Gerber Graduates Yogurt Melts, Mixed Berry, 1 Ounce

As your baby grows into toddlerhood, about 25% of his calories will come from snacks. GRADUATES YOGURT MELTS snacks are a great way to make every bite count and help your child maintain adequate intakes of vitamins A, C & E for healthy growth and to help support a healthy immune system. GRADUATES YOGURT MELTS snacks are a freeze-dried yogurt & fruit snack, and are natrually flavored with other natural flavors.

Quick facts

  • 99% real yogurt & fruit
  • Provides vitamins A, C and E
  • Live & active cultures
  • Freeze-dried yogurt & fruit snack
  • No preservatives

Top reviews

Kinda chalky, Go with Happy Melts

I was super excited to see these at Safeway for only $3. I have seen them at other places for as much as $4.50 and the competitor, Happy Melts Yogurt Melts, on sale for $5. I have to say, go with the Happy Melts version. The Gerber ones lack the flavor and texture of the Happy Melts version and are actually kind of chalky and bland. Happy Melts are all organic and are smaller, which is better for your baby and for you. I prefer the strawberry flavor but the wildberry is also quite good. I think the way they melt in your mouth is quite similar to astronaut ice cream.
CarlitaArnegard, ND

my toddler likes them

i like these for on the go,i usually give my boy real yogurt at home,but these are good for the car and stuff.the size is perfect,i can get them at walmart for around 2.50/bag.the amount is small compared to the price, but you pay for kid likes all the flavors and usually gets upset if he can’t eat the whole bag.if you can,feed your kid real yogurt and only use these if you have to because of the price.
LakiaShorterville, AL