Gevalia Dark House Blend, 12-Count T-Discs for Tassimo Coffeemakers

GEVALIA Kaffe Dark Roast is a medium-bodied coffeehouse quality selection with hints of fruit and vibrant acidity. This clean, crisp cup of coffee is made with 100% high quality Arabica beans sourced from excellent coffee growing areas of Latin America.

Quick facts

  • 2 pack of 12-count Gevalia Dark House Blend T-Discs for Tassimo single-serve Coffeemakers
  • 100% Arabica coffee
  • Dark Roast
  • Two packages of 12 single serve T DISCs
  • Caffeinated; Dark House Blend
  • Extra Bold Roast
  • For the TASSIMO single cup home brewing system; TASSIMO’s Intelligent Barcode Technology measures the right amount of water, the perfect brew time and the exact temperature needed for delicious, well-crafted beverages.

Top reviews

Gevalia Morning Disappointment

I have never written a negative review but I just had to comment about this product. It is absolutely the worst cup of coffee I have ever tasted. First it is weak and watery and does not make the larger cup as stated. It is nowhere near the claim, “If you like Starbucks, you’ll like this.” I tested my Tassimo brewer to make certain that that was not the problem. It brewed another type of pod just fine. What’s more there is no recourse to return this utterly awful product. Don’t waste your money.
LaraeBelgrade, NE

Love the coffee, but . . .

Tnis is my new favorite T-disc. But c’mon, Amazon. You can buy it for $7.99 per at Bed Bath and Beyond!
AdahStevenson, AL


The new Gevalia dark roasts are the only good cups of coffee for the Tassimo, with the house blend being the best one. Very similar to Starbucks coffee.
OpheliaMiddle Falls, NY

Gevalia Extra Dark House Delivers

I’ve tried all three new ‘Dark’ offerings from Gevalia and I think this is the best one from the three. Gevalia finally came up with coffee worth serving to your guests.
Coffee has an earthy bold taste with little to none bitterness and no metallic after taste; it actually leaves a nice smooth tasty chocolaty after taste.

The pack comes with 12 big T-discs that will brew 8 ounces of coffee. This coffee will delight those who love the darker roasts.

I am on my 5th cup of this coffee and it was really grown on me (changing from a 4 to 5 stars); it is quite tasty and smooth. This is one coffee that will truly satisfy the void that Sbux left. There will be some that will say that this is not the same as Sbux and it isn’t! Try the coffee and give it a fair taste without trying to compare it to anything else you may find yourself quite surprised at the findings. Highly recommended and definitely will be buying this one again.

LakendraRemus, MI

it IS like starbucks, maybe better

these discs have the same shape as the Starbucks discs, and make rich, strong, dark coffee. there are 2 kinds: blue and red/purple. they are comparable to kitamu and columbia, respectively, from starbucks, (thus a little more robust than verona). thank goodness, I don’t miss Starbucks anymore. The Nabob columbian and the Gevalia columbian are also good, full cups of coffee. for a half cup, try maestro lorenzo, with a nice crema on top. happy sipping!
ShirlySaugerties, NY

This is the real deal! Starbucks is Going to Sue Somebody!

This tastes just like Starbucks House Blend! I swear, if you put this down in front of me, in an unmarked cup, I wouldn’t know it wasn’t brewed by a barista at a gourmet coffee house! Yes it really is that good and it looks like Kraft and Gevalia have designs on copying the entire Starbucks Line of Coffees… I can only hope this continues with the Lattes and Cappuccinos!

Seriously, if you Like Starbucks House Blend, you’re going to Love this and, at 83 cents a cup, Starbucks is going to lose a lot of revenue!

CarryAmidon, ND

Very Good House Roast

This roast is dark and smooth with a medium plus richness. This coffee is not as robust as the dark Italian roast but is very satifying.
KaMosinee, WI

The best dark roast I’ve ever had. Even better than Starbucks!

I’m a big fan of Starbucks. When they decided not to continue making coffee for t-discs, I was very disappointed. I like bold and extra bold coffees and I think Starbucks has the best… until I tried the Dark House Blend from Gevalia. The flavor is so rich and bold (but not burnt) that I can’t wait to get up in the morning so I can have the coffee! I still have some starbucks t-discs at home (from 6 months ago), and comparing with Gevalia Dark House Blend, the starbucks tasted like water. I rarely say this… but thank you, Gevalia, for making this great dark blend coffee. Definitely my favorite Gevalia so far.
LolitaMollusk, VA

Woot, finally a good Tassimo coffee!

I have been in something of a coffee depression, ever since Tassimo lost the Starbucks brand to Keurig. I kept trying different substitutes, but none would live up to that nice, bold, rich flavor – many of them are downright watery. But this one is excellent, bold but not too bitter, full-flavored and has a nice extra kick to it. I may even like it better than my old Starbucks fave.
KatelinLazbuddie, TX

Best available Tassimo coffee?

This is nearly as tasty as Starbuck’s, so I was delighted to find it just as my old stash was running out. I like the house blend a litle better than the dark Italian roast.
MistiRose, OK

More coffee = more flavor

Delicious, uses the large capsule so you get more grounds, more flavor, more caffine….that is why it costs a little more
NecoleCentre Hall, PA

Good Substitute

Finally…another good Tassimo coffee! I am not a Starbucks fan, but I was a Seattle’s Best fan and was very disppointed when Tassimo no longer offered it. I stopped buying T-discs for a while and was about to give up my machine when I learned about these bolder brews from Grevalia. I also tried the Dark Breakfast Blend. Of the two I like this one the best. I may also try their Italian Roast.
MonetOrange, NJ


wow that is the best coffee so far I used with Tasimo, and trust me I used already everything what was possible in search for the best coffee , and finally I found , it is VERY closer copy of SB , it have beautiful velvety after taste , just heaven , it is my first cup of this coffee before I get to use so the difference is huge !!! you get also much more coffee as the disk include more coffee as the regular one , what mean more aroma and better taste , finally Gevalia did this … bravo
LeesaChristiansburg, OH

Good taste

As all the tassimo products, this is good. I like a little stronger and I tried later some other brands such as carte noire. If you do not like so strong, this is perfect for you
JulesCollbran, CO

Thank you Tassimo!

When I saw the three new Gevalia Extra Bold blends were finally available, I bought the Dark House Blend and Italian Roast to try. The Dark House blend is the first I’ve opened, but so far my reaction is BRAVO…it’s quite good! It’s nice and smooth and not bitter. I like it every time I have a cup so I would definitely recommend this one. I’m glad I was able to get something new before my old stock of Starbucks Afrika (my former FAVE) ran out.
ManaOakland, TX