Golden Valley Natural Turkey Jerky, Original, 3.25 -Ounce Pouches

Idaho-based Golden Valley Natural specializes in all-natural meat products made from animals that have never received artificial growth hormones or antibiotics, have always been fed a 100% vegetarian diet, do not include artificial ingredients, and are minimally processed. Their ranches were the first in the U.S. to have a non-hormone certified beef herd. Golden Valley Natural owns and operates its own USDA-inspected, state-of-the-art processing plant in Idaho Falls, and has been in the meat-processing business for more than 35 years. In the words of Roger H. Ball, owner and president of Golden Valley Natural: “Golden Valley Natural Beef comes from cattle that are raised in the lush green pastures and mountains of Idaho. These cattle are accustomed to crisp, clean air and wide-open spaces as nature intended. Golden Valley Natural Beef guarantees that all animals are treated humanely and have never received artificial hormones or antibiotics. I believe in giving cattle a healthy, comfortable environment from birth. I have never used artificial hormones in my cattle, and I never will!”

Quick facts

  • Case of eight 3.25-ounce pouches of all-natural peppered turkey jerky (total of 26 ounces)
  • From free-range turkeys raised without artificial growth hormones
  • High in protein, low in fat
  • No artificial ingredients or preservatives; no added MSG
  • Product of Idaho Falls, Idaho

Top reviews

Horrible and moldy

This was the worst jerky I have every had in my life. The first package was okay, but the next couple of packages tasted a little ‘off’, almost stale. How can jerky taste stale? Well, apparently it can if it gets moldy.

Now, I have eaten a lot of jerky in my life. I’ve made jerky. Properly prepared, jerky should not get moldy. I have never, ever had turkey jerky get moldy in an unopened package. But we found mold on the next package we opened, and by the time we got to the next one, it was covered in mold. These were stored in a dark, cool, dry place. We ended up throwing away the rest.

I am glad that neither my family nor I got food poisoning from this stuff. Do not buy!

ReaganWoodhaven, NY

Jerky Fans will Love this

I have tried every Jerky product. By far the best are all the Sweet N’Spicy and Peppered Flavors. Beef tends to be smoky and fatty, while Turkey is dry and flaky, making their Buffalo meat varieties the best of them all.

Avoid their Low Carb Jerky unless you are willing to bite off tic-tac size bites and chew for a minute each time. All the Teriyaki Jerkys have the texture and taste like sweet Corned Beef, so I’d skip them as well.

If you want to try different flavors, instead of 8 of the same from Amazon, just go directly to their web sight and buy them for only 15% more than Amazon’s sale price.

JodieCullom, IL

Wonderful tasty Jerky

This is the best turky jerky we have ever bought. I buy most of the Golden Valley Jerkies throughout the year. My family loves the Beef and Buffalo jerkies also and they all taste great and are healthy too!

This is a great jerky to send to military family memebers serving overseas. Keeps wonderfully and they love it!

ClarenceFive Points, AL

Good snack

This product has good flavor and texture. Some of the pieces are a little tough but still taste very good. The sodium is rated at 16% of daily requirement, half of some other products.

If you are near a store, Trader Joe’s Turkey Jerky is also recommended.

IrenaPinos Altos, NM

Not very good at all..

I am a jerky lover and decided to try out this turkey jerky and I was highly disappointed. The jerky was way too sweet and had dry gritty texture almost like eating liver. I like liver but I don’t want my jerky tasting like it. I never finished the first bag and eventually threw the other bags away.
JakeClarksdale, MO

could be more spicy

these taste great and are soft and easy to chew. The spicy could be more spicey in my opinion.
BerneiceBarton, NY

My kids love this high-protein snack

This is delicious jerky. It’s high in protein, softer and chewier than other brands, and it’s relatively low in sodium for a jerky. It’s easy to pack for snacks or lunches. It keeps well so I buy it by the case and munch for a while. Excellent product for the whole family.
HunterMedicine Bow, WY

Quick, healthy snack

This makes a very satifying snack and a suppliment of protein to a meal. I like that it is low in fat and calories.
CleotildeWales, ND

Deliciously spicy

This has wonderful flavor–quite spicy but deliciously rich. Not as hard to chew as some other jerkys. Would highly recommend.
AnnmarieTishomingo, MS

How good Amazon Shipment be more tender

I was amazed when I opened the first package of this Turkey Jerky.

