Glutino Gluten Free Breakfast Bars, Blueberry, 5-Count Boxes, 7.05oz,

Gluten/wheat free. Milk/dairy free. Low in fat. No added sugar. Free of trans fatty acids. Made in Australia.

Quick facts

  • Pack of six, 5-count boxes(total of 30-count boxes)
  • 100% gluten, wheat, and dairy-free; no trans fatty acids
  • Conveniently individually wrapped for snacking on the go
  • Made with real raisins, dates, currants and blueberry puree
  • Product of Australia

Top reviews

not even with a gun to my head

What really is the most horrifying thing about these GOD AWFUL bars of nuclear waste isn’t that someone would manufacture them it’s that people wrote reviews stating that they liked them and they tasted good. These people should be identified, rounded up and institutionalized for an indefinite period of time. I truely would much rather enjoy eating a big bowl of dirt.
AlethaAberdeen, MD

Like a fig cookie

My kids, and myself did not like this product, and ended up with a case! It is like a fig cookie, which we don’t like either. Therefore, if you like fig cookies then this one would be great.
TorriLittle River, KS

Uber Gross!

Skip these! Try Nature’s Choice Multigrain Cereal Bars. They taste great (and they’re wheat free).
WalkerLetcher, KY

Kids love these!

My 5 y.o daughter loves these. (Blueberry is her favorite.)

Pricey, but these are so good for on the go snacks! They taste great, too. They are a little thicker than Nutra-Grain bars, but after going 8 months w/o them, my daughter doesn’t know the difference. We always have these on hand for car trips or feild trips.

EmilyChandlers Valley, PA

Wasted Good Money on these Awful Bars

Bought the apple version of these gluten-free bars at a local health store and was excited to try them as it’s always a thrill to get your hands on any new GF product. Sadly my joy was premature! Tried one as soon as i got home and spit it into the trash, where the rest of the box immediately followed. These bars were inedible. Total waste. DO NOT BOTHER!
MitsueMontpelier, MS

UGH, awful!

Probably one of the worst tasting gluten-free products on the market today. I usually really like Glutino products, but they really missed the mark on this one.
LilaPortageville, NY


For one thing, it seems that food companies seem to be under the impression that everybody who is allergic to gluten is also rich. Insanely pricey- it MIGHT be worth it if they tasted like anything other than chalk. There are MUCH better gluten/wheat free bars out there that are much more worthy of your $. These have such an aftertaste. Blueberry flavor is the lesser of the evils, though. Save the chocolate flavor for somebody you have a score to settle with.
RosetteMillcreek, IL

EEYECH! Zero stars is right! Non-food item

I may not agree with the institutionalization idea, but I am absolutely astounded that anyone can like these things. Zero blueberry flavor –I couldn’t even detect a figgy flavor, I can’t imagine where others got that– they are dry, sandy, nearly tasteless, & what little taste they have is awful. I can’t believe I spent so much money on these things…I guess the whole case is going into the compost pile; I wouldn’t even offer these to the dog!
Added note: I did offer them to a friend (hmm….) along with a suitable warning. He insisted he could eat anything and enjoy it. He later said it was the only food item he ever spat out, & when he tried it the next day (just in case; he really wanted free food), he spat it out again. If this guy won’t eat it, I can’t believe ANYONE would.
KierstenChestnut Ridge, PA

to bad there’s not a 0-star rating

I have eaten many health and gluten free products. I spit this one out. Thought I might be judging it to harshly. Next day, I spit it out.
PhyliciaKennan, WI

New formulation, softer, Nutrition Facts etc changed! Amazon update the item description

Newest shipment boxes state “New & Improved Taste”. The texture has also changed, the bar is somewhat softer, and has a less satisfying mouth feel compared to the older formulation.

Amazon’s Nutrition Facts, Country of Origin, and (partial) ingredients list are no longer correct.

CoO = Canada, not Australia

Ing = Filling (sugar, glucose, apple powder, white grape juice conc., water, blueberries, glycerine, canola oil, citric acid, pectin, sodium citrate, fruit & veg extract for color, calcium chloride, natural flavor); Chick pea flour, potato starch, fructose, pear juice conc., raisin paste, inulin, canola oil, tapioca starch, white rice flour, water, sodium bicarbonate.

Nutrition Facts
Cal 140, Cal from Fat 20
Total Fat 2.5g
Sat Fat 0g
Trans Fat 0g
Chol 0mg
Sodium 60mg
Total Carb 29g
Dietary Fiber 3g
Sugars 16g
Protein 2g

Vit A 0%
Vit C 0%
Calcium 2%
Iron 2%.

Calories per gram:
Fat 9, Carb 4, Protein 4

Primary changes: increased calories, more sodium no vit C, more fat, more carbs, less sugar.

EliseoLa Cygne, KS

good snack and breakfast bar

It is so tough to find GF/dairy free food for ‘on the go’. These are good, and they hold together well. My son really likes them. He likes them for breakfast and as a snack when we are running around (he is 6). It makes our lives easier to have these around.
MoniqueDenton, TX

Awful taste

I opened my box hoping for a great snack-to-go and what a dissappointment! It tastes like the fat is rancid in these. I opened another box to see if maybe I got a bad box but they were just as awful. My dog won’t even eat them.
AndreMilton, NH

Great on-the-go snack for highly allergic

One of the few granola bars (especially individually packaged and not overly pricey) that meets my son’s needs – gluten, dairy, egg, soy, and apple-free. They stand up to be carried around in my purse to always have a safe snack handy, unlike some that can crumble very easily. They have met both my taste test and his (he is almost 5) – and he turned down plenty of other ones before he settled on these.
BridgettEast Charleston, VT

great for traveling…..

