Gevalia Chocolate Raspberry Ground Coffee, Decaffeinated, 8-Ounce Packages

Gevalia chocolate raspberry ground coffee, decaffeinated comes in a 8 ounce pack. Just a touch of rich chocolate flavor combined with the essence of tangy raspberries is all it takes to unleash a unique coffee experience. Made from carefully selected, mountain grown Arabica beans from South America, this delicious blend is a perfectly balanced, aromatic coffee experience that can make any occasion special. It’s the idea that you’re entitled to premium coffee and tea delivered right to your door on the schedule you choose.

Quick facts

  • Chocolate Raspberry Flavor
  • Ground Coffee
  • Decaffeinated

Top reviews

Wow! Mild and Decaf …

I confess – I don’t drink coffee much in the morning. But I love a warm cup on a cold evening, which is why I go with decaf.

I ordered this particular coffee along with the Gevalia Dark Chocolate Truffle Ground Coffee, Decaffeinated, 8oz., 8-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 3) directly from Gevalia.

I tried the Chocolate Truffle first, and enjoyed it a lot. Both are mild and do not leave me with an “acid tummy.” I have had both in the evening, and have not experienced any sleeplessness.

As far as taste goes, I enjoyed both the taste and the smell of this particular flavor. The raspberry is there without being overwhelming, and there is just a trace of the chocolate flavor.

For those looking for a pleasant evening drink, I do recommend this.

LesSan Sebastian, PR

no chocolate

Honestlyy my opinon of this one is bad I love Gevalia coffee but this was all raspberry and no chocolate.
ReynaldoMount Sterling, OH

Great Taste

I usually order this product from the actual Gevalia site because this flavor is quite yummy.

I also order the Cafe Sperl, which is also known as Viennese coffee.

When you first open the bag, the nose is tickled with the pungent smell of chocolate and a lighter aroma of raspberry.

The coffee tastes unique because of the raspberry flavoring, but it’s enjoyable either freshly brewed or chilled.

NellyBayville, ME

great coffee

My wife and I enjoy drinking this coffee in the evening. It being decaf helps
not to keep you up. We have drank this brand and type for years. It is always
good. I drink my coffee black and usually don’t like specialty blends. However,
we enjoy Gevalia Chocolate Raspberry Decaf.
KeshaDuluth, MN