I used to buy the exact same item at Whole Foods but they were out before my last backcountry trip, so I got it from and wow! I could believe how tender the jerky was, nothing like when I got it from Whole Foods.

It might just be a quirk and I can’t test for a while since it will take a year to get through 6 packages.

BennieUnionville, VA

Expensive Non-Vegetarian Health Food

This stuff is very tasty and a great source of protein, but not cheap – even at Amazon prices.

Maybe someday they’ll genetically engineer turkeys whose meat automatically turns to jerky. Until then, I guess this’ll have to do.

FawnCoraopolis, PA

Negative reviews??? How? GREAT JERKY!

Ok I have to say I am baffled by the numerous negative reviews of this Jerky.

It is wonderful, tastes great, lower sodium than other turkey jerkys, and perfect for snacking.

I read almost all of the reviews before I decided to order it, usually I have purchased the Jacks brand in the past, in my opinion Golden Valley is far better. I also read people saying they received very hard/chewy pieces of jerky? I had a few tougher pieces here and there but for the most part all of it was soft and just the way turkey jerky should be.

Highly recommend this to anyone — don’t let the negative reviews sway you.

Great jerky.

NevilleOnarga, IL

Coating is very sweet

Please just save your money it has a very sweet after taste from a carmel coating that also has a very off smell.
HermineMad River, CA

Golden Valley Natural Turkey Jerky (Barbeque Flavor)

This was not that great. I only tried this brand’s Barbeque flavor so I don’t know what the rest tastes like (to be fair). I will not be buying this again. I have tried several brands and so far the best one is Perky Jerky Turkey Jerky. Someone complained about Jack Links being too salty but I rather that than this bad tasting barbeque junk.
LeishaCove, OR

LOVE this stuff!

For the most part, I’m a non meat-eater. However, I wanted a high protein non-sugary snack to keep in my purse for when hunger strikes. This fits the bill perfectly and the taste is excellent. Not salty like other jerkys! And one or two can hold me over for a long time.
MaryannPiasa, IL

the best

golden valley natural turkey, beef, and buffalo jerky I think is the best very tender meet and it’s not to salty. I already ordered 40 bags and they go quick everyone at my job is crazy for them
VetaPlymouth, CA

Great product, excellent flavor

I bought this jerky to satisfy a craving that has long been neglected. There used to be a local company in San Diego called Smitty’s jerky, and he made the best peppered jerky ever. They disappeared for some reason and that left those of us that were his fans in the dark.

Now on to the real review… I ordered this based on reviews here at Amazon, and figured I’d give it a try. The turkey jerky is literally exploding with flavor, and is so tender that it requires no more effort to chew than an oven-cooked turkey. I order 8 bags and they were gone in just a matter of a few days. I even shared a bag with co-workers, and everyone raved about how surprisingly good this product was.

Without question or hesitation, I would highly recommend this to anyone who even remotely enjoys jerky.

ValarieBuckingham, IL

Sugar in the Jerky

Short and Sweet: this jerky is quite sweet, compared to commercial jerky. In a one ounce portion, there are seven (7) grams of carbohydrates. For those on a low-carb diet, that is a significant amount.

I notice that in the more “natural” jerkies, they tend to use more sugar. Perhaps it helps the texture and make the jerky a little less likely to dry out.

It does show this on the label, which Amazon makes available, so don’t make the same mistake I did and buy impulsively.

