Gluten Free Pretzel Sticks by Glutino – 8 oz

Glutino Pretzel Sticks, 8 oz

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Top reviews

Soy is In These Pretzels

I was disappointed in the pretzels, as they have soy lecithin in them and a lot of celiacs are allergic to any soy, including myself. It is so hard to find any gf pretzels without it, I am going to start making my own!!
RebbecaPolkville, NC


These neither look nor taste like pretzels. I can appreciate the effort to put GF snack foods out there, but at this exorbitant price and tremendous fail on execution…just skip it and eat some popcorn instead.
TyraFremont, NH

great taste

bought these for my son on gluten free diet. These taste great – he loves them. They are crunchy, not too salty and taste just like regular pretzels.
NannieLayton, UT

Just as good as regular

I’m not a person that needs or wants to be on a gluten free diet, but I wanted to try these to see if they’re as good as good old fashioned pretzel sticks.

As a person that eats pretzels regularly I can easily say that these are excellent! Just as good but more expensive; but if you need these, they’re worth it in my opinion.

CaroleWinstonville, MS


Wow, these pretels are amazingly good. We are new to Gluten Free and pretty much expected them to taste like cardboard. They are yummy. They are great with peanut butter, by themselves, dipped in yogurt…we eat them all the time!
ChristianePerkins, OK

Glutino is the Best

When searching for gluten free snacks it is hard to find something that always tastes good. Glutino pretzels are great. They taste like a regular pretzel.
DessieThompson Falls, MT

Best pretzels, except my husband won’t stop eating them…

I love these pretzel except I have to hide them from my husband. They’re light tasting and almost a hint of butter tasting. My husband (who hates regular pretzels) wont stop eating them. They’re a little pricey but they don’t get stale as fast either. <3 these.
DestinyTuttle, ND


These pretzels are amazing… My entire family loves them, celiac or not. I use these in recipes and they taste like graham cracker crumbs when i am done….
LyndseyLyons, NE

Tasty tasty tasty

These GF pretzels are a wonderful snack! I’m gluten intolerant and can have soy, so I find nothing wrong with them. Even my no-dietary-restrictions man loves them. He says they’re tastier and lighter than regular pretzels and don’t leave his stomach feeling heavy. I just love how great they are on their own or in a mix with nuts/fruit/dark chocolate. Mmm!
RennaSchuyler Falls, NY