Gourmet Blackberry Honey, 22 oz Pint Jar – Grade A, Natural, Raw – by Anna’s Honey

Anna’s Honey Pint Jars are reminiscent of a simpler time, down on the farm. These traditional honey jars are filled with our all natural, raw Blackberry Honey, harvested in the Pacific Northwest. Our dedicated bee keepers meticulously care for the honeybees so that we can provide a pure, natural honey direct from the hive to you. The Blackberry varietal of honey is derived from the nectar of blackberry flowers blooming in the Pacific Northwest. Enjoy an old fashioned, locally harvested treat with Anna’s Honey – Raw, Pure Honey full of vitamins and minerals. Check out this customer review: “A friend brought me a jar of Blackberry Honey from Anna’s Honey. The texture and thickness is balanced just right. Some of the best tasting honey that I have ever tried. It is good in coffee, tea, on vanilla ice cream, just a spoonful by itself. When my jar is gone I will order another!” – Colorful Palette, MT Your order will include two jars of Blackberry Honey, 22 ounces per jar. We will ship the honey direct from our warehouse to you.

Quick facts

  • Raw, pure, natural honey freshly harvested in the Pacific Northwest
  • Wide-mouth jar for easy spooning
  • Packaged in Old Fashion style Pint Jars
  • A great source of Natural Antioxidants, Vitamins & Minerals
  • 2 Jars of Gourmet Blackberry Honey; 22 ounces per jar

Top reviews

Annas Honey

Annas Honey is a high quality product and there is no better tasting honey that we’ve been able to find ! We buy it for ourselves any chance we get and we just ordered from this vendor for an out-of-state Father’s Day gift. The vendor did an EXCELLENT all-around job on the order, processing the order very quickly (it still made it in time for Father’s Day despite our last minute ordering), they included our gift note, and the packing job for shipping was perfect. It is so nice to still be able to count on a company that obviously cares about customer service and we highly recommend both the product and the vendor !!
AshelyHot Springs, MT