If you are trying to find a beef jerky without preservatives, and from animals raised without antibiotics, etc, then this product is acceptable, if a little sweet. But if you are on a high protein diet, avoiding carbohydrates, then beware.

RobinDenver, CO

Too Sweet

I ordered this because it was natural and nitrate free. I just received my shipment – it is very tender as others have said but I found it much too sweet for my taste. The sugar overpowers the pepper flavor and is not what I expected. If you want something that is more sweet than peppery or spicy you will like this brand.
MaybelleMackay, ID

golden valley turkey jerky

I have always been very pleased with this product and have purchased it monthly for a very long time. However, the product I received last month should have been called “turkey BURGER jerky”. It was very granular and difficult to eat. We take this in our lunches, and it is very inconvenient. Hopefully, it will improve, or I will have to find another option.
BeverlyCornelius, NC

Great Taste – but has soy sauce

These are very tender and tasty – perhaps too sweet. I wish they could have skipped adding soy sauce and just had a more plain variety with minimal added ingredients.
GeorgiannOlar, SC

Best Turky Jerky I have tried

It’s delicious, and while it is expensive, it’s just not that expensive for what you get. They sell this at the local “green” grocery store here at much higher rates.

Everyone I know who has tried this brand loves it. It’s not dry and tough like some others; the texture is just tender and moist enough to overcome typical jerky flaws. The blend of spices are quite good, even though there’s a slight sweet taste. Normally I would hate even the slightest hint of sweetness in a product like this, but somehow it works.

I cannot recommend this product highly enough.

IdaPepeekeo, HI

Great taste, a little pricey

Wish it was a little cheaper but it is good quality.
Very juicy and tender.
Like mentioned, you will get some pieces here and there that are a little greasy but I don’t expect every single piece of any jerky to be perfect; just the nature of the product.
If they ever lower the price a little I will re-subscribe.
ShelleyDalzell, IL

Great product

Turkey is one of the foods I can eat and finding Turkey Jerky was hard. The taste is great. Provides good source of protein.
TrevaGrasonville, MD

golden valley natural black pepper turkey jerky

I am completely upset that our order of turkey jerky is MOLDY! The expiration date is September so it should have been good. So obviously I cannot recommend this product. How sad because I try to buy natural products and had read good reviews for this. I am not sure how to contact the seller, but if you read this post, please work on quality control.
AlMadison, FL

The Worst I’ve Ever Eaten

I started a low carb. diet and have been trying different brands of turkey jerky. Golden Valley Natural Turkey Jerky “BLACK PEPPER” was by far the worst I have ever tasted. I’ve never left a review about any product I’ve purchased, good or bad, but I had to say something about this. It literally tasted like candied meat. It has 6 grams of carbs per serving (all from sugar)….double that of any other I’ve found. Why would any company put so much sugar in a turkey jerky labeled black pepper? They should have just called it brown sugar turkey jerky. I threw it in the trash and got a refund from Amazon. Amazon truly is an incredible company and I will continue to make purchases via their venue, but this turkey jerky……?
BrookSaint Anthony, ND

All with mold – not eatable….

I usually love this product – and I have subscription for it. But this time it came all with mold! Just awful smell and look! Not sure what’s going on – I think I have to end the subscription – it’s not a cheap product…. Very disappointed…. 🙁
HeidiBrockport, PA

Pretty good

The flavor is good, but about half of the pieces were too tough to chew. I wouldn’t order this brand again.
MilagroKenyon, MN

Very good jerky!

My boyfriend is very pleased to receive this for Christmas !
Tastes great and has a little kick to it. Will definitely reorder this!
MyeshaManakin Sabot, VA

a natural jerky but lacking

This turkey jerky is good in the fact that it is preservative-free, no MSG, no nitrates and all-natural. But, I was disappointed – it’s too dry and difficult to eat. Not a great pleasure to the mouth, but okay in general.
MarqueriteNoble, IL