GoPicnic Ready-to-Eat Meals Hummus & Crackers, 4.2 Ounce

A delicious, nutritionally balanced ready-to-eat meal in a handy picnic box. Just grab a drink, spread out your GoPicnic, and let your taste buds come out and play. No refrigeration, preparation, or wicker basket required! Get ready for creamy hummus, crunchy multi-seed crackers, sweet + spicy fruit & nut mix, energy-packed edamame seed blend, and a chewy chocolate rice crisp bar for dessert! Your Hummus & Crackers GoPicnic meal features Wild Garden Hummus Dip (1.76 oz), Crunchmaster Multi-Seed Crackers (0.5 oz), Sweet Perry Orchards Baja Blend Fruit & Nut Mix (0.75 oz), Sweet Perry Orchards Power Play Tasty Seed Blend (0.75 oz), and Professor Zim Zam’s Extraordinary Chocomallocrispie Rice Crisp Bar (0.49 oz). 380 calories, 19g protein, 6g fiber. The foods in GoPicnic all-natural meals contain no trans fats, no added MSG, and no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Each meal contains five individually-wrapped food items, plus utensils as required. Your day is full. And you’re on empty. Time to GoPicnic!

Quick facts

  • GoPicnic ready-to-eat meals go anywhere you go; No refrigeration or preparation required, just open & enjoy
  • Get ready for creamy hummus, crunchy multi-seed crackers, sweet + spicy fruit & nut mix, energy-packed edamame seed blend, and a chewy chocolate rice crisp bar for dessert
  • Each meal contains five individually wrapped food items; Pack of six meals, 4.2 oz each (total of 25.2 oz)
  • Gluten-free, vegetarian, kosher, all-natural; 380 calories, 19g protein, 6g fiber; No trans fats, HFCS, added MSG, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
  • Great for lunch at work, on the road, at school, on a plane, or on an outdoor adventure

Top reviews

Unhealthy, unfilling and expensive!

The only reason I bought this was because I could buy it with a special 50% discount, therefore getting 6 boxes of it at half price of $ 20.80 seemed to be a good deal to me. How wrong I was! I was surprised to see its price jumped up to $ 22.15 when I wrote this review (cheaper when buy it via subscribe and save) which comes to about $ 3.69 a box, still cheaper than its price of $ 3.99 (plus sales tax) in my local Target. However, the problem was when I opened its BIG box up, there were only five tiny packages: a small pack of hummus dip, a small pack of multi-seed crackers, a small pack (0.75 oz) of fruit and nut mix, a small pack of Dry Roasted Edamame and a very tiny (0.43 oz) roast dark 60% cacao organic dark chocolate. Unless you eat like a bird, there is no way this box can serve as anything but a snack, a very small one.

(1) Hummus dip and multi-seed crackers – there is 13 gram of fat (3 gram saturated fat) in the hummus dip, however the biggest problem is its large content of salt (450 gm sodium). It tasted so salty (bitter) that it completely ruined the taste of the hummus. If you eat this dip everyday, you would have high blood pressure for sure. Now the crackers are quite good but there are really only a few of them.

(2)Baja Blend fruit nut mix – I was surprised to see it has 5 gm of fat and 9 gm of sugar in such a tiny bag (0.75 oz or 21 gm). It tastes quite sweet, a little bit tart and wow, spicy HOT! It burned my tongue. A very strange mix, not too bad but very unusual and I am not sure I want to repeat the experience. I could not figure out where the hot spice comes from even after I read its package repeatedly.

(3) Seapoint Farms Dry Roasted Edamame – quite healthy, only 150 gm of sodium and 4 gm fat (0.5 gm saturated). It tasted pretty good but no different than any roasted edamame you can buy yourself. It would be much cheaper.

(4)Chocolate – yes, its is supposed to be organic, but strange enough it will not tell you how much sugar or fat it has. The chocolate piece’s outside is also whitish, to me that may be a sign of the chocolate becomes too old or? How does it taste? It taste like anything but chocolate. I do not believe I can eat more than a bite of it.

