any of the stores, so I tried it. My daughter loves it, and becuase it has fruit and vegetables I feel okay giving it for breakfast or dinner. It is a little runny so i usually give it with mixed grain cereal to bulk it up. I would recommend this to anyone with a fussy eater.
JoshuaTornillo, TX

Good, not the best

When in doubt my daughter will aways eat sweet potatoes. These are good. Sweet potatoes and water. However, they are a little runny. I think they thin it out more than they should. But it is ok. Ella’s is my favorite. They have a nice thick baby food. Earths best is my second favorite followed by Gerber.
TeresiaCorfu, NY

Favorite veggie in an organic version

Sweet potatoes is one of my child’s favorite vegetables and we just love Gerber. I am so pleased to have found the organic sweet potatoes in this bulk option from Amazon. The price is far better than in the store and I don’t have to worry about running out all the time. Everything arrived in perfect shape and the expiration is the same or better than the same stuff in the store.
EdwinaPoint Harbor, NC

Baby food

Same baby food as in the store, but delivered right to your door. This is a nice flavor for getting vegetables into a kid who won’t ordinarily eat them.
MonetIone, WA