Ginger People Ginger Juice – 5 Fl Oz – -Pack of 12

Ginger People Ginger Juice made easy. Discover the goodness of ginger in its most convenient form Ginger Juice. No need to peel or chop anymore. Ginger Juice is the perfect time saving alternative to fresh or ground ginger. Just splash it on salads, over fish and in tea, stir fry, marinades, fruit juice, soups and more.

Quick facts

  • Pack of twelve, 5-ounce each (total of 60-ounces)
  • Most convenient form Ginger Juice
  • The perfect time saving alternative to fresh or ground ginger

Top reviews


Just bought this a month ago, and it was 10 bucks more.

Ten bucks!

Oh well, won’t be buying it from amazon again…

MilfordWest Hyannisport, MA

The Real Deal

This is one of the best products I have purchased from the Ginger People. The juice is concentrated and can be used in recipes or in tea, which is why I purchased it. I love it and have given it to friends as gifts. The convenience of the small five ounce bottles makes it ideal for travel. It is good for colds, indigestion and it taste great. It is well worth the purchase price.
MitsukoAndover, NH

The perfect way to add ginger to a gourmet cocktail 🙂

This ginger juice is perfect for making Pear Ginger Martinis.
My husband and I fell in love with these after sipping them at
a high-end Asian Fusion restaurant where unfortunately the drinks
surpassed the food by a long shot. I sought to replicate the drink
and was unable to get it just right until I discovered “Ginger Juice”
from the Ginger People. Here’s my recipe (makes 1 drink):
2 oz Grey Goose Poire Vodka,1 1/2 oz Pear juice, 1/2 oz fresh squeezed
lemon juice (or more to taste) good splash of Ginger Juice, Crystallized
Ginger for garnish. In a cocktail shaker, add lots of ice and ingredients
doubling etc as necessary for the number of drinks you wish to make) shake
well and strain into a chilled martini glass with a piece of crystallized
ginger on a decorative toothpick. This is the perfect cocktail to serve with
Asian fare or at the holidays:-) Susan Van Luchene
RoryMattoon, IL

Great stuff!

We love Ginger Juice! I don’t know how anyone could get by without this stuff. I add it to stir frys, veggies, cookies, cakes, anyplace you’d like a splash of ginger. We add in addition to regular ginger in stir frys to kick it up a notch.
CoriLaneview, VA

Awesome find!

This is the most versatile item in my refrigerator. I’ve used it in smoothies, in tea, in cocktails, in marinades, in just about everything. It is so much easier to use than fresh ginger, since you don’t have to worry about the ginger fibers settling to the bottom. One of my favorite uses is to combine it with club soda and agave syrup- such a wonderful ginger ale! I like to make it more ginger-y, less sweet.
AzucenaMonroe, AR