Therefore, not trying to bad mouth this product, but why would I want to pay about $ 3.69 to pay for a box of something that is not healthy, not filling, not tasting good unless, well, you want to lose weight. I believe if you would eat it as your meals everyday, you will be almost guaranteed to lose weight because you would simply discard the whole box before you can finish them and will still feel hungry.

PerryFerron, UT

Not safe for wheat allergy or celiacs

The label on the back of the nuts warns that the product is manufactured on shared wheat equipment. I have never seen a “gluten free” product that is processed on equipment shared with wheat. Most gluten free products aren’t even in the same FACILITY as wheat, let alone the same equipment!

Frankly, I do not trust the gluten free label on this product.

AlvaSchaller, IA

May contain wheat

If you have celiac disease, be sure to read the fine print. The nuts in the fruit and nut pack are processed on equipment shared with wheat.
MonserrateParker, CO

Warning on Gluten –

This is a nice convenient package, and the hummus and crackers are a good combo. However, while the contents of the packages are gluten free, both the chocolate and the nut mix are produced on equipment that also processes wheat. So, if you have celiac disease or are very sensitive to gluten, these two items are not completely gluten free.
SumikoMinster, OH


I ended up throwing away most of this. The hummus was salty and bitter, the edamame was nothing special, the chocolate was turning white and the fruit and nut mix was just plain nasty! Huge waste of money.
DeannaHawk Springs, WY

nutrition info is wrong

everything inside is packaged and labelled, how is it possible that the cumulative nutrition “facts” on the whole package is wrong? i noticed this when i was checking out the calcium contents (0 listed on the package, each component has some), i didn’t bother trying to add up all the calories, fat grams, sugars, etc. this whole package is an expensive assortment of snacks, not really a picnic, probably convenient for an airplane. took these on a 12 mile hike, i wouldn’t recommend this if you are looking for a meal replacement.
RandalKempton, IN

The taste leaves much to be desired

I purchased these for my vegetarian college student with Subscribe and Save. They were a bit pricey, but as a parent, it at least seemed like a good balanced meal for her (an edamame AND hummus lover) to have on hand. She didn’t like it .. at all. She said everything tasted “funny” (her word) except for the little fruit pack and told me to cancel the Subscribe and Save subscription for them, because it was a waste of my money.
ColemanScio, OR

A good portable gluten free lunch option

Overall, this product is a great idea. Portable, doesn’t need to be refrigerated, low calorie, gluten free. However…this is the worst tasting hummus I have ever had in my entire life. The chocolate was crushed and resembled taffy. The trail mix is good, as are the crackers, especially considering they’re gluten free. I purchased this six pack for around $18. At the current price ($29), I don’t think I would purchase these at around $5 a piece – just get together some gluten free snacks and put them together in your own lunch kit.
JohnnyDublin, GA

Just a collection of snacks

If you eat everything in the package you will have consumed 18 grams of fat. It includes a huge package of hummus and about 5 crackers; it’s really just a collection of small snacks. It may keep you full briefly but don’t count on this to feel like an actual meal.
AlfrediaFinleyville, PA

Good tasting, but not a good value.

Let me be clear, I thought the GoPicnic meals tasted good and were incredibly filling for the small amount of food in the kit. This is not to mention that the food provided is relatively healthy.

My complaint comes in with the sheer cost of these meals. At around $4.16 per meal, this only becomes a good value only to those eating either very high-end foods or going out to eat for lunch every day. If you already take your lunch to school or work, chances are that your existing lunch is cheaper than it would be through GoPicnic.

While Amazon gives a 15% discount and a $1.00 coupon, this still doesn’t make it too much better. You’re almost certainly better off buying hummus and crackers in bulk and portioning it out into lunches than by going this route. If you’d rather have convenience and don’t mind paying a premium for it, then GoPicnic may be for you.

