Gerber Graduates Veggie Pick-Ups – Diced Green Bean, 4.5 Ounce

Graduates Veggie Pick-Ups – Green Bean

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great for my baby

Great products, highly reccomend for all babies. Proud to be part of this review to show support of quality products out there in the markets today.
MiraSummit Station, PA

Munchkin Love

These little toddler meals are simple, easy, and best of all, loved by my little munchkin (17 months old). She lives two hours away with her mother, who is in college, so I send these meals to her apartment so that she has them there, as well as when she’s with me (every other week). They may be a little costly and not on a college student’s budget, but I’m happy to ensure that my little munchkin has healthy meals that she loves and that make her feel independent (she can feed them to hershelf). The size of the meat and carrots and green beans are perfect for a toddler to pick up with tiny fingers or a spoon and put in their mouth. No “choking” incidents to date.
ValerieEagleville, MO

Easy, but kinda of gross looking

My son loved these for about a month, so we went through lots of them. They take 20 seconds to fix, but they’re very mushy. Makes me wonder how healthy they are.
KennethTroutdale, OR

For the Carrot Lovers!

My 1 year old LOVES carrots. Raw, cooked, mushy, firm, it doesn’t matter. This tray has cooked carrots that can be heated up to make warm, slightly firm carrot chunks that she can pick up by herself. She also loves to feed herself and this is perfect to just give to her.

We love the Gerber Graduates. They smell great and taste great, yes I have eaten them too. These are just plain cooked carrots in water. I haven’t found anything from this line that she will not eat.

AlmedaDana, IN