Good Health Humbles, Baked Hummus Chips, Olive Oil Lemon & Feta, 3.5-Ounce Bags

Baked Hummus™ Chips Humbles Olive Oil Lemon & feta 3.5oz bag all natural

Quick facts

  • Pack of twelve, 3.5-ounces per unit (total of 42 ounces)
  • 55% less fat than regular potato chips
  • With olive oil lemon and feta
  • All natural chips

Top reviews

Delicious Alternative to Regular Potato Chips

The Good Health Humbles product line of their Natural Products is an excellent, tasty, potato chip alternative for consumers interested in eating more consciously to maintain good health. I tried a single bag, purchased at a natural foods co-op, before deciding to splurge the 12-pack offered here on, and I was deliciously impressed by the taste and flavor of these chips! This line of all natural snacks offers three taste sensations: Sesame Garlic, Olive Oil Lemon & Feta, and Roasted Red Pepper, as offered here.

As soon as I bit into one of these chips, I knew there was no going back to regular grocery store offerings. As someone who is trying to improve my diet, while also leaving a little wiggle room for eating healthier versions of the foods I love, Good Health Humbles fits in nicely, offering me a snack with 60% less fat than ordinary potato chips, with no cholesterol, and 3 grams of protein per serving! When a crunchy-food craving hits, this product is something you can feel good about eating.

For those concerned specifically about the nutritional value, I assure you this line of products is a healthier choice than your typical bag of chips: with only 4 grams of fat per serving, and 120 calories with no saturated or trans fats, this product also offers 1 gram of fiber per serving, with a only a small amount of sugar (1 gram), and a low amount of sodium (125 mg). offers a great value on these products. As compared to the Good Health Natural Products website,’s price is a huge enticement to shop here, when you compare it to the $30.95 you would pay for the same order directly through the company.

After trying multiple so-called “healthier” chip options, I feel I have finally found one I fill good about eating, even when I devour the whole bag in one sitting! ***Warning – this is a likely occurrence once you’ve tasted one of these chips!***

LakishaLongdale, OK

Good Health Humbles, Baked Hummus Chips, Sesame Garlic

Had opportunity to purchase these chips while out of town. Loved them so much that I went online and within 2 days received a case at a portion of the cost I paid while on vacation.
LinhSteelville, PA

They’re OK!

I bought sesame garlic. Although they are pretty good, I’m quite turned off by the nutrition facts. They are NOT that good for you. yeah, there’s no saturated fat, or cholesterol, BUT, the serving size is 3 Chips, and in that serving size, theres 4 grams of fat, and 17 grams of carbs. So I might as well be eating Frito lay chips. They market it like its health food just because they are hummus, but it’s just as fattening as potato chips. I probably would not buy again….
JeromyBelton, MO

Great Taste, Small Bags

The taste of these chips is incredible. My only problem is that the bags are mostly filled with air. I’d like to see more chips in the bag.
AwildaLa Junta, CO

disappointed esp bec based on other reviews was expecting to be good

Ugh, again ordered 12 pack of snack I never tasted, was hoping save time going to stores shopping for things like this, wanted to stock up, read all the great reviews figured I can’t go wrong, but of course I ordered the weirdest sounding of the flavors, maybe I’d have been somewhat better off choosing the garlic whatever it was flavor than this one. I tried eat a bag, now I don’t touch em, another snack I’ve been contemplating bringing few with me whenever I go into city to see if homeless might want it rather than just throwing it out, at least for a snack it’s on the healthier side. But I’d kinda feel bad knowing it tastes bad, but if they’re hungry they still might want it. I didn’t like the crunch/texture of them, the taste, nothing really. Just my honest opinion, I can’t really say it would have been a lot different if it were one of the other flavors, but I don’t think I want try them after not really even liking these a little bit. Maybe snacks can’t really be too healthy and taste good.
WeldonSouth San Francisco, CA


I’m addicted to the Lemon Feta. Had these at the Hilton in Orlando on vacation by the pool and could not stop eating them. I had to scour the web to find sellers as no one sold them locally when I got home. They are healthy and amazing! If you have kids, give them these, not those greasy brands we all know come in a big yellow bag. Blech!
CoraleeLa Fargeville, NY

humbles chips are flavorful

I had purchased these hummus chips, sesame garlic, at a health food store and loved the true flavor of garlic and sesame. I purchased a whole case from amazon the next week. They are not like the typical snack chip you find in the grocery store, the humbles brand is healthy yet has intense flavor, you can tell right away with the first taste that they don’t have that heavy salty oily taste like some chips have. I will purchase these chips again.
MaybelleEkwok, AK

Delicious and Healthier!

