Ghirardelli Intense Dark Premium Dark Chocolate Assortment 50 Pack

The luxuriously deep and velvety chocolate in Ghirardelli Intense Dark Chocolate is fused with sophisticated ingredients, delivering a moment of unrivaled chocolate intensity. Savor a mid-afternoon respite with 3 different dark chocolate , or enjoy the pleasurable and relaxing finish to the day with twilight delight.

Quick facts

  • 50 deliciously dark chocolates
  • Ships fast and fresh

Top reviews


The only reason I purchased this item was to get the Mint Bliss chocolates and when I received the item, there were none of those included. Very disappointed!
KatherinaHolly Springs, MS

Could be 5 stars

Daaaark! In this Large package of all solid dark chocolates squares are varied by the percentage of it’s purity – 50%, 70 and 80%. The 50% is excellent and the higher percentage chocolates (In my opinion) should only be used for baking. Then again I found no problem finishing these with help from friends. The bag contained much more of the 50% with less again for the darker squares.
BarabaraSuisun City, CA

Still misrepresented

As other reviewers have said, no mint bliss in this package. That was the only reason I ordered what I thought the picture accurately depicted. I wish I’d seen the other reviews first. Going back nearly two years on the reviews, I guess no one is reading their feedback.
HongBig Bend, WI

Favorite Dark Chocolate

These are very high quality, and especially good when you want to cut back on all the sugar that comes in the various fillings and milk chocolate found in their other varieties of squares. Very satisfying chocolate flavor without much regret. The photo at the time of this review shows one of the three flavors is Mint Bliss 60% Cacao, but my experience (and that of another reviewer as well) was that the mint flavor is replaced with Midnight Reverie 86% Cacao. The other two flavors are correct: Evening Dream 60% Cacao and Twilight Delight 72% Cacao. Still an excellent bag of chocolates, worth 5 stars, but I have to take off a star due to the misrepresentation, which has persisted for over a year.
JohnnyBuffalo Grove, IL

Dark Chocolate. It’s good, but it’s not for everyone.

This is a bag of dark chocolate squares.
The dark chocolate squares are individually wrapped.
Good quality.
There are three different types of dark chocolate in this bag.

The 60% percent dark chocolate, which is the sweetest, but least dark.
the 72% percent dark chocolate, which is less sweet, and more dark,
and the 86% percent dark chocolate, which is not sweet at all, it is very bitter.
It has a strong aftertaste to it. like chewing black coffee grounds. No milk, no sugar. Just black chocolate taste.

I like dark chocolate. I find most milk chocolate to be way too much sugar, and way too sweet, and not enough chocolate.
But the 86 percent dark chocolate is really dark and bitter.

So if you really like bitter dark chocolate, go for it.

MabelleAurora, CO


I am not a big chocolate fan. I bought this because it was dark chocolate. All three varieties of assortment taste horrible. I never ate a cardboard but I think cardboard might taste better than this. I tried few pieces of Hershley’s bliss dark chocolate and it is much better than this product.
BrittenyDickens, IA

Love This Sampler of Dark Chocolate

I bought this assortment of Ghirardelli Intense Dark chocolate. It’s a combination of 60%, 72% and 86%–anything above 60% is recommended by nutritionists as being positive for health benefits. An ounce a day is great. It’s a non-guilty pleasure. As a friend said, “Chocolate is a vegetable–it’s a bean!” These are not too bitter for my taste and silky and smooth. I’m quite satisfied with a small amount after dinner as the flavor is intense and lasts. This chocolate is an affordable, healthy and daily treat.
BerryAlexandria, MO

Delicious Chocolate purchased at Amazon

Being a great fan of dark chocolate (which is healthy if eaten in moderation), I loved the Ghiradelli Intense Dark Premium Chocolate assortment. I would order it in a flash but I would gobble it down quickly, being a chocoholic.
CandyArispe, IA


I love, love, love this assortment. Yes, the 86% cacao Midnight Reverie replaces the mint that’s shown and to my mind, that’s a good thing. I find it intense, but not bitter, but that could be personal preference. The intensity helps me limit myself to a few squares, so I get indulgence plus antioxidants. Highly recommended!
NovaCommerce, MO

I Have Spoken.

All of the chocolate arrived with out melting an not broken in peices. The taste is supreme and melts just right. This is a 2 Quantity buy because 1 is not enough. Starting with the Assortment which will make the best impression on the taste buds.
GuadalupeBenton, WI

my favorite chocolate

Love Ghirardelli, especially their dark chocolate. Easy to share with others because of its individual package. Love it very much!
RedaHarveyville, KS

Love that Chocolate!

Three Differant levels of Dark Chocolate flavors for the Chocolate Lover and well worth every penny. I take my time to enjoy the moments of eating pleasure.Ghirardelli Intense Dark Premium Dark Chocolate Assortment 50 Pack
LienRichland Center, WI

Tasty and Healthy

Love these! And since dark chocolate is now said to be good for your heart, you won’t feel guilty about eating one or two every day.
RolandaWalden, CO


I ordered this chocolate as a Mother’s Day gift and when they arrived they were dried out and discolored. I believe they had melted at some point. Not exactly what you want your Mom to get on her special day. At least Amazon customer service was great and issued a full refund.
KlaraColumbia, CA