Gevalia Ancient Cherry Green Tea, 30-Count Box

The Gevalia ancient cherry green tea, 30 count Box (pack of 3) contains dramatic cherry fragrance is blended with delicate green tea to create a rare pleasure.

Quick facts

  • Contains 3 boxes of green tea each 30 count(totally 90 counts)
  • Contains flavors of first cherry blossoms of spring

Top reviews

Very Disappointed

I like a nicely scented and fruity flavored tea, and was hoping to find that when I purchased this product. The tea, however, is almost bitter, with very little cherry scent or flavor. I much prefer Bigelow and Celestial Seasonings when it comes to flavor and scent.
BillyeCapitol, MT

Try this tea if you don’t like the taste of green tea

I had never liked the flavor of green tea but I was trying to drink it because of the health benefits but no matter how much I tried to drink regular green tea, I couldn’t get it down because of the taste. So I decided to order this flavor along with their other green tea flavor, Citrus Green, and now I can finally drink and enjoy green tea. I steep the tea for 5 minutes for best flavor.

The cherry flavor is very light, just enough to let you know it is flavored but not so much that it is overwhelming.

I have been drinking both flavors of Gevalia green tea for over 10 years now and I like them so much that I usually ask for them as Christmas gifts from family and friends.

JoannCumberland, KY

The Most Delicious Green Tea EVER!!!

I don’t care for the taste of most green teas, but this one exceeded my expectations. As one of the previous reviewers commented, this tea is very delicately scented and flavored with cherry. I wouldn’t expect it to be very fruity because it is a green tea. It’s very nice. I like it hot sweetened with a little milk. The flavor is very subtle but I find it quite enjoyable and drinkable. I have not found it in stores, but I’m glad I’d be able to order it off of Amazon.
LourieFrierson, LA

best Green Tea from Gevalia

Oh My GOD! I found it!!!!

My FAVORITE Green Tea from Gevalia.

Naturally Sweet.

Naturally Fragrant.

I could suck this thing down all day everyday of the YEAR!!!1 ;-P

Gevalia, Can you provide deals for a Carton/Box like coffee bulk deals? Thanks!

AlinaHortonville, NY