Good Health Crispy Apple Chips, Cinnamon, 2.5-Ounce Bags

Good Health Natural Foods Cinnamon Apple Chips

Quick facts

  • Pack of twelve, 2.5-ounce bags (total of 30-ounces)
  • No trans fat
  • 30 percent less fat than regular potato chips
  • All natural apples with no hi-fructose corn syrup

Top reviews

Lots of sugar added.

This product could have been much better (and healthier). When I bought these chips, I was looking for something healthy to snack on. Unfortunately, the product had tons of corn syrup and cane sugar. It tastes like candy or breakfast cereals like Captain Crunch.

Too bad I now have 11 bags of the chips to get rid of.

KhadijahRosman, NC

It’s adictive..whatch out!

We had this from the market (pricy) and my whole family loved it, but it was too expensive to keep purchasing, so I went to Amazon and got whole box of supply ..which brought down to the reasonable price for per package.

We love it because:
it’s not too sweet,
healty alternative than other stuff
my whole family love them

I serve this at the party and so many people asked me where I got it!
So, now I leave the package right by the dish, so that I don’t have to fetch the bag everytime people ask…that’s how much people seems to like this apple chip!

Try it and you’ll find out for yourself!

JunkoCarbondale, KS

Not the Apple Chip I was expecting

If you’re looking for a dried apple that is healthy without any extra stuff (i.e. oil or corn syrup), this is NOT the item. They are fried. I somehow missed the part where it mentioned that they were fried. Apparently I was mislead by the “Good health” title. Hopefully you’ll read this before you purchase if you were intending on purchasing dried apples, not FRIED apples. I also have 11 bags that I now need to figure out what to do with because they were not what I intended.
MeghannChickasha, OK

An Apple (chip?) a day keeps the doctor away?

I’m not sure if this really is healthier than potato chips–especially since I could eat several bags in a sitting–but they sure taste great!

Sweet, crunchy, and satisfying! 1 star off for the slight greasiness: Beware, these are fried, so if you’re looking for a truly healthy snack it would be better to go with dried apples. But if you’re looking for a sweet snack that’s not sugary sweet and full of chemicals, this is great

GabrielFontana, KS

Sugary Apple Chips – For Sugar Lovers

The first thing I noticed about these chips was that there was loose, sticky cinnamon-flavored sugar all over the inside of the bag. This makes it very difficult to put your hand in without having it come out coated with sugar granules. Very very messy and sticky. The sugar is very over-powering and cinnamon is subtle. Overall, it’s good, but I was disappointed after tasting the original apple chips. It’s for someone who has a very sweet tooth. Also, if you are familiar with these apple-chips, there are a lot of crumbs–about 1/3 crumbs. If you are down to the last third of the bag, expect half of what you pop into your mouth to be sugar.
PatriceRingling, MT

Great snack full of FAT

Really great snack when you wish something different. These apple chips are “blast from the past” when all potato chips were boiled in oil. These are deliciously soaked in oil, but taste great.
BeliaWassaic, NY

Wow! These are excellent…

I just purchased these apple chips and they are incredible. I absolutely love them! I wish I knew how to get in touch with the other person who reviewed them and didn’t like them. I would be more than happy to take the 11 bags they’re trying to get rid of! lol. : ) I guess they aren’t as “healthy” as some people would like, if you’re really watching what you eat. They do have quite a bit of sugar on them, but they taste so darn good. They’re still better for you to eat rather than greasy potato chips. I highly recommend them! Very delicious! : )
JenNorth Marshfield, MA

Crisp, tasty snack for an occasional treat!

These crispy apple chips are just that. Unlike dehydrated apples, which are chewy, these chips are super thin and crispy. But they get that crispiness because of the oil added when they make them. Sure they have less fat than potato chips, but don’t kid yourself that these are a low-fat snack.

