Go! Dry Dog Food, Natural Wild Salmon and Oatmeal Formula, 25 Pound Bag

Go! Natural’s newest diet, featuring 1 novel protein source, 1 novel carbohydrate source, and 1 novel oil source. Created with 35% Wild Salmon, nutritious oatmeal, and essential Omega oils, it is carefully blended to meet exacting standards that will minimize odors, maximize digestibility, and deliver unsurpassed taste.

Quick facts

  • Go Natural “Wholesome Formulation” is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles
  • Go Natural “Wholesome Formulation” is the right choice for your family friend.
  • This is why we believe Go Natural is the healthiest dog food in the world!

Top reviews

Changed ingredients!

I was so happy with this food before petcurean changed the ingredients. The salmon and oatmeal was the only dry food I’ve found (and I’ve tried nearly all of the quality brands) that worked for my very food sensitive dog. I liked that it had limited ingredients and was perfect for him since it was only salmon, canola oil, oatmeal, and kelp. Petcurean must be getting cheap or have been bought out by someone because now they’re including tons of fillers in this food for “sensitivity and shine” that we’re not previously there like alfalfa, potatoes, kamut flakes, and quinoa, all of which, other than the quinoa, my dog can not have if I am to avoid him chewing himself up. I am so disappointed! I searched long and hard for a food that worked for him. We went through three big bags with my dog looking his best and then the fourth bag arrived from amazon today and along with the packaging being changed, I noted the ingredients had also. Completely useless as a hypoallergenic food for my dog and not worth giving to him to have him destroy his currently beautiful coat. What a waste of money. The food search continues I guess.

On a side note-since petcurean’s go recipe has gone to crap I have discovered “back to basics grain free instinct” , another limited ingredient dog food, and so far am happy with the results. I hope they don’t change their recipes!

JoyceLetart, WV

Great FOOD

My dog had weak stool, constantly getting diarhea. I put him on regular oatmeal until I could find something he could digest. Long story short, once I got him this food all his digestive problems disappeared. This is an amazing brand, and my dog now goes regularly without any issues or special medication. Our vet wanted him to go on IBS medication, instead I ignored the advice and just looked for an oatmeal bland brand in a dry food format. This has not only changed his stool, but his attitude. At 7 years old, he is running and playing like when he was 2-3. If your dog has digestive issues and doesn’t go regularly I suggest to get this brand. You’ll see the difference after just one complete day of meals.
NoemiEnterprise, AL

Improved my GSD’s coat

My German Shepherd Dog has gone through ~30lbs of this food and her coat has improved greatly!
She has been on “VéRUS Advanced Opticoat Menhaden Fish Meal And Potato Formula Dry Dog Food” (she was allergic to something in this), “VéRUS Adult Maintenance Lamb Meal, Oats And Brown Rice Formula Dry Dog Food” (she improved, but still scratched excessively), and the “Purina Pro Plan Dry Adult Dog Food, Sensitive Skin and Stomach Formula, 33-Pound Bag” (further improved her coat, but she still had one spot that she would continue to scratch and nibble).
Since she has been on the Go! Salmon and Oatmeal diet, she has stopped scratching excessively. Her coat has grown in and looks absolutely gorgeous. She loves the food (especially with yogurt) and seems to have more energy. She also sheds less so I no longer have to vacuum everyday! The extra cost is worthwhile worth while for me and my dog.
PaulinaSouth Britain, CT

Why the change?

This is the only food that has worked for my dog, and then they started adding a bunch of other ingredients that don’t seem necessary. The point of a hypo-allergenic food is to have ONE protein and ONE carb. Suddenly there’s quinoa and kamut flakes. I don’t think they’re too much of an issue (yet), but the inclusion of apples is a definite problem.

Now I need to find another hypo-allergenic food….

MaritaOmega, GA

The dog’s love it

Our three dogs all love it. The nutritional content is healthy for them – and best of all it’s a ‘safe’ manufacturer – I’m not worried that bits of plastic or other gross things will be in the bag with the food.
BretHager City, WI

Feed your DOG high quality food

Since we started out dog’s on GO, their coats are shiney, their health is better, they have more pep, and they love the food. There’s no junk in this profuct, just super high quality stuff. Don’t feed your dog garbage.
SallyGrand Portage, MN

Yup…. It’s dog food

It has good ingredients and the only thing I’ve found that my dog isn’t allergic to. Big box for a big bag.
EddieAberdeen, KY

Dog didn’t like this food.

I bought this food thinking my dog, Jake, would like it. It has wonderful ingredients and is very healthy. He just wouldn’t eat it! Nothing against the dog food. Just personal taste, I guess.
MilagrosBleiblerville, TX

Happy Dogs

My Golden Retriever, Max, has many allergies, including chicken, beef, and corn. I was very happy to find this product. Both Max and my other dog loved this new food, and have been doing very well eating it. I’ve bought it four times now, and have been very happy with the quality (as have my dogs).
LinnieRoebuck, SC