GoMacro Organic Granola with Coconut, 2 oz Bars

Whether you need a protein or energy bar, a meal replacement, a delicious dessert or a healthy snack make MacroBars part of your lifestyle.  If you have an active lifestyle or are just looking for something to boost your immune system you will find that these gluten free, organic bars will provide you with the energy you need.

Quick facts

  • Gluten free, USDA organic, vegan, GMO free, and macrobiotic
  • Delicious, simple, healthy ingredients with no additives or preservatives
  • Organic grain-based sweeteners made with 100% brown rice
  • Award-winning energy and protein bars that will boost your immune system and provide your body with essential nutrients
  • Slow burning carbs provide a constant and enduring energy

Top reviews

Certainly the best tasting granola bar I’ve ever had.

I generally like granola but don’t like granola bars. This is the only granola bar I’ve ever had that
actually tastes better than the granola I would normally eat as cereal with [rice]milk. It’s hard to
believe! I purchased it randomly and was amazed at the unique flavor, wonderful texture and
delicious aftertaste. I will certainly buy it again; it’s worth the price. Also, compared to other similar
bars it is less sweet and they don’t use white sugar.

I tried a few other flavors from this company. They are mostly pretty good but the granola is 100% the best,
hands down.

RanaeBrimson, MN

Yummy and satisfying.

These delicious bars have a nice chewy texture. The kids love these and so do I even though they are not as sweet as most other ‘health’ bars and contain no cane sugar or corn syrup. (I often pick out the raisins myself which isn’t hard to do.) They are a very good deal through Amazon.
FriedaMinco, OK

good snack

I got these on a promotion so I didn’t pay full price, but they are GOOD. I think they taste great. Not a big source of protien at only 5g, and I wish the sugar was a little lower being at 17g.. but overall seems to be a pretty good bar to pick you up a little and give you some energy. I eat them in the morning as my 10am snack. I don’t know if I’ll buy them again though due to the price. I don’t think they’re worth $27 for a box, but I’ll gladly buy them on a promotion again.
CharlesettaRichville, NY

can i give the macrobar ten stars?

so… i have a dietitian now who’s helping me lose another 40 pounds. i lost 30 myself this past year and needed help revamping my program and staying on track.

so she put me on whole meal replacement (WMR) diet– with a 1200 calorie daily and only whole foods. every day for the last 2 months i’ve started my day with a cup of coffee/ cream and the coconut macrobar– 240 calories total. i chose the coconut because it’s got a lot fewer caLORIES THAN THE OTHER VARIETIES OF MACROBAR. I CHOse macrobar because i liked the ingredients. i wasnt interested in losing weight by eating chemistry-based non-foods. (my other WMR is the Orgain shake in the afternoon. those 2 WMRs plus 2 snacks and 1 meal in the middle of the day has been working great.)

the coconut macrobar is delicious, filling and satisfying. it crunches a little, is sweet a little, is sticky a little and it fills up a lot.

the nutritional stats are good– my dietitian was happy i discovered them and has added them to her list of recommended WMR bars. i’m happy to report i’ve lost 6 pounds *each* month these past 2 months!

AngelenaSouthmont, NC

ONO…in hawaiian means GOOD Yummy….

OMG when I found this bar in a local organic store I immediately fell in love….But later I could not find it anywhere..AMAZON thanks this is truly an amazing bar…The taste is awesome and I am always trying new organic bars..One of my favorites…It is GLUTEN FREE and NO GMO all organic bar…It’s on my clean list of foods..Great for when hiking or post workout…Oh and my two boys love it….
MarkusMelcher, IA

Holy crap, these are good!!!

Wow. Just bought one at a grocery store in town and had to jump on Amazon to see if i could buy them in bulk… which i will. These are so darn good! And i’m impressed with the ingredients list, which is short and pronounceable. Whole foods. I think they are nicely sweet, i noticed one other reviewer say they weren’t… hmmm… anyway, HIGHLY recommend.
DelmerAllentown, NJ

My daughter’s favorite gluten free granola bar

I am always on the lookout for gluten free snacks that my high school aged daughter can eat before practice and these are her all time favorite. I pay $3/bar at Whole Foods for these things, so even though they still sound expensive on Amazon, it’s a better deal on here by the case.
SooLambsburg, VA

Surprisingly tasty!

Wow, I’m impressed. These bars are REALLY tasty, delicious even. I’m not a fan of soy products so I went searching for alternatives to it in protein bars, not so easy…finding one that tastes good? Even harder! The Macrobar is exactly what I was looking for. No soy,delicious, organic and good for you.
If you like peanut butter, try those too. They are even better!
RoscoeDarling, MS