CathrynAmf Ohare, IL

bad quality

I can’t give this a negative rating, so I’ll give it 1 star. First, be sure to carry power tools, you’ll need them to get into the package. The chocolate was old and turning white. The dry roasted soybeans tasted like they were mummified. The crackers have the qualities of gypsum and the hummus only looked like hummus, it tasted like it was made of water, lemon juice and agar. The only thing good in the box is the Baja Blend, which was excellent but is available separately from Amazon. Now I need to find someone hungry enough to give the rest to.

I will be ordering more of this !
Sweet Perry Orchards Baja Blend Fruit & Nut Mix – 10 Pack

CarmineNobleboro, ME

Great Except for One Item

I got one of these at my college bookstore and they are great except for the nut mix. It doesn’t say on the box but the fruit and nut mix contains flaming hot habanero pepper almonds. I bit into one not expecting the heat and … whoa! The hummus and crackers are very good, especially for shelf stable. I honestly wasn’t expecting good hummus from this but it’s really good and goes well with the crackers. The chocolate and the edamame were my favorite things in the box and I was wishing there was more of the chocolate (lol). If they would replace that flaming hot fruit and nut mix with the cranberry mangoes that are in the turkey one I would give five stars. However if you really like spicy you might enjoy it.
WillyLachine, MI


While I like the meals in general, this one had a nasty surprise. The package of edamame is PRODUCT OF CHINA.

Knowing China’s food safety standards or total lack thereof, who would want to put that in their mouth? Bad show. Pick another supplier, GoPicnic!

ElyseGilboa, NY

A good quick lunch

At 410 calories, this is more a meal than a snack, but it’s good for when you’re on the go or need a quick lunch at work. It’s shelf-stable, self-contained, and easily fits in a purse or briefcase. You get a small packet of gluten-free crackers, a tube of hummus (a bit thin and a tad sour for my taste, but I’ve gotten used to it), a packet of sweet-hot nuts and fruit, a packet of dry roasted edamame (you a drink to wash it down), and a square of Terra Nostra chocolate. Best of all, it’s suitable for vegans.

I hope GoPicnic can make more vegan box meals like this.

MalenaPrinceton, NC

Brilliant Idea

Pure Genius. Tasty and nutritious. Low calorie. Convenient. Not boring. Great way to showcase new and innovative gluten free foods. My biker husband ( who has celiac) is quite a sight with the little Go Picnic box in his lap!
KarimaNew Burnside, IL

Excellent vegetarian ready to eat meal!

If you like hummus, you will love this little ready to eat meal. It is convenient, lightweight, packed to go anywhere (work, car, backpacking, picnicking, survival kit, etc.), and really fun and tasty. You get a little bag of gluten free rice/seed crackers (about 7), a tubie of hummus (which was surprisingly good!), a little bag of roasted, salted soybeans, a bag of hot/sweet nut mix with a few dried cranberries, and a small (.43 oz.) 60% cacao dark chocolate bar, all packed nicely in a sturdy little box. And inside the box is a Sudoku puzzle. All in all, worth the money at $3. a box with Subscribe and Save. The expiration date on my unit, purchased March 2011, is August 13, 2011. I agree with the other reviewer that you could snack on this throughout the day, or eat it for a lunch.
SimonneKermit, WV

Great for lunches

This makes a tasty lunch, and it’s a good price if you get this on subscribe & save. It’s 410 calories with 12g fiber and 24g protein. There are also 18g of fat. If it’s your entire lunch, the numbers are great. And this is quite filling if you wait a few minutes after eating. (I eat quickly and sometimes don’t realize I’m full.) The hummus and crackers are pretty good. I mix the fruit & nut mix with the edamame because I don’t like the edamame alone. I kinda wish the chocolate bar was bigger, but it’s probably an actual serving. Darn.

Quite good.

