Glenny’s Brownies 100 Calorie, Natural, Chocolate Chip, 1.45 Ounce Bags

Glenny’s brownies 100 calorie, natural, chocolate chip, 1.45 ounce bags (pack of 12) is only 100 calories. Contains 7G fiber and 4G protein. No sugar alcohols, no transfats, no hydrogenated oils and certified kosher

Quick facts

  • Pack of twelve, 1.45 ounce each (total of 17.4 ounces)
  • Only 100 calories
  • No sugar alcohols, no transfats, no hydrogenated oils
  • Contains 7G fiber and 4G protein

Top reviews


these brownies taste like they are 100 calories. They are awful and dry. I was hoping that they would be more tasty.
AracelySpurgeon, IN


Received a day early. Opened box, opened package. Microwaved brownie briefly. Smelled. Tried to eat. Threw away. Have 11 left to give to enemy.
JulieLincoln Park, NJ

My Favorite Snack!

THESE USED TO BE PRIME ELIGIBLE!! WHAT HAPPENED??? As you may have gleaned from my outrage, I love these brownies! They are the perfect, guilt-free chocolate treat with plenty of protein and fiber. With a glass of milk, they make a great post-workout snack. Don’t expect moist, gooey brownies or huge servings–this is a healthy version! Would order these by the thousands if I could!
MariahOntario, OH

Too good

I have tried about every low calorie snack. These are so good I almost do not believe they have only 100 calories. They are dense dark chocolate. If you are used to super sweet light chocolate you may not like these. I would eat these even if I were not counting calories. I just subscribed for 2 cases every month and get a discount this way. And they are compact so great for traveling. Only bummer: need scissors to open package.
Addendum: A couple of months later I stopped my automatic deliveries of these brownies because they were too good. I could not stop at one which defeats the purpose of a 100 calorie snack. I find it is easier not to have the first one that to stop after one.
AlidaSwanton, OH


Wow … these are so good and they far exceeded my expectations. First and best of all, they are only 2 points on the Weight Watchers Points Plus plan. The taste is good and the texture is incredible. The second thing I noticed is that these are a good size. They are much bigger than any of the other 2-point snacks I have found, so you actually get to eat more. I am always looking for that kind of bang for my buck on this kind of weight loss plan. Low points, more volume, and good taste. What more could you ask for?
IlonaGrand Marais, MN


I’m a fan of low calorie treats, but was a bit disappointed by these brownies. They tasted more like muffins than brownies…as odd as that may sound. For people who need to watch their calories though, I guess these are a good alternative.
BulahJenera, OH


Moist texture and rich chocolate flavor for 100 calories. This is really what you want in a brownie.
TowandaDunlap, IL


LupeJordanville, NY

best taste so far, issues with packaging

I have to say that these brownies are very good for being low-calorie with fiber and protein. I took off one star because I did not like the taste when warm, they are too fluffy, but when cold they taste chewier, like brownies – closer to the way they should taste when they are warm. I also took off a star because the wrapper requires super-human strength to open it, and I don’t generally carry scissors on me. Being that these are packaged individually, I would assume that would imply “on the go”.
AshleaBassett, VA

Honestly? Not bad.

I’m not sure what some reviews are expecting for 100 calories. I got more than I expected. The brownies are decently sized (around the size of little debbie brownies) and they taste dry and with a bit of sweetener aftertaste, yet they are decent to munch and take me a little while to eat. The solve the dilemma of the chocolate craving as well as they last a while in my stomach so I feel full. They are only about $1 each and my 11-year old and my husband both like them as well. No, if I could choose between this and full-flavor 300 calorie brownies, I would not. However, most people eat 100 calorie snacks because they can no longer do the 300 calorie snacks. For my purposes, they are wonderful.
JenetteTaylorsville, MS

really good

this brownie was really good.. i was thinking it might not since it’s only 100 cal.. but it almost felt like i was cheating on my diet (on my diet plan these are ok to eat as a snack)
ShainaFrancestown, NH

Awesome Brownie – Guilt Free!

