Great Candy, does contain SUGAR

Quick facts

  • Organic, Asian vegetarian friendly, Vegan friendly, Gluten Free
  • Alcohol Free, No Hydrogenated Food, No Preservative, No MSG
  • No Artificial Colorings, No Artificial Flavorings, No Trans Fat
  • Caffeine Free, No GMO, USDA Certfified

Top reviews


I accidently ran into this product. They where by the cashiers check out stand for $1.99 at TJ Maxx. I really wanted some chocolate but was watching what I ate at the time so to compromised I got the Organic Hard Candies in the Cherry flavor. However, I did not open them until about a week later. But when I did…wow. They were great. I had eaten two and was about to pop a third one in when I actually looked down at the candy and realized that it wasn’t red. Which blew my mind since I thought I was tasting red. It was amber colored.I know that sounds weird. So I grabbed the bag and read the ingredients and saw that it was an all natural candy with only 4 ingredients. You cant beat that. And it tasted really good with out being overly sweet. I just went back to TJ Maxx and bought all the other flavors…I have 5 bags now. And I will savor them slowly. I don’t mind paying $1.99 a bag…but $3.99 is a little my budget. But when I run out….I might just have to cave in. So I’m happy that Amazon has them.
WillyCounce, TN

Absolutely Awesome

I’ve tried the Cherry and Pomegranate flavors. Both are delicious. They have a real, “normal” hard candy flavor only better (no weird sweetener flavors etc.). I will point out that they have a very, very slight barley sugar quality, which if you ever had real old-fashioned hard candy, will make these taste real and authentic to you. If you haven’t had old-style hard candies, I think you will still like them and find it a much more pleasant taste than the stark, harsh sugar-bomb effect of most modern hard candies.

They are of a good size, a good shape, last a long time, and while definitely hard candy, they aren’t horribly sweet. The real, fresh, tangy and tart fruit flavors come through loud and clear. I think they have a wonderful flavor balance.

When I lived in Los Angeles and had a horrible commute twice daily through dusty, polluted, desert-dry and hot conditions, I found these to be a necessary item to keep my throat comfortable (you don’t want to be drinking a lot of water or coffee when stuck in commuting traffic!). In that regard, they also serve very well as cough drops when you’re sick. I tried many different products and these were the ones I settled on as the best for both purposes. Of note re using them when you’re sick, these won’t make any hot tea etc. you are simultaneously drinking taste weird, like many cough drops do. These candies do not burn the roof of your mouth like some hard candies do, nor do they dissolve into sharp shard like pieces that feel like they would cut your mouth.

Each candy is twist wrapped in a little piece of waxy paper. They hold up surprisingly well to humidity etc. but they occasionally may eventually start to become a little stuck to the papers. I didn’t notice anything like this except for occasionally with ones I’d had in the car for months. I never had one so stuck that it tore the paper or I couldn’t get the paper off. It really isn’t a problem.

I really liked the cherry flavor; as well as the pomegranate, and I’ve read many favorable reviews of the other flavors as well.

NelidaNorth Bend, NE