Gold Medal Wondra Flour, 13.5 oz

Wondra 13.5 oz.

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Where do they get these prices?

Where do they get these prices?

You can get this at your local grocery for 2 to 3 dollars.
This is completely insane.

VerleneHolland, OH

Love it, love it . . .

If you’re looking for a great way to thicken gravies without making a fattening rue with butter, here’s your answer -just mix 2 tbs. with 1/4 cup water, mix with 1 cup broth and you have instant gravy – no lumps, no problems – great stuff . . .
ShayneCollinston, LA

Wondra flour went back

No They charged me 11.95 for 1 13 z cotaner.. Inn the store it is $2.45 That is too much money. I SENT IT BACK!

It showed 3 cans in the picture. Thet wanted $20 some dollars for 3 cans. That is rediculous!

AlaynaDavis Junction, IL