Gerber Graduates Lil’ Crunchies, Garden Tomato, 1.48-Ounce Canisters

Gerber Graduates lil crunchies contains zero grams trans fat per serving.Your toddler is probably ready to experiment with new and different flavors. With new graduates lil crunchies, your little One Can try a variety of big kid flavors her or she is sure to love and because there are made from 100 percent whole grain corn

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  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

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Because our kids aren’t obese enough

Thank you Gerber, for helping us get our kids off to the right start! Why should we parents take the time to prepare healthy snacks for our children and teach them to like REAL food, when you have Baby Cheetos in a can for them to enjoy? One-third of America’s children being overweight or obese simply isn’t enough — we need to strive for more. America’s kids need to learn to fill up on empty calories and eat for boredom, not hunger, starting at a year old or younger! And thank goodness this product “tastes good” — because that’s all that matters, right?
JulissaSanta Rita Park, CA

Taste good but I wonder if it,s healthy for kids to eat

I tried it myself. The taste is good in my opinion. But It contains garlic powder so it stinks the breath after eating. And it is not all natural. Amazon price is good though.
LaciBryant, AL

too much salt and WAY too much garlic

First of all, I have major issues with children’s snacks that are so full of sodium.
I have to admit, my son loves these. What is not so great is the two or three days of garlic breath I have to endure afterwards. Was it so necessary to add garlic salt to a toddler snack?
EddieButte, ND

Some are too big!

My son is now 9 months old, he has been eating finger foods for a few months now. We first purchased the Gerber Graduates Mild Cheddar & he loves them! They do just melt in the mouth, perfect because he only had 5 teeth at the time. The only negative I have for these is some of the puffs are fairly large! If I give my son a handful of them, he stuffs them in his mouth, so the larger ones make me nervous. I ususally cut them in half. My new find would be the Target Up & Up brand – they are fairly cheaper & they are all the same size (perfectly smaller) So from now on, I will be saving a few bucks, and using those!
MalvinaLeroy, PA

Great snack!

I haven’t given this to my current baby yet as she’s too young but my first LOVED them!! They’re very portable and yummy (yes, I tried them). 🙂
JannetteMc Intire, IA


Great in theory…healthy, organic, etc. … however, this product does not dissolve in babies mouth NOR in Mommy’s mouth. My child, 7 months old, put one in his mouth, he has two teeth, tried to bite it, it did not break…he then sucked one for about 2 minutes then … just like a kid…placed another in his mouth. Reminding you, the reader, I was right there when this happened…he began to choke! I lifted him out of his highchair, turned him around, did the Heimlich maneuver on him…he blew one out and then I pulled the first apple wagon out of his mouth. On a lighter note, he’s fine, prefers the puffs and whole grain cereal…but the dog couldn’t even chew these!!! We do, however, have friends, with a baby girl…same age…and she loves these!!!

Happy Baby Gluten-Free Organic Puffs, Sweet Potato Puffs, 2.1-Ounce Containers (Pack of 6)

AmeeStrasburg, PA

Best price anywhere!

My little one loves these and you cannot beat the subscribe & save price! It’s a better price than any sale at a retail store!
RolandoLittle Birch, WV

Must have for kids but go for on sale

I got these when they had a sale on amazon. So I got them for even less than the off-brands.They are a must have for toddlers. I would get the off-brand if no sale though. They are exactly the same thing just not as pretty of a can.
StefanieMartelle, IA

My Daughter Loves These!

These are without a doubt my daughter’s favorite snack. She has been eating them since about 10 months and they remain her favorite still at 17 months. The other flavors they offer have not fared as well but these are still going strong.
MeghannSherborn, MA


Bought these for my 15 month old and he LOVES them. It’s nice having a savory snack as most of them tend to be on the sweeter side.

He goes NUTS for them and I know it’s not as empty as junk food since it has the tomato and cheese in it.

The only thing is you have to use it quickly or it can go soft in the can if left for too long.

It’s also a bit messy so not so good for special clothes.

Other than that … OMG it tastes great!! The Veggie Dip and Mild Cheddar are also great.

