Gevalia Signature Crema Coffee, T-Discs for Tassimo Hot Beverage System, 16-Count Packages

16 Individual T Discs. Exclusively for Tassimo System. Gevalia Kaffe Signature Crema offers a delicate layer of velvety foam that complements the unique, inviting aroma and flavor of Gevalia Signature Blend Coffee. We are proud to bring you this unique beverage reminiscent of the distinctive coffee served in some of the finest coffeehouses in Europe. The art of the perfect cup. Discover Tassimo, the ultimate in great taste and smart technology. Each perfectly measured T Disc seals in the freshness and flavor until you use it. Simply select your cup, insert your choice of T Disc and press the button. Each T Discs is designed to bring out the optional flavor, using the right amount of coffee, tea, milk or chocolate for your specific drink. The Tassimo machine reads each encoded T Disc, adjusting the temperature, rime and amount of water to guarantee perfect quality each and every time. Experience exceptional hot beverage variety. With Tassimo, you can savor a variety of hot beverages to suit any mood. At the simple touch of a button, Tassimo lets you enjoy a full range of coffees, including cappuccino, latte, espresso and crema, as well as tea and hot chocolate. Whatever your choice, each cup is freshly brewed to celebrate its true character and give you the taste you love. Story of Gevalia Kaffe. In 1853, in the small seaport town of Gavle, our company was established by Victor Theodor Engwall. A coffee-lover himself, he was determined to craft a coffee so rich and full-bodied, it would taste in the cup as exquisite as fine coffee smells at the moment of grinding. True to its Europeans heritage and quality standards, Gevalia Kaffe continues this commitment to a richer coffee experience. The Tassimo System makes the perfect hot drink. You provide the perfect cup.

Quick facts

  • The unique, inviting aroma of Gevalia Signature Blend is accented with a delicate layer of velvety foam
  • 32 Total T-Discs

Top reviews

Wish I could say it was better

Don’t be dissappointed in your machine if this is the first T-disc flavor you’ve tried. It’s not your Tassimo, it’s the coffee blend. I used to subscribe to Gevalia’s delivery service so I’ve tried a lot of their automatic drip coffees, incl Signature Blend. I’m very dissapointed in the Tassimo disc version. I gave it 2 stars just for smoothness, but otherwise this is a lackluster brew. Not much richness, body, or flavor other than generic “coffee”. The “crema” is not much more than window dressing on a pretty boring cup. My husband, who is far less picky about coffee than I am, agreed. Do yourself a favor & try the other coffees available for the Tassimo, incl on their website. The Gevalia Espresso is good, so are the Maxwell House Latte & Capuccino.
IsadoraArena, WI

excellent discs

great flavor, and a great price on amazon with free shipping – highly recommended
ZoraOtis, CO

Crema Coffee – best of the lot

I really enjoy Carte Noire’s ground coffee. While I don’t get to Paris as fequently to stock up, I have found the Gevalia Crema blend to be the best blend available for the Tassimo machine. It tastes as described and really shows off the abilities of this machine.
BertieDeerfield, MO

Bold Cup of Coffee

This will get you going in the morning. If you’re looking to wake up or need a lift in the afternoon, this Crema will do the trick. Very rich and a nice after taste.
NerissaMonument Beach, MA

Extremely bitter.

This coffee is extremely bitter. You can’t drink this coffee without some sort of milk or creamer (unless you prefer that sort of thing). I tried the original Gevalia coffee (non Crema brand) and it tastes better in my opinion.
LoisSouthfield, MA

Too bland

This coffee is bland and somewhat weak to me. But I’m a Starbucks fan – so I really enjoy the full flavor, richness, and even burnt flavor that those coffees offer. So you could read this – if I enjoy Starbucks then I most likely will not be so crazy about this coffee; if I really think Starbucks is horrible then there’s a chance I’ll like this.
ArnulfoTioga, ND

The best tasting crema coffee ever!

This coffee is the best coffee I have ever had. I have tried many creamas and I have to say that this one is the best one on the market.
KumPalmer, MA

Great with flavored creamers

This is my favorite Tassimo coffee disc. I got the Tassimo and was enjoying the cappucinos and the lattes, but when I started to notice all the holiday creamers available at the grocery store I had to try them. The Signature Creama works so well with these liquid creamers! I first put the cream in the cup and then add the disc to it. The result is a flavored coffee with a really light foam on top. Also, I have not seen Tassimo cream based beverages in a fat free variety yet, so this is a great alternative. I use fat-free half and half and the fat-free french vanilla. Very very good!
FlaviaRoslyn, NY

Excellent Every Day Coffee

UPDATE: 6/30/08…18 months later, thousands of ‘brews’ later…and still just as thrilled as the day I met Gevalia Signature Crema Blend coffee! For summertime cooler…and much cheaper than the $5+ versions sold at Dunkin****** and Star***** try this: Brew Crema, add International Delight French Vanilla creamer, and pour over ice in tall glass. With single-brew systems, no waste & instant service! Now pocket your savings, add the gas money you didn’t spend…and voila, you just paid for your next 16-count package w/ free shipping from Amazon. Enjoy.

