Ginger People Original Ginger Chews 1-lb Bag

Unwrap the secrets of an old and treasured recipe from Southeast Asia and discover the unique flavor of our soft and chewy ginger candies. The ancient Chinese first embraced ginger for its medicinal uses and spiritual significance.

Quick facts

  • Voted “Best Candy” at the 1999 and 2000 US Scovie Awards
  • Natural, stimulating, and delicious
  • America’s #1 selling ginger candy
  • A healthy treat for your candy stash
  • America’s Leading Brand of Premium Quality Ginger Products

Top reviews

WRONG!!!! NOT what I expected and NOT what I wanted!!!!

What the heck??? I’m so disappointed! I DID NOT receive what I expected! I expected GINGER PEOPLE ORIGINAL GINGER CHEWS, long rectangles w/ the fine powdered sugar INDIVIDUALLY wrapped in the green wrappers, (gee, just like the picture, imagine that!).
Instead what I received was a clear bag w/ a generic homemade typed up label. Inside are square candies with coarse sugar crystals on them. What a mess! I live in TX, this is going to clump up into one giant piece of candied ginger. I wanted the INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED ones LIKE IN THE PICTURE to have in my purse. I’m looking into returning this mess!
PalmaCache Junction, UT


I love the Ginger People Ginger Chews… they came fresh, fulfilled by These chews help with tummy upsets and act as a nice pick-me-up. I’ve also tried the Chimes brand, but prefer the size and flavor of Ginger People brand.
ColleenTaft, TX

Packaging does not match photos

I ordered this one pound bag in hopes I would get a one pound bag of individually wrapped candies, as the photo in the description shows. The Individual candies are usually soft, and chewy, with a light fine dusting of suger. The item I received was a one pound bag of candied ginger. Crystalized suger coating not the soft chewy spicy candy I expected, but Crystalized Ginger one might find around the holidays. I like it too, but it is not what I ordered. The photo is misleading. I instead ordered a 4 ounce box of individually wrapped chews, and will use this bag of Crystalized Ginger for recipes.
PastyAmidon, ND

Ginger Chews

This is an excellent item when fresh, which these were not. The candies I received were old, shriveled and hard. They should not have been sold.
BudClark, CO


I have gotten these and sometimes they are great, like the 5 star review, and sometimes they seem hard and stale, like the 2 star review. I don’t know if they are coming from different factories to account for the inconsistencies. When I get the good ones they are great, really helpful with stomach upset and taste great, but I broke a tooth on a batch of the bad ones last week.
AlbaSterlington, LA