Godiva Coffee, Hazelnut Creme , 12-Ounce

Godiva Coffee is that pleasant pause in your day to savor something special, to relax and to feel good. With uncompromising passion for quality ingredient, we expertly blend luscious and creamy Godiva flavors with perfectly roasted 100% Arabica coffee beans for a rich, smooth taste. We’ve crafted an experience that captures the most indulgent aromas and flavors to make each cup delicious and distinctive. Godiva Hazelnut Crème Coffee – Inspired by our signature Open Oyster Hazelnut Praline Truffle, this medium roast coffee has an enticing toasted hazelnut flavor with a sweet creamy finish. Ground coffee.

Quick facts

  • Pack of two, 12-ounce Hazelnut Crème Ground Coffee from Godiva
  • An expertly blend of luscious and creamy Godiva flavor with perfectly roasted 100% Arabica coffee beans for a rich, smooth taste

Top reviews

Excellent Coffee

I have been drinking the Gevalia coffee for years now. I must say the Godvia coffee is even better in my opinion. It has a more rich taste and a stronger aroma. It is also a little cheaper than Gevalia. Godiva is now my new morning coffee.
EmeraldKingston, NJ

Fantastic coffee

The Godiva Hazelnut coffee is a truly fantastic coffee; it smells good and tastes delicious. Godiva has other types of coffee which will undoubtedly suit other tastes. If the other types of Godiva coffee are of the same quality like the Hazelnut, you’re in for a treat 🙂
MarionYonkers, NY