FIRST POSTING: I have had my Tassimo machine for 5 months now, and I am thrilled. As a coffee nut, I used to brew several pots daily in my Farberware. Problem is I can only drink fresh coffee! I had to pitch the pot and start over for each cup. Tassimo is a true value if you and your household drink coffee, tea, hot cocoa, etc. all day and night. Tried all of the coffee blends (well over 20) made for this machine, and the Gevalia Crema and Crema decaf. are the best all around med-bodied coffee. I’m actually on Amazon to order more…and decided that I’d throw my 2 cents in! Enjoy.

GingerVarnell, GA

Better than Gevalia coffee

We love this crema coffee. It has much more flavor than the regular coffee Gevalia makes for Tassimo. It has a nice cream froth on top – not too much. To make it extra special my husband adds a shot of espresso to it. Enjoy
HobertRockvale, CO

Much too Bitter

When I purchased this item, I thought that I was going to get a coffee with cream, but that was not the case. The coffee itself was much stronger and bitter, and the “cream” or crema was just some powdered stuff that created a milky foam on top of the coffee, but did not change the color or flavor of the coffee at all. I would not purchase this item again.
AleenMount Ephraim, NJ

Very weak

Based on the reviews here, I had high hopes for this coffee. I realize it’s a mild coffee, but it is really lacking taste and just seems very watery. I tried making a smaller cup, which did help a little, but I’m still disappointed. I won’t be purchasing this one again. I wonder if this is typical of Gevalia t-discs, cause I was disappointed in the Gevalia Capp as well (the Maxwell House is WAY better).
DarcelPoint Clear, AL

Watery and lousy…

I’m a huge fan of almost every variety of hot beverages the Tassimo makes… this is not one of them. If you make a full cup, it tastes very lackluster and watery. The head of foam is very thin and disappears very quickly. Both of these problems can be improved by making a smaller cup, but even so, it still doesn’t hold a candle to other flavors.

If you want a GREAT cup of Tassimo crema, go for the Mastro Lorenzo Crema. HUGE improvement in taste, and the foam is nice and thick.

Tassimo makes lots of great drinks… but skip this one.

VictoriaDededo, GU

Watery and Bitter Bad combination

I’m giving this 2 stars because possibly this is just not to my liking for my taste buds.
I do not like my coffee with this kind of biting almost citric after taste. It simply gives me sour stomach and my stomach doesn’t get that way easily.
I enjoy a strong cup of hearty bold flavor once in a while, but this is too biting for me. Adding sugar? No help. It also seems watery. I try to focus my t-disc investments into the flavors I love, and purge the losers. With a full box remaining I’m going to need to toss these. Also misleading picture on the cover, which gives the impression of a milk based mixture. Their “Crema” is simply whipped bitter “air”.
LashaunLawton, MI

Crema satisfies….

I don’t understand the negative reviews on the Crema Signature Coffee from Gevalia. I was very skeptical when I first tried this coffee. How could this one-step brewing process and small disc produce a decent cup of coffee? Needless to say I was surprised and extremely satisfied with this product. Gevalia Latte and Cappucino discs are surprisingly good as well!
AmeliaMelrose, MA

Better than good

This is an excellent cup of coffee. It is a mild coffee and if you’re looking for a more robust blend this may not be for you. But all in all a superior cup of coffee.
TressieEureka, WI

its a nice MILD coffee

I recently got my Tassimo machine as a bridal shower present. I’m still trying out all of the different coffees available, but so far this is my favorite. This coffee is very mild (as it states on the package) but has a wonderfully smooth taste. I also love the layer of foam, it just adds a little something. 🙂 Typically I brew a cup, then add a little bit of flavored creamer and some milk because I like my coffee to be very creamy, but not super sweet. The mild flavor of the coffee blends really well with the creamer, you get this perfectly creamy, foamy, flavored coffee. yum!
CelestineWestfall, OR

Love this coffee!

Ever since the demise of Starbucks t discs, I’ve been on the hunt for a perfect t-disc. I used to prefer the strongest roast/grinds like verona and then add a ton of cream to it. Now with the Gevalia crema, I drink it black and it’s the perfect strength! I never used to be able to drink coffee black, probably because I only thought I liked it so strong.
BryannaVernon Hills, IL

Best and Only If you have the machine

You have to have the machine to brew this product. It is your
only choice for the Bosch beverage maker. No competition. The
taste of each coffee is up to the person’s own preference in tastes.
MitchelSequoia National Park, CA

One of my Favs

This is one of my favorite brews for my Tassimo machine. I drink this practically everyday and am never disappointed. I recommend this as as staple to your Tassimo collection.
ClaytonRandlett, OK

No more $$$ at Starbucks….hooray!

I love this Gevalia Signature Crema Coffee, with or without froth added. As a stand-alone, it’s smooth and rich and flavorful, much more fully structured than anything I’ve had at any of the coffee chains. As a latte or with flavoring, it can be even richer. I was highly skeptical after reading some of the reviews, but take it from someone who makes wine for a living and has developed a critical palate, this beverage is outstanding. I never thought I could get this level of quality at home without spending outrageous amounts of money on Italian equipment. The bang-for-your-buck is right here. Thank you, Gevalia! Bye, Starbucks.
EdisonSouth Lake Tahoe, CA