Glucerna Snack Bar for People with Diabetes, Chocolate Caramel, 4-1.41 oz. Bar Packages

For People with Diabetes

    • Designed for people with diabetes.
    • Fortified with antioxidants and chromium.
    • From the Makers of Ensure®.

    4 ~ 1.41 oz. Bars (40g).
    Naturally & Artificially Flavored

    Glucerna Bars and Shakes offer delicious-tasting products to help in the dietary management of diabetes.

    • Each Glucerna Snack Bar is fortified with vitamins C and E.  These antioxidant vitamins help protect against cell damage.
    • Plus, Glucerna Snack Bars are low in cholesterol.
    • They are a great worry-free between-meal snack.
    Exchanges 1.5 Starches and 0.5 Fat
    Calculated using “Exchange List for Meal Planning” American Diabetes Assn, Inc. and American Dietetic Assn, 1995.

    Serving size, 1 Bar (40g); servings per container, 4 Calories: 140 Calories from Fat: 35 Total Fat: 4g, 6% Saturated Fat: 2.5g, 13% Cholesterol: <5mg, <2% Sodium: 120mg, 5% Potassium: 110mg, 3% Total Carbohydrate: 23g, 8% Dietary fiber: <1g, <4% Sugars: 4g Protein: 6g, 12% Vitamin A : 25% Vitamin C : 25% Vitamin E : 100% Calcium : 4% Iron : 2% Chromium : 25%

    Quick facts

    • Case of six boxes, each containing four 1.41-ounce chocolate caramel snack bars (24 total bars)
    • Contains less than 1 gram of lactose
    • Provides antioxidant vitamins C, E, and A (100% from beta-carotene), to help protect against cell damage
    • Specially designed for people with diabetes
    • Winner of the 2006 ChefsBest Best Taste Award; from the makers of Ensure

    Top reviews

    seems to help avoid hypoglycemia, but cloying! Yuk!

    Although Glucerna seems to help avoid low blood glucose, it is sweet, sweet, sweet! And, ironically, full of things that are otherwise bad for you, like transfat and palm oil, and little that is good. Another brand of diabetic snack bar is not likely to be worse, and almost certainly would be better. The makers of this bar don’t care about our health: just our money.
    LottieWayne, OH

    Why the delay?

    It’s nearly a month, and I’m still waiting for this delivery. Diabetics depend on these snacks, is why they were ordered in bulk.
    TaishaValley Center, CA

    Not just for diabetics

    I am not a diagnosed diabetic, although the disease is in my family. I am, however, a pre-diabetic and have to watch my weight carefully. The glucerna snack bar has become my turn-to snack to ward off a sugar crash brought on by stress or exercise.
    MalorieSafford, AZ

    Glucerna Snack Bar for People with Diabetes, Chocolate Caramel, Six- 4 Bar Packages

    Glucerna Bars of all flavors are super for us who have Diabetes, or even for those who are trying to watch their calories.
    WildaModest Town, VA

    Dont buy chocklat in a heat wave

    When i recieved the product it was about 97 degrees . Needless to say , they were melted. They still taste good , just look bad.
    ArlethaSterling, CO


    If you love caramel and need something sweet these bars work out perfectly. I use them in place of a candy bar. They are only 150 calories but they taste like more. I use them to diet with even though they are for people with diabetes. They fill you up and don’t give you the sugar high. I eat one and I’m not hungry again for a few hours. My husband likes them too! I have tried many low glycemic bars and these have been the best tasting. They satisfy the sweet cravings.
    BethanieWausau, WI

    Didn’t Disappoint

    This snack met all my expectations to the NI,taste, size and texture. They are very chewy and loved that. Its very filling. I will keep buying these. They are 100 percent better than adkins, slimfast and Special K I have tried in the past. Can’t wait to try the other kinds.
    LauriCanterbury, NH


    This tastes like candy and the texture is great…

    For those of us that are diabetic I would highly recommend this as a snack or a treat.

    GenevieveClearwater Beach, FL

    Glucerna Snack Bars

    These conveniently packaged snack bars have the balance of protein and carbs I need when I cannot have a regular meal. I like buying them in bulk so they’re available to throw in my handbag whenever I leave the house in the morning to run errands most of the day.
    CorieBrookhaven, NY

    Delish Glucerna Snack Bars for diabetics

    This was a re-order from Amazon. These snack bars taste great and your blood glucose does not spike up after eating it. They sure do taste alot better than peanut butter on saltine crackers before bed….
    BabetteRocky Mount, MO

    Delicious and filling

    For the calories, this is better than any candy or other snack. Tastes just like regular candy/chocolate bars but it’s much more filling and doesn’t lead to a sugar crash an hour later. Great for dieters or diabetics.
    CarlyRossford, OH

    So nice to know that you handle the Glucerna bars

    I am so grateful to Amazon for handling the Glucerna bars. I had to go through several kind to find the one that I liked. Then you could never find them at WalMart or the Drug store.That was very frustrating , because they are a good product for a diabetic.So needless to say I will be regularly be ordering these from you.Many thanks, Bev.
    KarlAurora, ME

    pretty good

    I like these bars, but I can taste the sugar substitutes. I still eat them regularly. They work as advertised – fill me up without spiking blood sugar.
    SangTelogia, FL


    love the taste, keeps my sugar levels normal when used between big meals! i really loved how it tastes has a great texture and it s a great snack to carry in your purse to drag everywhere you go!!
    DallasVermilion, IL

    Great Bars

    I bought these for my son who really enjoys them. I was happy to find something to make him healthier and that he enjoyed eating. I think it is also great for weight control and diabetics.
    DarleneGladewater, TX

    Overall Buyer Review

    Quick ship, good packaging, glad to see that I could set up an automatic order .. thanx
    JanayMasardis, ME

    Glucerna snack bar

    The Glucerna chocolate caramel snack bar is great. I use it as a snack between meals and it helps me to keep my blood sugar under control.
    JohnaHazelhurst, WI