Gevalia Kaffe Signature Blend Decaffeinated Coffee

The TASSIMO Home Brewing System by Bosch makes one perfect cup at a time with the ease of T DISC technology. T DISCs are filled with fresh coffee or espresso grounds, tea leaves or milk creamer (which the system froths for the perfect cappuccino or latte). Slip in your favorite T DISC and in just about a minute, your brewer makes coffee (iced or hot), tea, cappuccino, latte, crema, mocha, espresso or hot chocolate just to your liking.

Quick facts

  • With a medium body, perfectly balanced, and wonderfully smooth, this Decaffeinated Signature Blend was personally crafted by the Gevalia Master Coffee Taster
  • Expertly brewed to with just a single tap of a button, its smooth character makes it perfect for any occasion, any time of day
  • Medium intensity
  • This T DISC makes an 11 oz cup of coffee
  • 64 T-Discs

Top reviews

weak coffee not good for a premium product and price

This coffee supposedly is premium, it tastes watery–very thin. Not good at all. Maybe old??
Not sure, it was a waste, and I’m using it line the bottom of my sitting shoes and trash cans and rained-on luggage, to absorb the smells. So I used it, but not to drink. Do not buy.
ElizWilson, NY