Ghirardelli Peppermint Bark Squares Limited Edition 7.06oz.

Peppermint Bark Limited Edition from Ghirardelli Chocolate ~ making quality confections since 1852. Net wt. 7.06oz.

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Waxy and flavorless

The numerous 5 star ratings on here sound like they come from ghiaradelli marketing dept. This peppermint bark is the worst I’ve ever had. Waxy and tastes like cheap chocolate that skimps on quality. Peppermint oil not even listed as ingredient and instead Filled with preservatives and artificial coloring and flavorings. Save your money and buy some quality chocolate instead.
PuraLashmeet, WV

The best, but buy them at your local supermarket!

These are definitely the best chocolates around, even better than my Valentine’s from Godiva, however, you are better off purchasing them from your local grocery store, or even specialty store for about $6 per bag!
PercySouth Barre, MA

My favorite!

This is by far my favorite chocolate of all time. If I had a stronger drive to eat, I would become a total fatty off this stuff. This year I will not make the same mistake I did last year. Stock up post Christmas!!!
MegWilton, AL

Favorite Candy

This is my most favorite candy! My husband bought it for me for Christmas and I think I ate it all before the new year. He won great points for this one!
DelcieNice, CA

Tastes like Christmas!

These are so tasty – I love them! The minty flavor is very strong and the chocolate is delicious. Best candy ever. Buy them at a local store, though, the price here is outrageous.
KarinStoddard, NH


Mmmmmm! I just picked up a bag of these at the store. I am so pleased that I selected the peppermint bark.

Don’t cram the whole thing in your mouth, chomp away, and swallow. You’ll miss all the good stuff. Chew slowly . . . the mint and chocolate will mingle (and how I LOVE dark chocolate!) . . . and then there are the little crunches from the itty bitty pieces of peppermint. Mmmmmm . . . my mouth smiles and goes to heaven.

These are perfect. I plan to get more before the holiday season is over!

ArthurNorth Miami, OK

Yummy!! My favorite holiday candy!

The mixture of peppermint, white chocolate and milk chocolate make this one yummy chocolate square! They make me think of xmas and are a must for the holidays!
EstelleHarwinton, CT

some of the best peppermint bark, ever!!!!!!!

my daughter and i LOVE anything peppermint. for years, i have put peppermint bark in her stocking as a xmas gift. this is her favorite (and mine, too) bark by far. yes, she’ll be 19 this year, but i’ll continue to buy ghiradelli bark for her every xmas.
SharanHolbrook, ID

Best holiday chocolate treat!

Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares Limited Edition 60% Cacao Peppermint Bark with Dark Chocolate, 9.3-Ounce Packages (Pack of 2) is such a delicious holiday treat. It has the tiniest little crunches of peppermint scattered in the white chocolate which is blanketed over smooth 60% cacao dark chocolate. I was already a fan of Ghirardelli’s chocolates, but this is definitely my favorite for the holidays. Buy a few extra while it’s out because peppermint bark season comes but once a year!
MegganDyer, NV

Great holiday chocolate for a gift or for yourself.

My girlfriend first introduced me to peppermint bark. I have to admit, I was skeptical at first because when I’ve eaten peppermint(I guess like a candy cane) in the past, it gets all stuck in my teeth and takes forever to get out. Well, Ghirardelli has fixed all that. The peppermint pieces are so small, it’s not a problem to eat them. The chocolate/peppermint ratio is also perfect. You can taste each part and it just melts in your mouth. I highly recommend picking up a bag of these.
BeverlyLawrenceville, VA

Delicious Luxury

These chocolates have two layers, the first is chocolate and the top is peppermint. The combination is incredibly delicious and habit forming.

They just melt in your mouth and have a clean, natural taste.

If you like good chocolates and peppermint, this is just right for you. These are made in California, here in The US and I just love them.

LurlineAguila, AZ

Excellent FLavor

I found this item in my local supermarket for around $4.50 per bag. I saw them at my local Hallmark Card store for $10.00 each. Definitely check out your supermarket first before buying them anywhere else.
DonaldEl Cajon, CA