Good Start Gentle Plus Nursers – 3 oz bottle – 48 pk

Nestle New look- same nutritionformerly NESTLE GOOD START Supreme with DHA & ARA An excellent formula choice for babies 0 to 12 months-Milk-based formula with our unique 100% whey COMFORT PROTEINS@ for easy digestion and DHA & ARA to support brain and eye development. -Good Start milk-based formulas have levels of DHA & ARA that are recommended by experts and similar to levels shown in studies to support babies’ brain and eye development. The PLUS is the extra step we take to create easy to digest COMFORT PROTEINS.Not All Infant Formulas are AlikeGOOD START milk-based formulas are the first and only infant formulas that take the extra steps to create COMFORT PROTEINS. Our unique two-step process starts with gentle 100% whey protein, the highest quality protein used in infant formula. Then, we break down this gentle whey protein ingredient into smaller pieces to be easy to digest. We call them COMFORT PROTEINS, and only GOOD START milk-based formulas have them. No other formulas take both these extra steps.Offering Complete NutritionIf you’re a breastfeeding mom, continue to provide nature’s best for your baby. If you supplement breastmilk with formula or use formula exclusively, be sure your choice is an iron-fortified infant formula such as NESTLÉ@ GOOD START@ Gentle PLUS. Like all routine infant formulas sold in the U.S., GOOD START formulas contain complete nutrition with the levels of protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals recommended by experts for Baby’s first year. Plus, all our GOOD START milk-based formulas are specially designed with proteins that are broken down to be easy to digest in babies’ developing tummies. We call them COMFORT PROTEINS. Please note: Nipples and rings are not included, but can be purchased here Case of 48 x 3 oz nursers

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very convenient

I loved using these. Please note that it doesn’t include the nipples though. Also, I just wish they made them also in bigger containers.
CaterinaKent, IL