German Style Nurnberger Bratwurst, Nurnberger Original Bratwurst

We offer a choice of the Nurnberger Original Style Bratwurst in a 5 lb. Box or the Nurnberger Curry Bratwurst in a 5 lb. box. This is the original long and skinny bratwurst made with beef and pork. Both the Original German Style and the Curry Bratwursts are pre-cooked and ready for your grill or frying pan! The curry bratwurst is very lean and juicy with a good touch of curry. (Serve with a German hard roll, glass of beer and touch of curry ketchup.) 7-8 per lb. Ships Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays only. Expedited shipping is recommended when shipping to warmer states. During periods of exceptionally warm summer weather, this product may require overnight shipping. You will be contacted if additional shipping costs are necessary.

Quick facts

  • Authentic German style bratwurst by Bavaria Sausage, Inc.
  • Choose either the Nurnberger Original or Curry Bratwurst.
  • Pre-cooked and ready for your grill or frying pan!
  • 5 lb. box with 7-8 bratwurst per lb; product contains no MSG, Monosodium Glutamate
  • Ships Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays only.

Top reviews

Wonderful Bratwurst

I ordered the bratwurst (german style orginals) for a gift for my husband. He has been a quest for “good bratwurst” for sometime now. Personally, I have never cared for bratwurst and the sampling we did only confirmed to me that I didn’t care for it. My husband kept telling me it was because I have never had “good brats”. Well….now I have. Your bratwurst is excellent. Not too salty or over done on the spices and fillers. Husband is very very pleased with the product and has pronounced that yours is “good brats”.
Will have to try some of your other products in the future.
Sherry Bullard-Blanchard
Coeur d Alene Idaho
TylerIsabella, PA

Great memories from home

Those sausages even not being Nuernbergers but Fraenkische bratwursts by shape and seasoning are delicious and will remain on my shopping list.
YokoDeerfield Beach, FL

Good, but no Nurnberger.

These sausages are very good, but they are not the Nurnberger style I had when I lived in Nurnberg and ate many many times at the schnellimbiss stands. This version is much larger and more of a regular, off white brat. My search continues…
MaryleeJacksonboro, SC

They All Loved Them

When you send a gift of Bratwurst to friends and family who live in Wisconsin, it must be of the highest quality. That’s why I chose to send Nurnberger Bratwurst to my two brothers for Christmas gifts for each of the past two years. I have never had such a great response; they loved the Nurnberger Bratwurst. The gift was a real crowd pleaser at their home!
TawnaEastpoint, FL

Best Brats outside of German

If you love the bratwurst stands @ the train stations in Germany, you are going to LOVE the Nurberger Brats. I have tried a bunch of brats from the local grocery stores but they don’t taste the same as what you get in Germany.

This was the first food purchase via Amazon and was really happy with the quality and reliability of Wisconsinmade. They even emailed me to let me know they were delaying shipment so it wouldn’t get caught in transit over the weekend.

FreddieWhitley City, KY

The best

There are plenty of imitators but none will ever match the quality or flavor of the Nurnberger Bratwurst. An ideal gift for the palate that craves something beyond the bland bratwursts that are typically manufactured.
DeedeeWinston, KY

good stuff

these are very good and authentic nurnberger type sausages.

as many people know ,what is referred to as a “brat” in the US has absolutly nothing to do with german bratwurst.

LoreenHolliston, MA

A little bit of Bavaria right here at home.

This is the second order of Nuremburg Brats I have placed with this company. I was stationed in Bamberg, Germany for 4 years back in the ’70s and have never been able to find true Bavarian Brats until now. They are exactly as I remembered them and they crisp up so nicely with the natural casings. Well worth the money.
DonaHunter, KS