I was skeptical about these brownies before ordering. I ordered one box just to give them a try. I normally eat pure protein bars and they are OK as far as taste goes, main purpose is the protein of course. I wanted an actual treat type food without actually eating junk food. I was blow away by the Glenny’s choc chip brownies. I only tried one so far but it exceeded my expectations and then some! Individual wrapped, in it’s own tray, it tasted fresh, did not taste “healthy” like one would expect. It tasted like what a regular brownie would taste like, less that overly sugary feeling. Being all natural with an amazing nutritional profile really make this brownie a winner. It really is guilt free, 100cals, 12g carbs, 4g fat, 4g protein – I am not complaining and it fit my daily macros very well. I will be ordering another box or two.
SoniaRussellville, AL

Delicious and Addictive!

This has to be the best all-natural chocolate brownie on the market. The brownies are baked individually so their edges have a slight crunch and the centers melt in your mouth. At only 100 calories you can’t beat it!
SheldonHuntsville, UT

Loved these brownies!!!

These brownies were awesome! Very moist and chewy, I loved them so much I signed up for subscribe and save!!
ElmiraPurcell, OK

My favorite treat

I signed up for monthly delivery of Glenny’s brownies through Amazon. They are 100 calories and 7 grams of fiber so I do not feel guilty having one a day. My grandchildren like them also. They are delicious. They are less expensive at Amazon than they are through Glenny’s website.
BelindaKeller, WA

Great Product Especially for the Calorie Count

I give them an A. My wife, who is a chocoholic, gives them a B. Unlike some low cal products, this is like the real thing. It has the taste and texture of a regular, full calorie Brownie. They are especially good when heated.
LynnKetchikan, AK

Tasty and Diet friendly

These brownies are moist and chewy. A very good tasting and diet friendly snack for 100 calories. I have these brownies on auto ship and love the convience.
BertLebanon, MO

Broke my high calorie morning habit

In order to drop pounds I needed to cut down overall calories. I was addicted to Starbucks Chai (200 calorie) + Biscotti (160 calories) every morning. That was a significant chunk of my 1200 per day. So I switched to these brownies (lucky I found them at a local grocery store) saving 60 calories on my treat. Chai is another story though. I replaced it with skim milk and short chair. So my morning starts with under 200 calories instead of over 300. I have never missed my biscotti :). Highly recommend these. While they obviously don’t taste like an authentic brownie (with all that protein and fibre are you kidding!). They are a healthy, chocolatey, moist, filling snack. Who needs real brownies anyways?
AimeeNalcrest, FL


These first started out as a plan of mine to help me taper myself off of real brownies and chocolate type treats. I love them because they are super moist and really satisfying. However, after discovering how they taste when you add them to plain Greek yogurt with a bit of honey on top–well, I feel like I invented a low-calorie, fudge-like cheesecake. So now it’s a problem because I am totally ADDICTED to Glenny’s Brownies!!!
LiNeal, KS

WOW. Amazing brownies!

I was looking for something low-calorie to satisfy my craving for chocolate with morning coffee. WOW IS THIS IT! These brownies are rich, moist, and very filling. They are also generously portioned — sometimes it’s hard to even finish an entire one. Basically, amazing. Next time I’m buying a case instead of just 12. These are a great way to give yourself a treat while maintaining your figure ๐Ÿ™‚
JosephineWinchester, CA

Delicious ‘healthy’ treat

This is certainly one of the most decadent “low fat/good for you” brownies made. I’m still not convinced this product has any nutritional benefit, but it is a great alternative to regular brownies. I much prefer this flavor to the other flavors Glenny’s makes. I suggest trying it heated for 30 seconds in the microwave on medium power and finishing with a bit of whipped cream (I’m also thinking of adding a few cut strawberries next time). I will definitely buy again when sold by Amazon.
CindyRoanoke, LA

Nothing else like it

I discovered these in a corner deli New York City last summer and quickly became addicted. The taste (while obviously not a real brownie) is VERY good, suprisingly rich. Highly recommended, esp warm with a little whipped cream.
VanessaEnka, NC

glenny’s brownies

Over-all a very good product. It satisfied my chocolate craving and was surprisingly moist compared to other low cal products. I would order these again.
ShoshanaZanesfield, OH