Glutino Gluten Free Breakfast Bars, Apple, 5-Count Boxes

Gluten/wheat free. Milk/dairy free. Low in fat. No added sugar. Free of trans fatty acids. Made in Australia.

Quick facts

  • Pack of six, 5-count each (total of 30 counts)
  • 100% gluten, wheat and dairy free
  • Made with real apple puree, raisins, dates and pear juice
  • Product of Australia

Top reviews


My 5 y.o daughter loves these. Pricey, but these are so good for on the go snacks! They taste great, too. They are a little thicker than Nutra-Grain bars, but after going 8 months w/o them, my daughter doesn’t know the difference. We always have these on hand for car trips or feild trips.
TaylorFort Harrison, MT

Yummy gluten free cereal bar

Although I didn’t LOVE this product (I don’t like cereal bars anyway), it was a good substitute for those on a GF diet. My son, 15 mos old, loves these bars and eats them almost every day! Very good, healthy, and you cannot tell it’s gluten free.
JackquelineSextons Creek, KY

Apple filled sawdust bars

I saw that it actually has several good reviews but this was one of the most disgusting things I ever tasted. This was the first gluten free product I tried followed by a sandwich with brown rice bread. I thought I would end up starving because it all tasted like sawdust. I did make myself eat the whole cereal bar but it was horrible. I kept the box sitting on my desk because I hated to throw away a $5 box after eating one. Yesterday after them sitting on my desk for over 4 months I finally threw them in the trash yesterday. I was very sad & disappointed. I was looking for something quick, easy & tasty & this was far from tasty. I haven’t found a good cereal bar yet but I find plenty of alternative things to snack on & eat that taste better. I definitely suggest you start with 1 box & make sure you like them first.
ArthurLorenzo, TX

Love Glutino but not this product

After going on an anti-inflammation diet, I was forced to find substitutes for almost everything I was used to eating. I’ve had lots of success with Glutino products, but this is not one I would recommend. The bar itself isn’t too bad, but the filling is pretty awful. It disintegrates into a nasty, almost grainy paste. The apple taste is ok, but the texture of the filling was very hard to swallow. I tried this for the first time on my morning commute, and had I not been on a crowded bus I would have likely spit it out. I definitely will not by these again and am not sure that I can bring myself to finish the box. However, definitely check out Glutino pretzels, wafer cookies, and other products!
JeffreyMarcus, WA

This is not the bar for you.

These bars crumble and the apple filling is very sour. The taste is awful I could only eat half of the bar before throwing it away. I will never buy this brand again. Such a waste of money, not to mention food.
LeeannElk Falls, KS

Should be zero stars!

I thought that these were dreadful to the point that I simply could not force myself to swallow them. I REALLY wanted to like them & they smelled quite good, but overall-yucky taste.
JudyAshton, NE

Ok product

The bars are good but not great. They are handy and useful.
EllenMatherville, IL

Gluten-Free Cereal Bars

These cereal bars are perfect for on-the-go snacking. They’re like a gluten-free version of Nutrigrain bars.
AntonyLakewood, NJ

Thank goodness for these!!

My 2 year old has an allergic condition called eosinophilic esophagitis; he’s allergic to all sorts of foods including dairy, eggs, and wheat. Also because of inflammation in his throat from EoE, he cannot often tolerate hard or gritty foods. He’s also a 2 year old, so that means of the few things he can eat, he’s picky. Some days I would write obsessive lists of every single bite he ate trying to make sure he was getting enough calories, and then we discovered these breakfast bars. They are pretty pricey, but for a gluten free product they are surprisingly soft and don’t have the terribly gritty texture and my son absolutely LOVES them! Obviously they aren’t comparable to regular breakfast bars, but when compared to other gluten free products available, these are really good. They are portable, don’t need to be heated or cooled, taste decent, and have totally saved my sanity.
LaveraApple Creek, OH

good grab and go snack

I have never been too fond of breakfast bars in general, but these apple bars make a great snack to grab…not too sweet, mushy or chewy, these bars are just right…
TenishaOwensville, IN

Too sweet for me.

