Global Treasures Cinnamon Sticks, 3-Ounce Packages

Spice up recipes & drinks. Decorate gifts, trees & wreaths.

Quick facts

  • Spice up recipes.drinks
  • Perfect for crafts & gifts
  • Super Value- over 5′ of Cin.
  • All Natural Spices
  • Great Stocking Stuffer

Top reviews

Great quality!!

all cinnamon sticks are not the same. These are much better than others I have tried…
JerleneWhite, SD

Best Quality Cinnamon Sticks I’ve Had

I bought a couple of 3 oz. packs. Each 3 oz. pack contained (7) 10 inch sticks of cinnamon. I found this great product from an upscale ACME supermarket in the suburbs. The quality was superb; unlike any that I’ve had before.

The product was of such good quality that I decided to shop it on the web and low and behold, Amazon had the best pricing. I order this product and it got to me on time. I am very pleased. This was a good deal. By ordering it in bulk, I saved money (only $1.38/3oz. pack vs $2.00/3 oz. pack at the supermarket). Yeah, this is a winner.


Regina J Brown, Mobile Notary Signing Agent

HarleyLagrange, ME