They are great to have around for a quick snack or for a trip

or as a pick me up for after a sports game. They taste good.

We also carry them around if we need them because my son is

also diabetic besides celiac.

MitsueFryeburg, ME

Gluten free bars-it is what it is

My 2 year old likes these bars but doesn’t love them. She eats them but not all at once which says to me they are just ok. But, when her older brother is eating a regular cereal bar, at least these look similar. I’ve tried them and they are ok.
NobukoOsnabrock, ND

Fruit filling is okay BUT breading is pretty nasty!

I bought three flavors of these Glutino gluten free cereal bars to try and replace the Nutri-Grain cereal bars my 8 year-old used to love to eat before his Celiacs diagnosis. Bottom line – These bars are pretty nasty! Even though my son understandably rejected them, I honestly tried to give all three a chance. The blueberry, strawberry and cherry filling taste okay (except for being much “tart-er” than the filling in the Nutri-Grain bars our family was used to eating) BUT the breading – YIKES let me put it this way – it is exactly the texture and taste of what I would imagine SAWDUST tasting like! I am NOT A PICKY EATER and I am trying not to throw these away and save the $15(for 3 boxes)I spent on them from going down the drain but I HONESTLY CAN BARELY GET THESE DOWN!
ClareNorth Baltimore, OH

Not Horrible, but not Great either

I have to agree with others in that the taste is a bit much. I can’t eat them, but my son likes them.
AngelicFranklinton, LA

Poor taste

I was surprised that these were flavored so poorly when so many gluten free foods are delicious. There’s a bitter aftertaste (and during taste). I was hoping this would satisfy my craving for something small that was sweet and cake like, but the flavor is really unpleasant. It’s kind of like blueberry medicine. I can’t make myself eat the rest of the box.
IsaiahWelch, MN

Not what i expected

These were not horrible but not good either ,t hey tasted more like plain fig newtons. They do not taste anything like blueberry or a nutrigrain bar. If your not big on plain fig newtons then dont buy these .
JonahPleasanton, CA

Find other options

I am on a gluten-free diet, and generally I like Glutino brand foods. However, these breakfast bars are truly horrible. I even passed them out to 4 other co-workers who after a few seconds of chewing spit them out. If this is my only option for a breakfast bar, then I will just have to find something else to eat. Yuck!
KandraGrimes, IA

Foul tasting!

While I have been a big fan of Glutino products, they failed miserably with this item. The chocolate ones are even worse tasting. Not even dunked in coffee makes them palitable. These were by far the most DISCUSTING foul tasting GF product I have ever tried. I could not get rid of the horrible aftertaste that was inbedded into my tongue. Gross. Even if they tasted good they would be way over priced. Save your money and avoid these!
LoritaMalta, ID

Glutino gone bad…

These aren’t great. Straight out of the box they taste a little bitter to me. The only thing that makes them slightly better is to heat them up for 15 seconds in the microwave.
TarynKirtland Afb, NM

Look better than they taste

The Glutino Breakfast bars look good, but have a doughy texture and old taste – not much of a fruit taste at all.
LupitaBeauty, KY

Pretty bad

I’ve found that most Glutino products taste quite good. However, I was very disappointed in the breakfast bars. I tried the apple and the blueberry. They both have kind of a bitter taste and you can hardly taste the fruit. They are edible but not very enjoyable. Some folks might feel differently about the taste but, if I were you, I would try one box from a health food store, before I ordered boxes and boxes of them from Amazon.
WillowAlbion, ME

Taste like anise, not blueberry

This company makes better products; I like the apple flavor, which is abit sweeter and not bitter
JohnetteBedford, OH

Don’t do it

I tried the chocolate, which does NOT taste like chocolate. More like a fig bar. Edible, but not enjoyable. Don’t waste your money.
EvetteRonald, WA


Don’t waste your money. I love blueberries and these were horrible. As mentioned, they taste like fig but not much of a blueberry taste.
ClarenceCluster Springs, VA

Only if really, really hungry

I was introduced to these bars at a celiac conference, and later bought a box at a health food store. They are gluten free and they travel well. On the down side, they aren’t good and I don’t enjoy eating them. I will take them in my purse if I have nothing else, but I only eat them when really, really hungry and there are no other options around.

I much prefer the gluten free lara bars for flavor. These may however be good for those with complex dietary restrictions like Celiac combined with diabetes. But- I wouldn’t buy them again.

CarriOlympia, KY

Lucky to have this option!

If you’re diabetic/gluten sensitive this breakfast bar is great to have on hand. How fortunate to have products like this available. I don’t know how people did it 20 years ago. I carry the bars with me and it’s a perfect snack during the day or in a pinch when I can’t eat a regular meal. Blueberries are a great antioxidant as well. Thank you Glutino! Hoping to see more products like this become available!
DeandreCotulla, TX

Not for everyone, but serves a purpose

I personally hated these, but I also hate fig newtons and I didn’t buy them for myself. I bought them for my 4 yr old son who is on a gluten-free casein-free diet and is very picky. My son needed a snack option and we wanted to sneak some fruit into his diet. Surprisingly enough, given the reviews and my own opinion, he absolutely LOVES these. So, if you have a child on a special diet, it is probably worth buying a single box and trying it out… you just never know with kids!
DianneLindstrom, MN