HollieMc Intosh, AL

Great for hiking

Used this on several hikes in Hawaii. Considering Hawaii prices, I bought this before we left and packed it on the airplane and was happy with the purchase. High quality food at a reasonable price. If you think you will like the food included, I can vouch that the quality is good.
ChinOracle, AZ

Delicious portable meal for both meat and non-meat eaters alike!


These are now in my regular lunch rotation, regardless of whether that’s during the school year, or during summer. The meal presented in this kit is healthy AND delicious, and the perfect size for carrying aboard a long flight, on a road trip, or for a quick lunch at work. For me, Amazon’s Subscribe & Save feature also adds an extra incentive to keep these on hand, with the 15% discount, $1.00 off coupon promo that’s currently on for it, and the free shipping feature. SO many reasons to keep these around!

* * * * *

I got lucky enough to come across one of these at, of all places, my local TJ Maxx store. Having tried the GoPicnic Ready-to-Eat Meals, Salmon + Crackers, 4.4-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6) before, and enjoyed it, I was excited to see this one on the shelf, as it has the same dry roasted edamame in it that I’ve been craving since the salmon salad meal kit.

Honestly, I think THIS one may be my favorite of the two!

The first thing that I dove into was, of course, the lightly salted dry roasted edamame. As in my previous experience with them, they were super dry, and needed some liquid help getting to my belly, but they’re tasty & filling enough that they still have me wanting more of them.

The fruit and nut mix was delicious, but don’t ask me to give you any details on what, exactly, I liked most about it, because I devoured it so quickly that, outside of the spicy & sweet kick of it, it’s hard to give details. Just let it be said that if you’re looking for a trail mix without too much sweet or salty, this will perfectly satisfy that craving, while adding a nice crunch from the nuts, chewiness from the flavored dried cranberries, and spicy bite from the pepper coating on the almonds. Delicious!

There were no utensils in this GoPicnic box whatsoever, but the only thing I needed was a pair of scissors to snip a corner off of the hummus pouch. If you take this with you on a hike, you’ll undoubtedly already be carrying either a Leatherman-type tool, or a Victorinox-style Swiss army knife, so either of those will have what you need. If you DON’T have a comparable tool with you, opening the hummus pouch might be a bit more laborious, but I can’t imagine it’d be impossible. Since I like skinny lines of hummus or whatever I happen to be applying to a surface for consumption (horsey sauce at Arby’s, mustard & catsup on my burger, etc., etc., etc.), I only cut off a small corner to ensure that I could get the thin lines of hummus that I wanted onto my Crunchmaster multigrain crackers (which, incidentally, I’d never had before, but am now in love with). The WildGarden Traditional flavored hummus (Hummos-Single Serve Packet (10 Packets) had a delightful tang, and was delicious! There was plenty to cover every Crunchmaster cracker, pieces and all, and still enough left to squeeze a generous dollop onto my finger for a final tangy treat.

As always, the box contained a delicious, smooth square of dark chocolate that was just the right amount of sweet and tasty, without being too much of anything else. The box also had a Sudoku puzzle on the bottom of it, as had the box containing the salmon salad meal that I’d tried before.

Overall, I’m finding that these GoPicnic meals are just right for me for a satisfying cold lunch at work when I don’t have time to nuke anything before my next class, and I’m seriously considering subscribing to one of ’em, just to have ’em around. I honestly wish Amazon would make up a variety pack of these as an option, because, having liked both of the two that I’ve tried, I’m starting to think that I’d like ’em all!

Delicious, convenient, AND healthy! This one covers all the bases!

TheolaWing, ND

Quality, Value and Presentation.

