Gerber 3rd Foods Chicken Noodle, 6-Ounce

Gerber 3rd Foods Chicken Noodle, 6-Ounce (Pack of 12)

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  • Gerber 3rd Foods Chicken Noodle, 6-Ounce (Pack of 12)

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Baby Just Didn’t Like It

I bought this Gerber 3rd Foods Lasagna with Meat Sauce in a 12 pack, so I was really hoping my son would like it. He didn’t. He basically sucks the sauce off of the little pasta chunks and then spits them out. He has had other jars of food with chunks in them, so I know it’s not the pieces that bother him. Overall, pretty disappointed in this jar, but maybe someone else’s baby would like it more than mine did.
EtheleneFairfield, NC

Good price and size

I started my son on this too soon I think at 9 months. He does like the taste, but doesn’t seem to like the little chunks of veggies mixed in. I think it would be better if I waited until he has more teeth that may help. He eats most of it, but seems to stop chewing when he feels the little pieces in his mouth or tongue.

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UlyssesTaylor, TX

Pretty decent

I have been feeding this to my 10 month old son who is still working on his chewing and still has no teeth. At first he was unsure about this, but once I started warming it he seems to enjoy it. I like that there are small spaghetti chunks in this mix to help him get used to solids.
KiyokoPalmer, IL

a favorite around our house

After trying several “meat” baby foods, this one is definitely a favorite around our house. It’s got tiny balls of noodles in it and lots of pureed veggies in the sauce. It doesn’t smell/taste horrible to mom & dad either!
MaribethRydal, GA

EGG WHITES are not recommended for babies under a year old

My 10 month old daughter is eating chunky foods such as this and table foods that are appropriate for her. This Gerber lasagna with meat sauce states that it is appropriate for crawlers (babies usually crawl way before hitting the one year mark). Yet in the ingredients states that it contains egg whites, which are not recommended for babies under a year old. I’m glad I read the label before serving it to her! I asked my daughter’s pediatrician at her 9 month check up about this and was told never to give a baby egg whites in any form, until after a year, as it is known to trigger severe allergic reactions. Otherwise, I love Gerber 3rd Stage foods for my 10 month old, she gobbles them up. But we will hold off on this flavor until she’s a year old.
JuniorSandusky, MI

Baby chef boyardee

My son loves this meal. He gobbles up the whole jar and just keeps his mouth ready for more. I make most of his food homemade but always have a few jars around for when we are out or for the end of the week before the next grocery shop and this is a winner in our house.
KayeBeverly, KS

My baby love it.

Cheaper to buy in Amazon than in the store around my area. Add rice/noodle to the food to make it last longer. My baby love it. Only wish there come with different varieties in a pack, this will make meal a little more interesting.
ChaseGarfield, NM

Love the Vegetables and Beef Gerber 3rd foods

Just wish they could keep it in stock. I guess I will have to order more next time it is in!
MozelleRoseau, MN