Gourmet Chicken Breast Treat for Dogs, 20oz

Dog treat. Dried Chicken Breasts

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  • Size: 20Oz

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I have been a good customer of yours for above subject and now I do not find a thing. Where, how and when can I buy more links?



OssiePrescott, AZ

Want your dog dead? If so, buy this product!

I was in a hurry as I shopped at my local pet food store late on a Saturday night. My dogs needed dog food. I buy a high quality dog food, it’s ingredients contain everything my vet wants me to be feeding me dogs. I also wanted to get them some special treats. But in my haste I picked up a bag of these “gourmet” chicken breast treats. Usually I read the label on everything I give my dogs. Not this time, they looked healthy and were very similar to other chicken breast treats I normally buy. Had I carefully read the back of the bag I would have immediately returned them to the shelf and moved on. The words on the back of the bag “not for human consumption, wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after handling this product”-“made in China” would have tipped me off!!! I never saw these warnings until after my beloved jack russell became very ill only mere hours after eating one of these treats. My vet wanted to know what had she eaten that was different? I handed him the bag-he looked it over in horror. My dog developed an obstruction from the treat, which caused bloat because nothing could pass, salmonella and e-coli poisoning, and an infection in her heart giving her a 4/6 heart murmur. She had to undergo expoloratory surgery, 7 sets of xrays, 2 ultrasounds, multiple blood tests,an ecg and we’re not done yet. She is still in recovery, tests still pending. This was one of the healthiest dogs my vet cared for before this incident. Never had a health issue in the past, never a heart murmur. At 9 years old most people thought she was 3 or 4. I have been told the heart murmur has been caused by the infection settling in her heart, which is now irreversable. Which means if she makes it through all of this her life expectancy just went from 16+ to 10 or 11.
My vet cultured one of the treats and could not believe what disease and bacteria it was loaded with. I cannot believe I took such good care of her for 9 years and then put her through all of this suffering because I didn’t take the time to carefully look the product over. Thank you, Cadet and IMS Pet Products for contributing to my dog’s pain and suffering.
PeiMilan, OH


I was shocked to see that these are selling for over $15 on Amazon. My local grocery store carries this exact same product for $8.99! The product itself gets 20 stars because my Beagles literally dance for them… but the pricing gets a big BOO! I always shop Amazon because I know I can get terrific prices, that’s why I was surprised.
KathiWest Wendover, NV

My dog loves these

My dog loves these and they are good for her too. She comes running when she hears me opening the container. The container makes it very nice to keep them on the counter top.
XiaoListie, PA

My dog loves it

Nina is in love with the Chicken breasts. Every time she gets one, she jumps into her bed to savor it. She has a very delicate stomach and when she was diagnosed with gastrointestinal problems, we were concerned that she would never enjoy treats again. What started as a trial became a standard purchasing item. We give her no more than 3-4 per week and so far, so great. The treat smells very good and it does justice to the “natural” descriptive.
SidStinson Lake, NH

dog treats

my dog just loves your products if my dog is happy im happy.
ShardaRousseau, KY