Still, these chips are a fantastic treat when you want something that crunches much like a potato chip, and they have much less fat and far more flavor than a potato chip. But there’s another trade off – you don’t have the sodium of potato chips, but you do have extra sugar.

I originally found these chips in my local coop at about twice the price I’m paying for them on Amazon, so I was thrilled to find them here. Even at the high price, I occasionally bought a bag. With the lower price, I can keep them on hand.

All in all, despite the fact that these aren’t the most nutritious snack out there and they’re more expensive than an individual bag of potato chips, I keep them in my cupboard as I (and my family) love them. There are supposedly 2.5 servings a bag, but I doubt many of us get that many servings out of a bag. These chips are really tasty and satisfying – and once you open a bag, you’ll likely keep eating until they’re all gone.

Why do I give these five stars despite the fat, sugar, and price? They’re one of the best light, crunchy treats I’ve found and they’re incredibly tasty. I love ’em!

MargariteAvawam, KY

Awesome Healthy Apple Chips

I first bought these chips at Marshall’s Department Store and wondered how to get more…Well I went to the web site and found them here…they are very tasty and fresh and I highly recommend them!
AuraSaint Just Contract, PR

Great on a salad

I bought these apple chips to try to copy the Fuji Apple Salad from Panera. These apple chips are perfect for the salad and I received so many compliments on how they make a salad pop. They are great with pecans too.

They are sweet but compared to others I’ve tried, these by far are the best.

ParkerLong Grove, IL

Delicious, great value.

This is a great healthy option for packing in lunches or taking along places, and the savings by buying in bulk is nice.
JaleesaGuasti, CA

Five Star Taste, with some caveats

These apple chips are incredible-tasting, so I give the product 5-stars. They’re sweet, slightly tart, and fried–what can be better? As you’ve seen from other reviewers, it’s easy to eat a whole bag in one sitting. They taste great, because they’re cooked in oil and does have a little less fat than potato chips.

Besides the “non-healthiness” of it, the box of 12 arrived at my door completely beaten up. The package tape was unraveling and the box looked like it had just come back from a war zone–slightly smooshed and tearing at the seams. There are no buffers or packaging materials in the box, with only the apple chip bags in there. Thus, half of my chips were really just crumbs.

I bought one bag in the store and there were quite a few crumbs in there too. I wish the chips came more whole. I’m not sure what everyone else’s shipping experience was like, but I was a bit disappointed.

Update: I’ve since purchased another couple of boxes and Amazon has placed the original apple chip boxes into an boxes. This kept the chips from being mangled too much. Thanks Amazon!

Also, FYI: watch out for the stems!

SheilaBerthold, ND

Yummy but better if in whole pieces

I was craving for apple chips one day when remembering the good things in high school. Can’t find them in the groceries store anymore so i had to order on-line. They’re almost as good as I remember: crispy, sweet (but not too sweet), with a touch of cinamon = yummy! But all 12 bags were crushed into small pieces and they were hard to pick up, and I felt that I was eating someone’s left-over. Better packing would make a huge difference.
MildredMount Vernon, NY

Not the healthiest snack, but oh so good!

Sinfully good! I wish they were healthier, but they are crispy, sweet, and the cinnamon just puts it over the top! They didn’t last 3 days at my house. I’ll be ordering more.
WanBellville, GA


Another great health food store find. May get these from Amazon from now on, they’re a bit pricey at our local store.
JerricaBridgeport, OR


It is a little sugary, but it is very crisp and delicious! One bag has 2.5 servings.
CelineGalivants Ferry, SC

Just okay.

They are okay, about half the chips in each bag were crunchy and juicy where the other half were just crunchy.
They do have corn syrup, though… so if you’re anti-CS or HFCS… beware.
CindyRyland, AL

You’ll Love ’em!

If you’ve never tried APPLE CHIPS, then you’re in for a treat. These are such a wonderful snack. Try sprinkling the smaller pieces on Vanilla ice cream. Delish!
RosinaSpringfield, VA