Yep, that’s right, 5 stars! This contents of this little box packs a nutritional punch with 24 grams of protein and 12 grams of fiber, you know you’re being good to yourself! That’s 3 stars, add a star for flavor and another for convenience and value and there you have 5 stars! Anyway, whoever suggested that one combine the edamame and the fruit nut mix is definitely on to something because the edamame is pretty dry and bland so, the mix flavors it up a bit and make it much for palatable. The hummus is pretty good and I really appreciated the lightness and flavor of the crackers. The dark chocolate also has good flavor and is a prefect way to top off this meal. This is perfect for me to tuck in my purse and bring it for lunch when I’m working or on outings with my family (although I think my 5 year old will prefer the peanut butter one:)). So with the $1.00 off coupon, the s and s savings and the other 10% discount I paid less that $2.50 for each meal, what a great value!
AntonySeaside, OR

Kosher and Vegan

When I first saw the hummus dip package I was wondering how I was going to get it open without a scissors but it opened easily just by tearing it open with my hands. The hummus is actually some of the best I’ve ever had and this one is especially lemony. This box also contains a package of dry roasted soy beans, spicy and sweet fruit and nut mix and a small bar of dark chocolate. This is one of GoPicnic’s more exotic selections. While these boxes work well while traveling, they are also good for breakfast or lunch at home when you are not in the mood to cook. You can also keep a few boxes at work or in the car for an instant meal. I must say that the chocolate in this box is some of the best I’ve ever tasted – so smooth and creamy for a dark chocolate.

~The Rebecca Review

RaneeEtlan, VA

Great for your snack drawer at work!

I really like all of the snacks in this particular GoPicnic box. I don’t eat it all at once as a lunch though. I throw the lot in my snack drawer at work and each little package (60 to 100 calories each) gets me through the day. The nuts in particular are super yummy.
DaveDevils Tower, WY

Nice treat for a light lunch!!

Saw this as I was perusing a local pharmacy for a decent light lunch. I was about to settle for one of those cold cut and crackers deals when I saw this and snatched it up. It was perfect. A nice light healthy lunch power packed with protein. It came with sesame crackers (very tasty), humus, a very tasty fruit and nut mix, roasted edamame and a small square of dark chocolate. The great thing about this product is there is not alot of sugar (the chocolate is sweetened with beet sugar), NO MSG (which is a big reason I love this product!), and the fruit and edamame really is tastier than you will find in other mixes. My only complaint is that there should be more crackers…: Still, I am loading up on these and they’re gonna be my main lunch for the next few months 🙂

I would like to add that there have been a few negative comments about how hot and spicy the nut mix is. I eat alot of hot spicy foods. I like the spicy nut mix and didn’t think it was all that hot and spicy. Perhaps, at first there’s like a burst of spice flavor… but any heat dissipates quickly. If you have never eaten jalapenos, chile, or turmeric, you might find it has too much bite for you. The kind of heat that is in the mix may bother some… in this case, eat just a few at a time along with your humus crackers. If you gobble the whole bag down at once, this may be a problem if you can’t handle heat. The humus will help dampen the heat 😉

PenelopeMc Veytown, PA

Mixed feelings

Okay, first, I love GoPicnic stuff in general. This was my first GoPicnic item, and I really enjoyed having it on whatever plane flight I brought it for. The crackers and hummus are absolutely *delicious*, and I practically licked the hummus tube clean. I could’ve eaten a half-dozen servings of those chips & hummus, in fact.

But there’s a few downsides, and they really got in the way of my love for this particular gopicnic.

First, the hummus tube sometimes opens easily — but sometimes it’s like trying to open an over-glued box of milk when you’re a little kid. You keep making dents, but you can’t get at what you’re after. Or, if you do, you end up somehow making holes in multiple spots and it oozes out of each. The tube could really use some kind of redesign. Both to make it easier to open, *and* to make it easier to get everything out once you *do* pry it open. I’m sure if you’re eating it at lunch at your desk you’ve got scissors and can make short work of the task, but flying in coach you face a far more daunting task.

Then, my second beef: The nut/fruit mix. This is, obviously, just a personal taste issue. I’m sure someone, somewhere, likes the mix. Me, I’d rather eat fruitcake. Or collard greens. (As you can probably guess, I don’t care for either of those, either.) If I open the fruit/nut mix at all, it’s to pick through and find a few bits I like. But that’s a waste, and usually a bit disappointing. The desert, a dark chocolate square, is great for you pious lovers of the mystical chocolate — but, me, I’m a wuss and like my chocolate like I like my women. Milky? Okay, that makes no sense. But I definitely prefer a lighter, milkier chocolate. Oh, and I almost forgot the dried edamame — another dud for me. Which is weird, because I adore fresh edamame.

