Gevalia Kaffe 15% Kona Blend Coffee

The TASSIMO Home Brewing System by Bosch makes one perfect cup at a time with the ease of T DISC technology. T DISCs are filled with fresh coffee or espresso grounds, tea leaves or milk creamer (which the system froths for the perfect cappuccino or latte). Slip in your favorite T DISC and in just about a minute, your brewer makes coffee (iced or hot), tea, cappuccino, latte, crema, mocha, espresso or hot chocolate just to your liking.

Quick facts

  • Indulge in Gevalia 15% Kona Coffee Blend – a taste that is reminiscent of the Hawaiian Islands
  • Every cup promises velvety smooth coffee with sweet roasted notes and nutty overtones
  • Savor this aromatic, full bodied coffee experience – perfect for any occasion
  • 100% Arabica coffee with bold intensity
  • This T DISC makes an 8 fluid ounce cup of coffee

Top reviews

Good Tasting cup o’ joe

This is a bold blend that has a great taste. The flavor comes bursting through. I usually brew & drink Organic Sumatra Mandeling from BJ’s. I use this blend exclusively, so to get a cup that rivals the complex flavor from my Tassimo brewer is fantastic. Come on Amazon add it to the subscription service.
AugustaSaint Maurice, LA

Best of the Tassimo’s

We’ve tried many Tassimo flavors. This is by far our favorite. Our normal cup of coffee is Starbuck’s house blend out of a Cuisinart pot but one or two days a week we use our Tassimo. This coffee is rich but not too stong. I don’t understand the current price over $20 for 14 disks and hope that it will be lowered on Amazon. For now, we’ll buy elsewhere.
LeilaRiceboro, GA

great coffee – terrible price

This is one of the best choices, in my opinion. I also adore Amazon, but they need to negotiate a better price for their Tassimo Disks. These are available at BedBath & Beyond for $10. and I always get 20% off which brings it down to $8.00 — they were $7.50 (before the 20% off readily available coupons) until about 3 months ago. Again, this is an excellent blend with full flavor – not bitter – I think it’s my favorite.
MichaleClarksburg, MD

One of the better T-Discs

I have tried about 75% of the available T-Discs, and the Kona Blend is one of the best regular/unflavored coffees for Tassimo. It has a nice smooth flavor that is not overpowering, and has a pleasant aroma. Personally, I would enjoy it more if it were stronger/bolder. However, being a bit mild, it goes well with breakfast and/or (gluten-free) baked goodies. I find it mildly perplexing that this product is not available from tassimodirect, nor is a subscription service available. Originally found this at (Dead Bats from) Beyond, used a 20% coupon, and was happy with the final price.
ChayaDarien Center, NY

Note: Rating both coffee and seller

This coffee is good but, for me, it’s nothing special. I will buy it again because it’s a nice, mellow blend, and my favorite daily coffee, Nabob, must now be shipped from Canada. However, on my first order to the Canadian company, it’s taking a long time to be delivered (still haven’t gotten it).

The reason for only three stars is not about the quality of the coffee but the fact that the description of the product does not mention the fact that this “Kona coffee” is actually only 15% Kona. If you look very carefully at the photo of the disc, you can see that information, and there’s a legal disclaimer saying that the product may not match exactly with the description. So it’s my fault for not reading more carefully, but I was happy to see what I thought was 100% Kona and wasn’t careful. I’ve bought the 15% Kona before in a local store and did know that there was such a product in the Tassimo discs, but I just read the product title and ordered.

As I said, the coffee tastes good, the amount of coffee is the usual amount, neither the small cups of some European coffees or the extra large size, and I would recommend the coffee. Just be aware that this is blended coffee with only 15% Kona. And don’t expect it to come in a flash, as it did when Amazon Prime delivered it.

KarleneRockford, OH

Kona for Tassimo

Of all the coffee’s available for Tassimo this Kona has the richest flavor and fantastic aroma by
far my favorite.
MarissaRuby, VA