Golden State Fruit Pacific Coast Deluxe Dried Fruit Tray with Nuts Gift

This healthy and lovely gift assortment presented in a sturdy wooden crate is filled with popular dried fruits and fresh nuts, perfect gift for birthdays, holidays or any occasion.

Quick facts

  • Delicious nuts include Roasted Salted Almonds and Roasted Salted Pistachios in the Shell
  • With premium dried fruit including Dates, Prunes, Dried Apricots, Dried Pears, Dried Angelino Plums, Coconut Date Rolls with Almonds and Coconut
  • Presented in a charming wooden crate

Top reviews

Product great, delivery a disaster

The feedback I got for the quality of this product was fabulous. The problem was that they sent me an email that they had shipped all three of my orders out on December 12th. It turns out they only shipped one. I kept waiting for my friends to say something and didn’t want to appear rude and ask about it. Finally, I got an email that the remaining two orders, which had supposedly already been sent (confirmed by a second email, not the first order confirmation) were in fact being sent ground UPS on December 23rd. This was outrageous. Miraculously, they both arrived by the 24th but it was only because of the diligence of UPS. This company almost screwed my Christmas.
BernardaKingston, NJ


This product was terrible. We got the Mother’s Day basket, it was dry, tasteless and tough. I don’t know if all of Golden State’s stuff is so bad, but ours was terrible. We are from California, we know what good dried fruit is supposed to taste and feel like. The fruit was highly treated with sulfites, and very dry and tough. It was tasteless, so I am certain it was at least two years old. I am surprised at all of the good reviews for this product, perhaps we have higher standards. It was good for compost, but I was afraid there were too many chemicals in it.
TwannaProspect, OR

No card was enclosed

I was not there to see the products but, the note to be enclosed and sent with the product saying who it was from (this was a gift) was absent. Therefore, it was received without knowledge of who or where it was sent from.
RonnaGermantown, NY

great gift

I ordered this for my granddaughter’s birthday because she is on a college swim team and needs all the healthy snacks she can get.

It shipped promptly and she sent me an email saying it was “awesome” and I think that’s pretty good feedback from a college freshman.

DorineFarner, TN

Great Gift Idea, Fast Shipping

I’ve ordered about three different fruit gifts for various people since December. Each recipient has expressed to me that the product is quite good. Also shipping has been fast; three days after ordering to arrive at a small rural town using their free standard shipping.
MarylouMayflower, AR


I ordered this as a gift for my mother. It took only three days for it to arrive in NJ. She loved it and said the fruit and nuts were deliscious. Also said the package was very pretty. We couldn’t be happier and I will definitely order from this seller again.
ScottWest Green, GA

Great Product!

I ordered this as a thank you for my Mother who had been watching my dogs for me while i was out of town. It showed up two days later, right on time. She called to say thanks and that she had received it and to let me know how good it was and that she was really enjoying it. Went to visit her the next weekend and tried some out. Very good indeed. there was nothing in the box that i thought was bad or mediocre. Very good across the board. I would buy this again and most likely any product from Golden State Fruit.
AlberthaIberia, MO

A special treat!

I sent this fruit and nut crate gift to my health concious daughter in college for Valentine’s Day. She loved it!
AnnettaColumbus, MI

Great Christmas Gift!

We purchased this as a gift for my parents — they raved about it! Basket was received on schedule (2 day Prime) and as described.
ConchitaGreer, AZ

super fast delivery!

It arrived super fast, a lot faster that expected! I sent it as a gift to someone who is pretty picky about things. He had pretty nice things to say about it.
EmiliaTappahannock, VA

Christmas gift

Was delivered to a fruit starved soldier in Alaska in time for Christmas. Local produce is over priced and poor quality in the winter there.
JeroldPleasanton, TX

Great gift purchase

Ordered as a gift – recipients were very happy with it. Arrived in a timely fashion, looked appealing and tasted even better according to them. Would definitely order from this company again.
SyreetaHuntington, WV


This was a gift for my brother on his birthday, he loved it and so did his entire family. They said the food was great.
ConsuelaNorfolk, NE