Do I eat the dried edamame? Or the chocolate square? Or the fruit/nut mix? Yeah, usually I’d eat at least some of it, feeling kind of silly for just eating crackers and hummus when I paid for the whole box. I often peer around at whoever I’m traveling with, hoping/wishing I can get one of them to give the food a whirl so I don’t feel like such an uncouth waster of perfectly good food.

I’m trying not to vote this too low due to the food choices, because that’s a personal taste thing, and I’m sure the components are well-executed. My low score is for the logistical difficulty involved. The best part of the whole meal is the hummus, but I can’t *get* to it. And even when I do get to it, I can seldom get it all — in both cases, this makes me a sad monkey. I hope my three stars aren’t unfair. And I hope someday GoPicnic can tweak the packaging, or the lineup, or *something*. I really like the way they do things, so I’d *love* to love this. I just can’t, not right now.

InellDivernon, IL

Perfect dinner on the go

I love this gopicnic. I throw them in my luggage for a healthy dinner when traveling. The hummus is a bit lemony but still very good. This is a great item to have handy!
CasandraFayette, IA

Go Go Time!

I am a teacher with very little time for lunch. I am also a forest roamer. These things are great. Perfect size. Easy to eat in a short period of time. TASTY!!!!!! However, watch out for the dried roasted edamane, (these are really a pepper not a nut). Try these box lunches folks, they really are Lunchables for adults.
PatrinaMonon, IN

Excellent meal for an excellent price.

I have been eating GoPicnic for a couple years – since I first discovered them on the airlines. Although I was disappointed when my usual airline went with a different on-board meal, I was thrilled to find them on Amazon. I travel a lot and in addition to airlines, I find GoPicnic to be a great option for airlines, to avoid eating in cafeterias, and I also send it to my friends serving in Afghanistan, who LOVE it. I will keep buying GoPicnic.
ValLiberal, KS

Great gluten-free option

Finding snacks or a quick meal on my college campus (and in airports) is difficult when sandwiches and most cereal bars aren’t options. I keep one of these in my backpack at all times, which has helped me to avoid eating things I don’t like or going hungry. Some of the proportions seem off – too few crackers, too much edamame, but everything tastes pretty good. The spicy almonds are the best part!
SiobhanCordova, NM

Tasty, vegan, and super convenient

This product is excellent for an easy lunch outdoors, at work, or at school. No need for utensils, a microwave, hot water, etc., and higher protein and fiber than most other vegan on-the-go meals I’ve tried. The hummus and crackers are good, the roasted edamame is great, and the chocolate is a nice small dessert. The fruit and nut mix is the only part I don’t like very much. I was surprised by how spicy it is, and even though I like spicy food, it doesn’t taste quite right. Very good overall though, and I love that it’s vegan and gluten free.
CollenHummels Wharf, PA

Perfect shot of protein

As a gluten free, vegetarian, collegiate athlete, I am in constant search of relatively healthy yet protein-packed snacks. This product is absolutely perfect. I’ve taken to bringing this sets to cross country meets with me and they always do the trick. My teammates are fascinated by what they’ve taken to calling my “grown-up lunchables” and I’m just happy to have a gluten-free snack that isn’t in overly youthful, “kiddy” style packaging! The hummus has a strong lemon flavor, the crunchmaster crackers are probably one of my favorite gf brands, and I adore the fruit and nuts mix. The sweet and spicy combination is delicious, and I usually consider myself to be a weakling when it comes to spicy anything. The edmame is salted well and there is a surprisingly large portion size contained within the package so I usually end up sharing. As for the chocolate square, it’s fairly good though I would prefer it to be slightly darker.
MillicentYeoman, IN