Gimbal’s Fine Candies Cherry Lovers, 38-Ounce Jar

If you love Cherries- only Real Cherry flavor will do. Cherry Lovers fruit chews are made with Real Cherry Juice. And they are high in Antioxidant Vitamin C-so you can feel good about every delicious bite.Go ahead treat yourself! with 9 juicy flavors-life’s a bowl of cherries.

Quick facts

  • Peanut Free, Gluten Free, Tree Nut Free, Trans Fat Free, Dairy Free, Gelatin Free, Egg Free, Soy Free
  • Kosher U Pareve
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Top reviews

dont buy trust me not worth your money

i bought a jar of these so called yummy cherry lovers yummy they certainly werent my daughter came running to me to show me an actual piece of a glove inside the jar yuk disgusting and unprofessional never again will i or my family purchase any candy from this business AGAIN lucky i didnt sue them
CarrolChama, NM

Finally – a bag of heart-shaped jelly beans that taste like different cherry flavors!

I saw a smaller bag of these at the store and went for it. Boy, was I glad. There are, like, 6 different flavors of cherry jelly beans in this assortment!! The next day (when the small bag was gone), I was thrilled to find a larger tub on Amazon. It could be, like 3 times bigger for the same price and that would be OK with me, but whatever.

Texturally, they’re a great jelly bean. Nice crunchy shell, tender inside. I don’t really know why they’re heart-shaped, but they are. Kind of.

The flavors are delicious, except for the chocolatey one. You might like it.

NickiePinehurst, ID

Yummy candy without allergens

My daughter can’t have any milk, and her cousins can’t have nuts, eggs or milk. They can have these safely. Not only that, they are yummy candies. I like this company, and it is great when their products are on Amazon Prime!
DorianJonesville, VA

addictive candies

I was grabbing some candy to share at the office and picked these up simply because I’d had a request for something that wasn’t chocolate. Little did I know that these addictive candies would disappear faster than anything else!
ChandraBoxborough, MA

Worst I’ve Ever Had

My wife got me started on jelly beans a year or so ago. Love `em. The jelly belly’s are good but Gimbal’s were good too. And since they are usually cheaper, I usually buy them. No more.

These cherry-flavored beans from Gimbal’s are, sadly, incredibly bad. They are about 4 times larger than a normal jelly bean… in the shape of heart, and some very odd non-robust flavors.

A huge waste of money; a huge disappointment.

LewisKingston, WI

Gimbals Fine Cherry Lovers Candies

The candy arrived fresh and well packaged however we were expecting to have more cherry flavor than there was. The added flavors while very nice, not what we were expecting. If you like mixed flavors with cherry a part of it, then you may enjoy this product.
PatriciaBlanchardville, WI

Crazy good…allergen friendly!

These little cherry lovers are great! Super cute heart shape (lovers) and super yummy. All the flavors are great, but the cherry cheesecake is the best. Great to eat alone or to decorate treats(especially for Valentine’s, Wedding Shower, etc.). Best of all for us, they are free of the eight major allergens which make them a safe choice for most kids and adults. I’d highly recommend these to anyone 🙂
IllaFruitland, MD