Glaceau Smart Water, 23.7-Ounce


Quick facts

  • Glaceau Smart Water, 23.7-Ounce (Pack of 6)
  • Purity you can taste; hydration you can feel
  • 100% pure water, vapor distilled, electrolyte enhanced
  • Pure as the first drop of rain
  • Convenient 23.7 ounce bottle that’s sure to quench your thirst

Top reviews

Strange bottles

The bottles I received with my order were much lighter weight plastic than any other Smart water I’ve ever purchased. It was difficult to even hold the full bottle without water squeezing out the top and splashing around. I don’t know whether all Smart water has now changed to this packaging, but I don’t like it. It made me wonder whether it was “fake” somehow.

But at least I got a nice supply of the sipper tips!

EllamaeHighland Park, IL