Gerber Cereal, Rice & Mixed Fruit with NutriProtect, 8-Ounce Boxes

Excellent Source of Iron, Zinc & six B Vitamins for infants. Make every night a good night. Highchair Help: Put him in his crib at the same time each night. And, remember to always put your baby on his back to sleep. Your baby is counting on you to create

Quick facts

  • Contains a cereal for Baby and toddler rice in a pack of 6 The mixed fruit made with Natural whole grain is completely nutritious Organic whole grain cereals are USDA certified Ideal for babies throughout their first year Vita blocks for infants are nutrient blend of essential vitamins and minerals An excellent source of Iron, Zinc and B6 vitamins for infants
  • Pack of six, 8-ounces per unit (total of 48 ounces)
  • Mixed fruit with natural whole grain for complete nutrition
  • Excellent source of iron, zinc and b6 vitamins for infants
  • Ideal for babies throughout their first year
  • USDA organic

Top reviews

Not just for babies! Love it for nausea/stomach bugs

I’ll admit, I’m somewhat embarrassed to write a review for baby food, since I’m a grown woman with no children… 🙂

However, I AM a teacher, and thus tend to get more than my fair share of stomach illnesses during the school year. The past few months, I also needed to take a presciption medication that made me nauseous regularly.

This remains as THE ONLY FOOD that I can hold down when I am ill and recovering from a stomach bug. It is gentle, mild flavored, completely smooth, can be mixed to any consistency (from ‘smoothie’-like to paste-like)…and it just stays down. Doctors always say to start back on food with that “BRAT” diet — banana, rice, applesauce, toast — well, this seems to have 3/4 of those in 1 box!

As a bonus, it has excellent nutritional value — gives you some vitamins and such, versus when you only eat plain rice or toast. It gets me back on my feet much sooner…and it takes almost no effort to make it (important to me, since when I’m sick, I don’t want to be ‘vertical’ any longer than I have to!) I usually just mix it with water, which works wonderfully (I stay away from dairy if I’m ill). You can eat it cold or warm. I find it to be kind of soothing when I’m under the weather.

It doesn’t spoil, and I always keep some on hand just because you never know when you’ll get sick (or at least I don’t, what with students sneezing in my face!!) 😉

Finally, I must admit that I think it’s YUMMY! I do wish they still made just the banana rice kind — I wonder why they discontinued that, which I remember having as far back as the 1970s? But this is pretty close.

I’ll admit to having a little bowl of it now or then just as comfort food! 🙂

HeideTrimont, MN

baby products

This was a decent buy. Shipment too a 1.5 to 2 weeks. I had to wait a little while longer than usual but it was okay.
GeraldoStoneville, MS

Good start of solid food for baby

I have just started to give my baby solid food and used this cereal as suggested by almost every ped. I love this cereal because it provides nutrition for my baby and my baby loves this one because of the flavor and texture. The only thing I don’t like is that the producer does not include spoon inside the box to measure, but you can measure by tbs or teaspoon yourself.
SueannAlexandria, NE

Baby Loves It

My 10 month old loves this cereal. He has been eating it for a few months now and like how it tastes. It’s a bit sweet for my own taste but I mix it with the oatmeal cereal to offset that a bit. Plus, this one is a more expensive so I save a few $$ as well.
EmelinaGurdon, AR

Tastes and smells good

That’s right, I tried this cereal before I gave it to my son, 7 months-old, and it does taste good and smells good. Your baby will love it!
LuanaChassell, MI