Great gift

I got this as a gift for my dad on fathers day. He loves dried fruits and nuts and I was a bit short on other ideas so I got this in a pinch. As always with Amazon prime, he got it very quickly (early even!). He seemed really happy with it…a good variety with all his favorites and good quality to match. I would definitely get it again or even get it for my own house for a party or something.
RinaCarroll, OH

mother’s day gift

I sent this to my Mother on Mother Day. Flowers are nice but you can not eat them. This was a beautiful tray of dryed fruit and nuts. My mother called minutes after opening box to let me know how much she loved it.
SalEthel, MO

Great food

My family loved this. I bought it for my mom for mother’s day and everyone had some and loved it.
PorfirioGrand River, OH

Excellent Product With Super-Fast Shipment!

I ordered this for my brother-n-law, who is a very picky person with higher than average standards for just about everything. Basically, NOTHING is ever good enough, in his opinion. Giving him a birthday gift is always a challenge but we do it anyway, expecting lackluster feedback from him. Not this time!
This fruit & nut gift basket was a hit! The exact words to describe the contents were “first class stuff!”
I was especially impressed with the fast shipping. I didn’t even pay for next day delivery, but the item was delivered less than 24 hours after I ordered it! Now that is service! I will definitely order from this company again!
CyrusPrinceton, WI

A go-to gift, sure to please!

Purchased as a healthier treat option for my father’s birthday. He raved about the presentation, selection, freshness and overall quality. The item arrived on-time, for a reasonable price. I will definitely keep this crowd-pleaser in mind for future gifting.
SangSummitville, NY

Have purchased this as a gift several times

I’ve purchased this item several times as gifts for family members. I try to send them healthy food gifts instead of the usual gift basket full of high fat, high sodium stuff. The recipients have all been pleased with this product. The dried fruit is good quality, and the nuts are tasty. There are even a couple of small coconut-covered date rolls, which make a nice treat.
AnnettEast Point, KY

Recipients were pleased with this item!

I sent this item in lieu of flowers when my dad was hospitalized. (I refuse to pay upwards of $50 for a tiny bouquet in a plastic vase! Not gonna happen.) He loves dried fruits and nuts, and I figured he would appreciate this a heck of a lot more than looking at a useless, wilting bouquet of flowers on a nightstand. Both my mom and dad raved about it. They said it was big, and that the fruit was tasty and fresh. This was a wonderful gift and I would purchase it again.
PalmiraMiami, TX

Mom said it was great…

Had this delivered to Mom for Mother’s Day. I didn’t get to see it, but she was positively thrilled with the variety, freshness, quantity, and, of course, the surprise when it arrived 🙂 I paid extra for 2-day delivery and it arrived on time.
JoanieArrington, TN

Great Taste

The box has a wonderful selection of dried fruits and nuts, and Mom and others loved the taste of everything included. Fast shipping as well.
BurlIngleside, IL

Great Mothers Day Gift

Well I definetely hit a home run with this gift. Mom absolutely loved this gift. I took a chance by reading the other reviews and boy I am glad I did. Great great great gift for Mom. The fruit and nuts tasted great.
JustinMinocqua, WI

Fresh and delicious!

I bought this because I’m trying to eat more healthy, natural snacks. I hate how the dried fruit in stores is so sweetened and mushy so I searched elsewhere and found this.

The fruit was soft and fresh. The almonds and pistachios were some of the best I’ve ever had with just the right amount of salt. I didn’t try the coconut date rolls, and I wasn’t a fan of the dates, but that’s personal preference. My boyfriend and I devoured the rest of it in a couple days. The little wooden box can be reused for just about anything and is also great packaging if this is to be given as a gift.

I’d recommend this to any dried fruit lover!

GaleMobile, AL

Great assortment

The assortment was great, the quality of the fruit and nuts was first rate, and the price was very reasonable. This was my first purchase from this company, but it won’t be my last.
DaisyWheaton, MO


very interesting. got this for a christmas or holiday party for guests to nibble on something healthy during the holiday season. It was a very nice assortment of fruits and nuts, from pear halves to dates.
BerniceStirrat, WV


Great gift idea. Healthy and fun. My husband loved it for his birthday!

It was delicious and satisfying. The first step towards out new years resolutions.


KenyaLong Island, ME