Goldenberg’s Loose Milk Chocolate Peanut Chews

Goldenberg’s Loose Milk Chocolate Peanut Chews. 250count

Quick facts

  • Package contains 250-count peices per bag
  • Individually wrapped milk chocolate peanut chews
  • Packaged weight of 3-pounds

Top reviews

What A Treat

As a child growing up in New York I would often buy Goldenberg’s – they really were my all time favorite and still are. But outside New York state Goldenberg’s are hard to find and I was so delighted to see them available on Amazon. Having these candies again brings me back to the fun of going to the corner candy store with allowance money – always knowing what I would choose when I got there and it was Goldenbergs. My husband and I finished off this bag in no time!
EasterFertile, IA


These peanut chews came and although I knew I was ordering 3 lbs I couldn’t believe how BIG this bag of Peanut Chews was! Everyone loves them!
CharlesettaHarrison Valley, PA