AletheaIonia, IA

Like cheetos for babies

My baby is almost 8 months old and she’s showing an interest for finger foods. She hasn’t learned the pincher grasp with her fingers yet so she can’t feed herself cheerios but she sure loves to hold sticks of food in her hands. I try everything my baby eats and when I first tasted these, they reminded me of Cheetos. The cheddar flavor is very evident. Some pieces are small — some even too short for her to hold — looks like sizes vary slightly. She hasn’t had any choking issues with these since they melt in your mouth fairly quickly. Sodium value is also fairly decent. I have noticed though that if opened (with lid on) for more than 1 week, it starts to become less crunchy and more on the chewy side.

Nutrition Facts from label:
Calories 35, Serving Size 18 pieces, Servings per container 6, Sodium 50mg
% Daily Value for infants 0-1:
Protein 0%, Vitamin A 0%, Vitamin C 0%, Calcium 6%, Iron 10%, Vitamin E 20%, Zinc 15%

TheresaCoeymans, NY

very hard

These will be great for my daughter when she’s over a year old or so, but at 11 months, she is not quite ready for something this large and crunchy. They don’t dissolve easily like the Gerber lil crunchies or puffs and I had to dig a whole wagon wheel out of her mouth so she wouldn’t choke because she put the whole thing in there and it just sat there without dissolving, even using her teeth and gums to try to mash them. They are about the size of a quarter so I tried cutting them up into cheerio size pieces but they still just sit on her tongue and don’t dissolve and she has a hard time swallowing even the smaller pieces. I bought a bunch in bulk so I will save them for when she’s a little older. I just wanted other parents to be careful what ages these wagon wheels are fed to.
JennetteFarmington Falls, ME


My toddler loves these. Once open you have to finish them within a week or so or they absorb moisture and loose their freshness.
LarisaUnionville, MD

good tasty treat

My 11 month old daughter loves these. Not only is the taste great, the texture is really soothing to her gums. She does prefer the Garden Tomato flavor over this one, but she’d rather have these than other teething biscuits. Would definitely recommend both flavors.
BenjaminGilberton, PA

My 9 month loves these!

I like the veggie dip and the garden tomato flavors best but I think my little one would eat any of them. He loved the puffs and now the crunchies. They are a perfect size for getting him to feed himself but they can get messy. Even when they get stale, he loves them. It’s a good snack for him and definitely a little overpriced, but Amazon has them cheaper than any store in my area. And I’m as a first time mom, I’m a sucker for any baby related foods that seem healthier than what my nephews are eating.
HoaBear, DE

Son’s favorite snack!

I started him off on the Puffs, since I was a little afraid of the Crunchies because they looked so big. But he actually has a lot easier time with these. They seem to dissolve a little better than the Puffs, and since they are bigger he can manipulate them better. He either holds them while he noms on one end (they dissolve fast), or he’s able to push it around in his mouth well enough that he doesn’t gag. The Puffs tend to go to the back of his tongue and he often coughs and gags on them. They are nutritious, and there may be better snacks out there but for right now these are awesome.
BradlyForesthill, CA

Fantastic for little fingers

We attribute our son’s new-found interest in eating finger foods to these little cheese sticks. He first discovered them on a visit to grandma’s. They’re perfect – long enough that he can hold them in his hand and still bite off the ends, and he appears to think they’re quite delicious. He’s start being interested in other finger foods now that he has mastered these, but they are by far his favorites. Would definitely recommend!
FrankBillings, MT

Great product but I don’t like the packaging

I love these and my 8 month old loves them but I don’t think the product canister does a good job of keeping them fresh. It seems like they go stale VERY fast. I don’t think the baby cares but since I eat them with her it bothers me.
VinitaRoper, NC

Too hard to eat!

Gerber has an amazing line of products for babies and toddlers, but this product is a miss. The Wagon Wheels are extremely hard. They do not dissolve at all in the mouth. I had hoped they would be similar to the puffs Gerber makes (only larger), but they are nothing like them. We had to toss these. I was scared my child would hurt her teeth or choke.
MayaRogers, MN

My 15-mo. old son LOVES these.

I wish I knew how to make these with a bit less salt. ALL my kids want to eat them from the 13 y.o. down to the toddler, but we try to save them for travel or a special snack because they cost so much per pound!
They do taste very good. They are more spicy (not hot, just spice) than I had anticipated, but my toddler likes that. If yours doesn’t like spice or you don’t want them to eat a snack with a higher salt content (for toddlers) I’d skip buying this.
I did buy these earlier, but then waited to feed my son until he was old enough to handle the spice.
AngelenaSomers, MT

The “little” man loves them!

