Ghirardelli Chocolate Five Pound Chocolate Bar

The Ghirardelli Chocolate Company is a manufacturer and marketer of premium chocolate products. Incorporated in 1852 and in continuous operation since, Ghirardelli has the richest heritage of any American chocolate company. Ghirardelli is one of the few companies in America that controls the entire chocolate manufacturing process, from cocoa bean to finished product. This control over the manufacturing process, combined with Ghirardelli’s proprietary bean blend and unique methods of roasting and processing, ensures that you are rewarded with the highest quality and richest products. Ghirardelli’s product line includes its signature chocolate squares, chocolate bars, chocolate confections, baking chocolate and chocolate beverages.

Quick facts

  • Decadent five-pound bar of premium Ghirardelli milk chocolate
  • Solid milk chocolate bar will make a lasting impression
  • Ghirardelli chocolate comes from hand-picked cocoa beans that are precisely roasted and slow blended with premium ingredients
  • Comes in an elegant wrapping
  • Perfect gift for the chocolate lovers in your life

Top reviews

Tooo much money

You can get a 5 pound Hershey bar at KMART for $20! What’s so great about Ghirardelli? I’ll stick with Hersheys for that price.
RodrickFrankfort, NY

nice cooking bar for mousse

It is a rich and smooth cooking bar.

I used to buy Ghirardelli broken block from trader joes for about $3-$4/LB before they stop carried it. I usually mixed it with 70% dark pound plus from trader joes and honey for chocolate mousse recipe from Jamie Oliver. It create a extra smooth, rich taste, semi sweet and very chocolaty mousse.

GiovanniSaint George, GA

cancelled shipment

I ordered this and the ETA was set for the 23rd. i got an email the day before i’m supposed to get it and said your order may not arrive until january 20th. well january 20th is not Christmas. Thanks it was supposed to be for my girlfriend. That’s the last time i order anything online for christmas.
MelindaFairfield, OH


I ordered this for my daughter for Christmas. It arrived in a Ghiradelli box ONLY – no outside packing. Great thing SHE didn’t answer the door when it arrived! however, in the end it made NO difference. The box looked like it had been opened and retaped shut – it was actually ripped in several places and the tape was NOT neat. Add to that the fact that the bar was broken b/c the packing was completely insufficient for a fragile item like this PLUS the fact that it was inside the box in a plastic bag that was ripped open! SOMEBODY enjoyed the chocolate, but it certainly wasn’t my daughter. I do NOT blame Amazon for this – they actually credited me the full amount AND gave me an additional credit since I will never be able to find this again at the sale price I bought it at. But SHAME on Ghiradelli – I can see they did an amazingly bad job on most of the orders. I will NEVER order from them again now, seeing how this was handled. Really – who ships something like that without extra packing and bubble wrap to ensure it arrives whole????
HarlanAdrian, MO

Not Broken

Not broken at all. But it didn’t take us long to start breaking off chunks and enjoying it. Perhaps the shippers learned from the first reviews, this had bubble wrap as well as plenty of crumpled up paper protecting it in shipment.

We used to get these at a local store back in the 90s for about 20 -25 bucks but they don’t carry it anymore. Not really a surprise that the price has gone up. It was nice to get it again, but I don’t think we would have paid the “full price” if you get it directly from Ghiradelli.

We break off chunks between the size of a quarter and a 1/2 dollar and put them on a tray with other holiday treats. This is an excellent milk chocolate and it really goes fast.

WillianRandolph, MA

Even at cheap, you don’t get what you expect.

I got this as a joke gift for Christmas to the entire family. Having previously spent $10 on 1 pound reeses peanut butter cups I thought this was a way to 1-up myself.

It was on sale for ~$22, which I would pay no more for honestly. It arrived a day early! I was surprised as it would have been close for christmas but arrived with enough time for me to inspect it and wrap it.

I opened the box and slid it out, very large impressive chocolate bar. Have not tasted yet but I assume will taste like good chocolate.

HOWEVER: ARRIVED BROKEN INTO 6+ triangles. If you order this you can pretty much guarantee it will arrive broken. Guaranteed broken into small pieces. However I am passing it off as a joke and would’ve passed pieces to everyone, but the impressive image is far less impressive when its a bunch of pieces.

I enjoy this purchase just because I was able to cross 6 people off my gift list with a massive cheap bar, but if you expect it whole like the pictures you are sadly mistaken.

CarleyLennox, SD

Add me to the broken list

Its unfair to rate chocolate I have not tried yet so I am really only commenting on the condition for which it arrived. Not on the taste.

As it seems others have suffered the same fate, 5LBS of chocolate unsecured in a large box with no packing materials is no match for the Holiday Postal Rush. The real problem was it was a Holiday purchase, so now I am scrambling to find a suitable replacement. I thought about gifting it anyway and blaming a small child or a disgruntled postal worker but in reality Amazon should have used the care they usually use when sending a book or video and cellophane it to the cardboard. So while Amazon quite possibly saved my friend from Diabetes … it put me in position of finding another gift with only days to spare.

LisaBuckland, AK

arrived broken

It’s broken into several pieces as received. Since it does not look good any more, there is no way to send it as a gift.
AshleaHay, WA


I got this as my sister’s christmas present, I opened it to put a christmas card inside and discovered that the chocolate is broken in half! 🙁 Very sad!
AidaParsippany, NJ


I guess I was one of the lucky ones. When these went on sale for about a third of their usual price, I picked one up as a gift for my chocoholic wife. Thankfully, hers arrived in one piece, but didn’t stay that way for long. Every stop we made over the holidays, a little more was broken off and everyone loved it. There’s so much chocolate here that we’re into February now and there’s still a little left. A great bar of chocolate if you can get it at the right price.
SherrieGlen Elder, KS


Chocolate tastes great! But that goes without saying–I mean, its Ghiradelli!
Bought it as a gift for a chocolate lover, so the gift was well appreciated!
Unfortunately though, the chocolate was broken upon receipt 🙁 🙁 that was the most disappointing. Otherwise all good!
SoledadSaint Leo, FL

Decent chocolate and mine arrived fine

My bar was completely intact, delivered by UPS. I think I got a pretty good deal on it as well at less than $5/pound, but I wouldn’t pay much more for it. The chocolate itself is good but I wouldn’t say it’s “exceptional”. Overall, 4 stars. A lot of chocolate and the biggest bar I’ve probably seen.
MingHamlin, WV