Gevalia French Vanilla Ground Coffee, 8-Ounce Packages

Bring your own café experience home with GEVALIA Kaffe French Vanilla – a smooth, rich blend with vanilla flavor notes reminiscent of a luscious butter cream confection. Made from choice, Arabica beans from Central and South America, this premium coffee is a most enjoyable experience. Gently roasted for exceptional body and flavor, it’s the coffee you’ve been dreaming of.

Quick facts

  • Three 8oz Packages of ground coffee
  • Caffeinated
  • French Vanilla
  • Café Creation Collection
  • Distributed by GEVALIA Kaffe Import Service

Top reviews

Blah- tastes weird

Depending on your taste, you might find the flavoring weird. I usually buy breakfast blends and add french vanilla creamer so I decided to try french vanilla coffee and then add half and half. Yuck! I’ll stick with breakfast blends and regular cofee
JamiCleverdale, NY

Delicate, Slightly Sweet Vanilla Odor and Outstanding Taste…

Gevalia coffee is an excellent product; rich and full-bodied. The French Vanilla Coffee takes Gevalia’s excellent regular coffee to another level by enhancing it with a touch of vanilla flavor. The flavor is not overpowering or artificial, even though the box says there is some artificial flavor used. The fragrance of the coffee is slightly sweet, but the brewed coffee does not, when consumed black, have a sweet taste. The vanilla flavor is enhanced, however, if one uses some type of sweetener; creamer elevates the taste into a more decadent realm.

At one time, I purchased this coffee from the manufacturer; but, I like variety at breakfast and rotate four different flavored coffees. Thus, I did not drink enough Gevalia to warrant regularly scheduled deliveries. Further, the cost of the coffee plus delivery was almost $30. I just could not justify paying that amount for 1 1/2 pounds of coffee.

Then, I discovered some Gevalia coffees were available on Amazon! The cost is approximately half that of the manufacturer. I was concerned when my order arrived because the box tops were not glued down well. Additionally, when I opened the first package, the “exhaling” noise usually accompanying the loss of the foil bag’s vacuum seal was not present. Neither was the coffee still formed, as Gevalia coffees normally are, into a solid block. However, I am pleased to report the coffee’s flavor and aroma were excellent; the packaging discrepancies do not seem to have affected this excellent product.

In the future, I will definitely be purchasing my Gevalia coffees from Amazon. While the flavor selection may not always be as extensive, the significant price difference is well worth that minor inconvenience.

CathrineCarolina, PR

Tastes Really Good!

I like it. Stronger than most coffee, so use less. Easier on the stomach, and doesn’t give head ache like some cheaper coffee sometimes does. It’s a well balance premium coffee that is worth paying more money for, because it is so much better. Since I can’t afford it, I only buy it occasionally and when it’s on sale.
YolandeAbernant, AL


I love Gevalia coffee, and French Vanilla is one of my favorites. I was very pleased to find out that I could get it through Amazon at such a great price.
WilmaHolly Springs, NC

Great Coffee

Gevalia Kaffe is one of my favorite coffee companies. I adore the light, slightly sweet taste of this French Vanilla coffee above all others.
Most of the coffee you find at the grocery store starts out palatable and then ends on a bitter note. It ruins the whole cup of joe.
This isn’t the case with any of Gevalia’s coffee’s that I’ve had to date. I’m so glad we could find it here on Amazon! I highly recommend this coffee.
LizbethPioneer, LA

love this coffee

i now buy from Amazon instead of the Gevalia
people. The price is a lot better and Amazon
customer service (if one ever needs it) is
far superior.
ShastaPosey, CA

My favorite coffee

This coffee is very smooth and has great flavor. By far my favorite coffee.
MargeretBodega, CA