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Cheap bad tasting off brand products with even products missing

I bought this gift as an house warming present and was pretty upset when it was openened. We all were upset when we tried the products. All the products were from a cheap “off brand”, definitely not the products that are shown in the picture and a total ripp off. The cookies weren’t edible, we didn’t even finish the sausage as it tasted awful, the cheese spread was a cheap rip off and nasty, even squirt cheese tasts better. There were products missing in the package which were mentioned in the desciption. The only thing that was good and pretty nice was the cutting board. It was a total disappointment and definitely not worth the money!
AdelineStout, OH

total rip off! missing products!

Was excited to get this for my husband’s birthday but this gift set was a total rip off. The title said “cheese and sausage” but it came without the sausage. It was also missing the knife and all the products were basically small samples or cheap dollar store products and not worth trying. The only cool part is the cutting board.
KimHartford, MI