Goetze’s Caramel Creams, 1 Pound

A unique combination of caramel wrapped around a rich creamy center. Made with 100% real wheat flour and milk, these wholesome caramel and cream sweet treats are low in fat and have no cholesterol.

Quick facts

  • Contains: Wheat, Milk, and Soy
  • Approximately 42 pieces per pound
  • Made in the USA
  • Naturally low in fats, low in sodium, and cholesterol free
  • The “Original” Caramel Creams

Top reviews


yuck, yuck, and yuck. I ate about three of them and tossed the rest. Don’t even want to subject my tricker treaters to this GRAINY caramel! They are just weak and sugary….no sense of caramel at all!
AlisaWheelersburg, OH

These are not supposed to be hard

These came today and my mouth just started to water. These are in the top three favorite candies of all time for me. I thought they would come in a 1 lb. package they were just tossed in the box and shipped, to me that is not sanitary, they did not even try to put them in a plastic bag, and they were not the full lb. I paid for. That is why they should be shipped in the original one pound bag.

Bull’s eyes are an acquired taste, they are not really a caramel candy they are a sort of caramel candy. but they are supposed to be soft, you are not supposed to break your jaw trying to take a bite. I buy these because they are supposed to be soft and I can only chew on soft candies, I had trouble with my jaw slipping when I tried to chew these, I can’t finish them., what a waste.

In their own words:
August Goetze purchased the Baltimore Chewing Gum Company five generations ago in 1895. Goetze’s passion ultimately led him to focus on perfecting a single candy. With soft, chewy caramel wrapped around a sweet fondant center, Caramel Creams® were born. Their unique taste has been delighting candy fans ever since – and setting the standard for consistent quality in the American candy business.

It is very hard to find these little gems where I live, but when I do I always find them soft and very satisfying. I guess my getting them hard is not the usual if you see the reviews soft the other buyers. Unfortunately I did get a bad batch and I will not be buying them here again.

CarmaEastman, GA

Been enjoying them for years!

This is by far, hands down, my favorite candy of all time. I’ve been eating them for over 40 years and never grow tired of them. They’re a little hard to find here in Ohio, land of forgotten opportunity in general, so whenever I can find a website or feel like traveling 60 miles, I get them. The centers are smooth and creamy, and the caramel exteriors are just awesome. You have to be careful regarding the freshness, however, because this is definitely one candy that HAS to be fresh. You’ll wind up needed jaw surgery if they’re stale! LOVE these guys, highly, highly recommend!
KellyGhent, MN

Fresh and fantastic!

Just as I remember ’em: hard and chalky on the outside, sweet and melt-in-your-mouth inside! As has been noted elsewhere, these candies must be fresh to enjoy. The product I received was very fresh. Yum!

I just went to order more and it appears they are not available directly from Amazon anymore. This is very unfortunate since with shipping this vendor’s product is significantly more expensive. Bummer!

TaraMarietta, IL

chewy delite

when i was a young boy ,my dad owned the corner candy store in Boston Ma.
i used to hang around so my Dad put me in charge of the penny candy
counter,my favorite choice was the ‘BULLSEYES’ now referred as
caramel creams,they are still my favorite.
WernerMc Grath, MN


I’ve loved these candies since I was a child. The creme center is just the right flavor and texture to complement the caramel. The caramels are nice and soft, and they are tasty without being too sweet. Highly recommended!
NatashaMountlake Terrace, WA


Absolutely the best candy out there! Fresh! Brought back my childhood and made me eat too much! The cream filling was soft and wonderful, and the caramel was some of the best I’ve ever eaten.
SammyFort Covington, NY