Gift Basket Village The Country Sampler Gift Basket

This incredible selection features an abundance of some of our all-time favorite gourmet gifts, which will no doubt elicit rave reviews from the lucky recipient of this gift basket. It includes: Unique Large Woven Basket Country Fair Pecan Pie-in-a-Jar – 27oz Pecan Praline Topping Syrup ” 6oz Orange Pecan Marmalade ” 11oz Harvest Apple and Maple Sauce ” 13.4oz Chocolate Biscotti Apricot Amaretto Cookies Bruschetta Parmesan Crisps Crunchy Cheddar Cheese Rounds Gouda Crumbles Old Hickory Flavored Cheese Garden Vegetable Cheese Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese Designer Bow and Enhancements

Quick facts

  • This amazing country gift basket will let them savor a hearty sampling of country goodness!
  • This unique basket comes loaded with some of the most delicious award-winning gourmet gifts!
  • Some of the goodies included are pies, sauces, marinades, marmalade’s, desert toppings, gourmet cheeses and much more.
  • Our Fall gift baskets are the perfect way to jump start the holiday season
  • Send this gift tower to anyone who loves the flavors of Fall

Top reviews

Do they have anything in stock?

I don’t care if they are out of stock, but I do care that this vendor keeps showing up on available Prime goods. it seems that most every click through to one of their products tells me “temporarily out of stock”… fine, but de-list as available. You are not available, apparently and you are totally wasting my time.
StevieRandolph, MN