I have tried lots of GF snacks so I can be pretty picky but these were definitely too sweet for me to eat for breakfast.
JameeShutesbury, MA

better than average for gluten free bars

Glutino breakfast bars are much better in taste and quality of ingredients than many similar products for gluten free diets. They are easy to carry if you are not sure of finding safe food away from home.
KandyLismore, MN

These are fantastic

These are wonderful- not crumbly, nice flavor (reminds me of apple pie). A great food to take while traveling.
FrancescaWatkins, MN

Really good, nice snack

Hubby eats these and says they are good snacks for the morning. Not too over done on the apple flavor
MadeleneAguila, AZ

great for on the go

this is great to toss in my bag and have for me or my little girls
FondaSale Creek, TN

Breakfast Bars

These are a great product for people who need to eat gluten-free and are on the go for breakfast. The taste is good and they are most importantly gluten free and quick to eat.
AndreaGoshen, OH

Bad Buy

I recently found out I was allergic to gluten and went looking for granola bars. This was the closest I could find, and I was very very disappointed. They taste horrendous. I took one bite and had to throw the rest out. It’s a shame, but I recommend finding another brand, because even by GF standards (which I consider lower than wheat containing standards) these are really bad. Try Udi’s GF granola that comes in a bag if you’re looking for something sweet for breakfast. It tastes great.
CristinaLaurelton, PA

Kids love this

This is the most popular Glutino Breakfast Bars around here. Not just my family but also the young boys (5 and 6) that I sometimes care for, who don’t have issues with gluten, ask for them. It is less sweet than the other flavors, and Glutino Breakfast Bars are in general not as sweet as other brands. It also tastes very wholesome and natural, almost like fig bars but with less over-powering filling, made of apples. We have tried other flavors—blueberry is pretty popular here too, but not cherry and strawberry, they taste more like flavoring than real fruit to us. The bars are soft but not too crumbly and easy for even 3 or 4 year olds to hold. We always have a couple of boxes because we go through them quite quickly, and have not gotten tired of them!
LatriciaCortland, NE

So sweet doesn’t taste like apple.

Never liked regular breakfast bars when I tried them because the filling was so sweet. These bars follow in the footsteps of regular ones. The surrounding pastry was tasty though.
KimFort Washakie, WY

A bit sweet, but still good

I was looking forward to eating these bars for breakfast, but when I bit into one, I was surprised by the sweetness. I wouldn’t eat these for breakfast every morning, I don’t know if I would eat them for breakfast at all, but they are good, just a bit on the sweeter side. This is not the first glutino product I have tried, but it is the first cereal bar from glutino I have tried. I would buy them again but maybe get a different flavor, like strawberry or blueberry. These bars taste a lot like fig newtons. Overall, good.
AndrewGumberry, NC

Great Bars Are Easy on the Stomach

We are an always busy famiily of four, with two of them teenagers, and we eat a LOT of bars, with different people having different favorites. Our daughter does not have celiac disease, but has an easily upset stomach, and likes these Glutino Gluten Free breakfast bars best. I like all kinds of bars, but I’ve also noticed that Glutino bars (of whatever flavor) satisfy me whether for breakfast or a snack AND at the same time do not make my stomach feel like there’s a lump of food in it. I think this is due to the lack of gluten, because I’ve also noticed that gluten-free muffins do not make my stomach feel full the way a regular muffin made with flour does.

In addition, the Glutino bars have no cholesterol and very low sodium.

Here’s some basic nutritional information on the Glutino Apple bar. For comparison, I show the information for other bars currently in our stash. (Sorry, the review format doesn’t allow nice spreadsheet columns.) All of these bars have 0 mg trans fat.

Brand: Glutino Gluten Free
Name: Apple
Size: 40 gram
Calories: 150
Calories from Fat: 15
Sat Fat/Total Fat: 0g/1.5g
Cholesterol: 0mg
Sodium: 50 mg

Band: Balance…Name: Lemon Meringue Crunch…Size: 50 gram…Total Calories: 200…Calories from Fat: 60…Saturated Fat/Total Fat: 4 g/7 g…Cholesterol: 0 mg…Sodium: 210 mg

Brand: Balance…Name: Chocolate Peanut Butter…Size: 50 gram…Calories: 200…Calories from Fat: 70…Sat Fat/Total Fat: 3.5g/7g…Cholesterol: 5mg…Sodium: 150 mg

Brand: Zone Perfect Classic…Name: Chocolate Mint…Size: 50 gram…Calories: 210…Calories from Fat: 60…Sat Fat/Total Fat: 4.5g/7g…Cholesterol: <5mg…Sodium: 220 mg

Brand: Cliff Builder’s…Name: Chocolate Mint…Size: 68 gram…Calories: 270…Calories from Fat: 70…Sat Fat/Total Fat: 5g/8g…Cholesterol: 0mg…Sodium: 230 mg

Brand: Larabar…Name: Cherry Pie…Size: 48 gram…Calories: 190…Calories from Fat: 80…Sat Fat/Total Fat: 0.5g/8g…Cholesterol: 0mg…Sodium: 0 mg

Brand: 18 Rabbits…Name: Funky Figs and Cherries…Size: 54 grams…Calories: 220…Calories from Fat: 70… Sat Fat/Total Fat: 2.5g/8g…Cholesterol: 0 mg…Sodium: 10 mg

KristianWooster, OH