Giant Gummy Bear On A Stick Orange

Giant Gummy Bear On A Stick

Quick facts

  • Each Giant Gummy Bear is 1/2 pound in weight and equivalent to 88 regular sized gummy bears
  • Each Giant Gummy Bear is mounted on an extra-strong stick for long lasting gummy enjoyment
  • Giant Gummy Bears made in the USA from only with the best ingredients
  • Giant Gummy Bears are gluten-free
  • 12+ Months shelf life

Top reviews

Is it made with Tussin?

i purchased the giant gummy bear on a stick for the Girlfriend, on valentines day. Apperance wise she loved it, but as soon as she was done eating the bears ears, she stopped. Being sweet and polite she told me she was full, but i bought this knowing she loves gummy bears and i finally got it out of her, that it had a bad aftertaste. Thank god i didnt buy the 5lb one, otherwise i would be writing letters to president giant gummy bear. All and all i don’t regret buying it, because just the look on the loved ones face when they first see the giant blob of high fructose corn syrup and sugar is worth it!
TonyNonantum, MA


Very unsatisfied I got it two days later which wasn’t a problem but when I opened it it was a blob in a bag you couldn’t even tell it was suppose to be a gummy bear
JazminChadds Ford, PA

great bear

i bought this for my son and he said it was the great size. but days later he froze it in the freezer, microwaved it and it turned to blue goo but he froze it and continues to eat it. it’s awesome
RandolphCragford, AL

Great Gift!

I didn’t taste this product, but I gave it to my boyfriend and he loved it. He said it was very tasty and it made for a cute gift. Good value for the size.
StevieSammamish, WA


Got this for my sister and had a bite. As some one who normally eats gummies i gotta say i thought it tasted better then the normal sized bears. Also i dont recommend eating it in one sitting 😉
ValenciaLeland, NC

Valentine’s Day gift

my boyfriend loves gummi bears so I thought he might like this. He loved it. It is smaller than I expected though, but still awesome.
BellaIvins, UT

Great price

My boyfriend was always talking about some 12lb gummy rat he got for a graduation gift, I was looking around online for something similar to send to my brother for his 16th birthday (a tradition now to send gummies). I found the website selling the ‘original’ world’s largest gummy bear, and was ready to buy it until I figured I’d check amazon just in case, saved myself over $10 including shipping!
My family got it well on time, and even though they live in Texas, had no issues with smush face like some other customers have. They even sent a little finger puppet. My brother loved it, everyone was pleased, would definitely recommend it.
TommyeHarmony, RI

gamble paid off

My daughter bought a green one of these from a candy store this summer. She never got past the ears. She wished there had been a red one because she was SURE she would like it better. So, I decided to get her one for Christmas. After reading the reviews, I was a little reluctant to spend $10 on something I thought would end up in the trash. However, it was a big hit! Does it taste like the small, high quality gummy bears? No, but, it did have a good texture and a decent taste.
KenishaHuntington, MA

Excellent Buy

This item was ordered for my son for Valentines Day; not only did it ship super fast – but it came with a little finger puppet toy for free. The item was flawless and packed very well. I definitely will be buying from this seller again!
IraTremont, IL