My 14-month-old cannot get enough of these things! If I would let him, he’d probably eat the whole container! He whines and complains until he gets another one. For those of you who have to be concerned about this, I was very happy to find out that this snack is gluten-free! It’s a great snack for little hands to hold on to!
OssieKempton, IN

My kids love them!

I got these for my 8 month old twins, who at the moment are very big on self-feeding (and not on spoon feeding haha). These are nice because they are bigger than the puffs and easier for them to hold on to. They are pretty good, basically just a healthier version of cheese curls though. My mother-in-law bought them the cinnamon maple flavor, and they are wonderful! I wish they had a variety 6 pack on Amazon so that we could try all the flavors!
GilbertoPulaski, TN

good flavor, perfect crunchy texture

My 10 month old loves these. I’ve tried the Veggie Dip as well as the Garden Tomato. Actually, my hubby loves them too so I find myself running out pretty quickly!

I love the fact that these are tasty, healthy, provide teething relief since they are crunchy, yet soft enough for our (as yet) toothless baby to “chew”, melt in her mouth pretty quickly so there’s no choking hazard, and are easy for baby to pick up with her own hand. Sometimes when my daughter is in a fussy mood and wont eat anything else, I put some of these in front of her and while she’s concentrating on feeding herself, I sneak in a few spoonfuls of food. Very satisfied with this product and would definitely recommend.

TarraDos Rios, CA

even yummy to MoM!

it’s very soft and easy to swallow BUT little salty for toddlers. I love its tasts too!!! i already ate half of the cans and try not to eat more… this is more ADULTS’ snack than toddlers’
MarivelBern, KS

Excellent snack for baby and toddlers

My son loves to feed himself and prefers salty snacks to sweet ones. These were an instant hit with him as not only are they great tasting but healthy and safe for babies as they melt away in the mouth. My 3 year old also likes to share it with him and takes some to her pre-school. Its convenient on the go and reasonably priced. I recently got some Gerber Graduate coupons and combined it with sales and got some great deals.
RainaWellsburg, NY

My Baby LOVES This!!!

It’s hard to keep him off of these – I have to literally hide the canister and control his intake LOL
UlyssesMorrill, KS

Great Puff alternative to the “Fruity-yogurt” kinds

Our daughter loves these! She had a lot of trouble transitioning to solid foods, and we had to take her to a specialist. The specialist mentioned that if your child has trouble with solids and with chewing motions… you should use foods that are longer and thinner to encourage chewing on the sides of the mouth. These were perfect. THey can be easily cut into rounds using a serated knife, and to encourage chewing, they are long enough for you to hold them to the one side of the mouth.

Also, since our daughter loved puffs of all kinds… we wanted to at least introduce a variety of flavors. The garden tomato ones were a hit right from the get go and we continue to use them in “mixes” with other easy to pick up foods (goldfish, veggie crisps, etc.)

Would recommend, will buy again!

FreedaTulsa, OK

Too hard and too big

I bought these for my almost 9 month old twins. I was totally shocked by how hard these wagon wheels were. I bought them thinking they would be like there other products, soft and safe to eat. While I can break them up into little pieces to eat that defeats the purpose I could just give Cheerios for a fraction of the price. I have to say i dont feel comfortable giving them a whole one to eat, they put in there months and they take forever to dissolve. Big miss on Gerbers part for these items.
GlindaMoundville, AL


My baby loves them and so do I!! Tried them 4 years ago with my first and now with my 9 month old and they’re still a great snack!! Only complaint is that once the canister is opened, the product gets soft pretty fast.
LeishaSapello, NM

Great product, but look for a better price elsewhere

My 10-month old loves these! They are helpful to teach him how to eat and relieve pain from teething, too. Look around for a better price: I was able to find a great deal at my local BJ’s club: a mixed 6-pack for $9.99. At the supermarket, they are $2/can.

Whenever we go out and run errands, I make a snack container for him. I mix a bunch of different snacks together and let him choose what he wants when fussiness ensues. He always chooses these or the Dr. Sears yogurt melts.

DaneNewell, PA