Gluten Free Pancake & Baking Mix 26 oz Pkg

Arrowhead Mills has been the pioneer and leader in organic baking mixes, grains, cereals and nut butters since 1960. We believe in nature’s abundance and treat food with respect – not chemicals! Capturing the essence of the earth with organically grown ingredients, Arrowhead Mills takes you back to the basics with the best-tasting, most diverse selection of products for home-baked goodness

Quick facts

  • Naturally Nutritious
  • Organic
  • Package Quantity: 26 oz (737 g)
  • Dimensions: 2.9 x 4.8 x 3.9 in, 1.65 lbs (0.75 kg)
  • Expiration Date: Jun 2016

Top reviews

Nice Texture

This is one of the first items I bought as I am changing my family’s diet to gluten free (or as close as I can get it). I made pancakes yesterday and my family loved them. My husband usually eats 5-6 regular pancakes before throwing in the towel and yesterday after only three of the same sized pancakes he was “stuffed”. I also found I couldn’t eat more than two, and I’m a good breakfast eater. Our five and six year olds were happy after one each.

As for the taste and texture, they didn’t fall apart or go “crumbly”. We both agreed that they tasted much more like a corn cake rather than a traditional pancake, as we are used to the Aunt Jemima brand pancake mix.

This morning I warmed one pancake up (since there were leftovers) in the microwave and had one for breakfast and it was just as good as yesterday. I am freezing the rest and will nuke one each day this week for breakfast as an easy start to each day. Couldn’t be simpler. If you are one who always says they don’t have time for breakfast, this is the easiest way to go. Enjoy.

KirstieBerry Creek, CA


// My 3 year old is actually allergic to gluten so my family has been gluten free for 2 years. This mix is OK. It taste good, because it has vanilla and cinnamon in it, but it’s dry. Trying to get away from dry gluten products;there is better stuff out there. Bisq***k GF mix is way better. I’ll just add vanilla and a dash of cinnamon to it next time.//
MarniNorth Port, FL