Golden Nectar Leatherwood Honey, 17.5 oz

Leatherwood Honey is unique to Tasmania. The only country in the world where this magnificent tree “Eucryphia Lucida” grows and honey is commercially produced from it. The World Heritage areas of rain forests on the west coast of Tasmania where this fine, aromatic honey is gathered are entirerly free from insecticides and artificial fertilizers

Quick facts

  • Pure Honey
  • Real Leatherwood Honey

Top reviews

A five-star honey

This honey will spoil you for all other kinds of honey! After my first taste of it, I knew I had to keep buying this even though it’s hard to find in the stores. Thank goodness Amazon has it!
ShanelBurns, KS

All hail to those little Tasmanian bees!

This is the best honey ever! I used to get it years ago in New York, but had not had any for a very long time. This winter, with all the talk about the effectiveness of cough remedies, I read about honey being a good alternative to cough syrup. My husband had a nagging one, so I thought why not get him the best! Who knows about the cough part, but it is just great, great honey! We absolutely love this honey! So glad I found it again on Amazon!
ElizArctic Village, AK

Honey Honey

This honey is great tasting! So many varieties and this one is clearly one of the best. One taste does it. See for yourself, you’ll be surprised.
AngelitaEmbarrass, MN

“The bees’ knees”

Phenomenal honey…many/most honeys are good (tupelo, alpine, raw clover, etc.), but Leatherwood Honey is THE BEST! Simply a must-try. You will love it…guaranteed. If you can’t go to Tasmania, this honey is a very close second!
DeborahEast Randolph, VT