Go Raw Lemon Cookies, 3-Ounce

Go Raw Lemon Super Cookie Organic Coconut (Unsulphured), Sprouted Organic Sesame Seeds, Organic Dates, Organic Lemon Oil.

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These are okay but not worth the price…they have more sugar and carbs than I thought and it hard not to want to eat the whole bag once you open them because there is not that much in a bag…so that is 63 carbs and 48 grams sugar per bag..Yikes!
NoraHampton, AR

Loving the Lemon!

I am a big fan of lemon treats so I couldn’t pass up trying a bag on my last trip to Whole Foods. These are SO GOOD that I searched on Amazon for them & to my luck & surprise not only found their delicious selves, but signed up for the Subscribe & Save! Once a month discounted deliveries. Oh yeah & Oh yum!

I am considering trying out their other cookies. I just can’t make up my mind which to pick. However if they contain agave, I will give them a pass…

These Lemon Cookies contain no agave sweetener. Just sprouted sesame seeds, dates, coconut & lemon. All Organic & raw. Nourishing goodness – the way food should be.

The cookies are tiny & crisp/chewy. You are forced to slow down when you eat them or you may end up with a tired jaw. These need to be nibbled at. If find you ate an entire bag it’s not all bad. The whole bag contains way less fat & calories regular cookies.

NicolMexia, AL

Not terrific tasting, but good for you

I can honestly only give these “cookies” 3 stars. They are certainly healthy for you (love that they only have 4 ingredients!), and I would love to love them…BUT…
They are more like small, thin, crispy crackers. Definitely not a traditional cookie, but not bad. Also, the lemon taste is so strong (astringent) that it tastes like furniture polish. But that fades, the more you eat. But it is difficult to eat more than 2 or 3.
Like I said, I *want* to love them….but can’t.
HsiuChimacum, WA


I love love love these cookies!!! The lemon flavor is so delicious, it puts me in the mind of the lemon girl scout cookies that I loved so much, except without the guilt! The only problem is there aren’t more in the bag because I could easily scarf them all down in one sitting! YUMMY!!!
JoleneBrantingham, NY

Love these

I love these! Once I start eating them I cannot stop. They are so good and good for you! I was looking for a good for you snack that was tasty and this is it.
TarynLamar, MO

More chips than cookie

If you asked me what these were without me knowing first I would’ve said they were some sort of sweet chips. I don’t know how you could label these as cookies in my opinion.

They have the texture of dried banana chips and are tasty and all but quite honestly they aren’t that healthy for you and have the equivalent calories/healthiness to a serving of potato chips.

They are tasty for chips but they aren’t cookies.

WesleyWiden, WV

Dessert nibbles or cheese crackers?

Intense, pure lemon flavor in these cookies will satisfy any lemon lover. Keep plenty on hand, not only because they are a healthy, low calorie way to deal with “weak” moments but they are one of the best crackers I’ve found to carry little bites of chevre or Dafinois cheese.

Also great for kids because they are small, taste good, and are devoid of sugar and flour.

GussieWestport, SD

Little Lemon Joys

First, let me start off by saying these are 100% not your traditional ‘cookies’ but they are delicious. They are sweet & easy to eat. I purchased mine at Wegmans. Would definitely buy again.
ElishaKismet, KS

Crunchy, Citrusy LIVE Snacks!

It’s good, yummy, tasty, crunchy and good for you!!

This is my husband’s favorite Super Cookie flavor right now!


WillyNorth Bend, OH

Love these!

I think these are great! As a disclaimer, I love lemon and eat primarily paleo. So these taste sweet to me. And I love the crunch. Most paleo “cookies” are soft, more like muffins in cookie form.
StephainePaul, ID

I Second Kitten Kisser’s Review

I think Kitten Kisser’s review said it all. I love these & am glad there are just 4 basic ingredients.

I found them at Whole Foods while in Florida & looked for them at our local Health Food Grocer & they didn’t have them (at least at that particular store). I will probably be ordering them soon from Amazon.

If you really like intense lemon flavor, these are for you!

LinhGig Harbor, WA

Lemony and crunchy!

These are all natural, raw, and crunchy! I usually hate crunchy cookies, but these are more like chips. All those words that usually turn people off, like raw, or all natural, these are addicting! Try some and increase your intake of organic sprouted nuts and seeds, Dr. Oz would approve!
KathrinGrand Junction, TN