Gevalia 98793 Earl Grey Tea for Tassimo System

The unique flavor produced from Black Tea with a hint of Bergamot orange oil is among the most popular beverages around the world. Star Trek fans may recall that Captain Picard enjoyed his cup of Earl Grey tea. The original blend of Earl Grey tea was for a man called Charles Grey (Second Earl), who was a British diplomat on a mission to China. Legend has it that he was given the recipe by a local Mandarin Chinese friend. Charles Grey later went on to become the British Prime Minister. He is noted for ending the monopoly on tea imports that became so profitable for the East India Company. He is often remembered as an advocate of abolishing slave transport from Britain. Who knows? Many favor this hot tea beverage that’s attributed to the Earl and now you can enjoy it as a T-Disc with your Tassimo system. Taste it today. We think you’ll be a fan.

Quick facts

  • Africa kitamu
  • T- discs Designed To Work In Tassimo Machines
  • Blend of Exceptional East African Coffees
  • 8-Ounce Single Serving Size
  • 12 T – discs per package

Top reviews

not what is advertised

bad item. not an amazon product, therefor shipping etc in different category. web site not clear. best to stay away.
EugenioNew Buffalo, MI

Earl Grey tea Pods for Tassimo

We received the pods within two weeks of ordering them, unlike the last time, when the order was cancelled by amazon after it wasn’t filled in 60 days. Places of business shouldn’t advertise products for sale if they don’t have it in stock.
OletaFort Lawn, SC