I am a bariatric patient, and these are wonderful on the go snacks for me. In moderation, if course. But they taste amazing, I haven’t met one person yet that doesn’t like them. And the prices on Amazon are excellent, you won’t find them cheaper anywhere else!
HueSalfordville, PA

Most Yummy!!!!!!!

Wow, for a different sort of taste, you just have to try this. Betcha can’t eat just one (bag)!!! I love crunchy and savory snacks and this incredibly satisfies that desire. The only reason I have a couple of bags left a month after receiving my order is that I try (mostly unsuccessfully) to ration them — and I was gone for a week and a half…
EileenNew Brockton, AL

WARNING,…These could become an addiction, but one you will LOVE!

I was just in a local grocery store that is geared towards healther foods where they were giving out samples of these. After just 1 I was hooked. I picked up the Sesame garlic, and as another reviewer warned, you may find yourself eating the entire bag!!
ChelseaClendenin, WV

So excited to find these on amazon!

I was so upset when my local Whole Foods stopped carrying Humbles soon after I discovered them. I am on a diet that restricts gluten and most other grains including rice. Humbles are the only kind of chips that I’m now able to enjoy. The flavor is so much better than potato chips that even my husband likes them. I’m glad that I found them on Amazon and can get a box shipped right to my door every few months.
RusselAlvo, NE

Humbles olive oil, lemon and feta chips

I tasted these chips at Costco and it was love at first bite. Being a hummus lover I thought it quite clever that someone had thought to make a chip out of it!! I now understand the customer reviews that warn of hummus chip addiction! My friends really like them, too.
I can no longer find them at Costco or any of my grocery stores which is unfortunate as I feel these chips would sell really well. Thank goodness for Amazon.
ShannonDebord, KY

Delicious – nutritious – amazing alternative to fatty potato chips

My husband and I are big fans of hummus, so when we saw hummus chips we had to try them. Little did we know they would become our favorite crunchy snack. The Olive oil, lemon, and feta combo is perfect – and amazing with dip, cheese, hummus, and just by themselves.

Even better – eating a whole bag (as we often do) isn’t even that bad for you. We are both gastric bypass patients and this is something we can eat without feeling any guilt – we just enjoy it.

In fact, we just finished off a bag of these delicious chips with a combination of sharp cheddar cheese and Greek yogurt ranch dip (another amazing guilt free alternative).

Highly recommend giving it a try – you’ll be hooked just as we are.

EustoliaHogansville, GA

Not bad but not great either.

Will not order again and may not finish the ones I have here. These are not bad but just not very good either. I compare these to Bugles chips in taste. Do yourself a favor and buy 1 bag locally 1st before buying a case online and then not wanting to finish the bag let alone the whole case.
DavidaMartinsville, NJ

Humbles, Hurray!!

I love this product. They are crispy and very flavorful. The Lemon and Feta flavor are my favorite. My family plowed through our box in less than a month! Great by themselves, but could be dipped, especially in hummus.
VinaMohawk, WV

Scrumptious! Well Tolerated by People with J-Pouches

These chips are unlike any other similar ones that we’ve ever tried. For starters, they are generously seasoned and taste great! There’s no hunting around in the bag for the seasoned ones because every chip in the bag tastes great. The texture is crispy and is more like a traditional fried chip than a baked one, in my opinion.

Finally, I wanted to mention that my daughter and I have j-pouches and if you have one you know the struggle it is to find foods that work with the pouch. These chips are well tolerated by both of us and don’t causes any of the usual problems that we experience with most other snack foods. So this may be one snack food you might want to try if you have a j-pouch.


CharlynInwood, IA

Crunch and tasty snack!

I just bought these at the grocery store in Canada.
Where I am a bag costs $4 and if you go to the natural foods store it is $5 there!
Amazon has a much better price.

The red pepper is quite good,but I want to get a plainer chip for dipping.

AnniceHarlem, MT


Best chips I have ever eaten. The could be a little lower in sodium (220 mg/serving) but other than that I love them!
VerlieFairmount, IN